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Location:  Mountains above Darkwoods,  Monte Elise village, mountains above Reflex Point, Reflex Point

Mecha:  Modified Battler Cyclone

Weapons:  Gallant Rifle with Sniper Scope, Wolverine Machine Gun, Wolf Auto-Pistol

Approximate Time for Competition: 30 minutes


Introduction:  Locke starts this level in the mountains above Darkwoods in a middle of a snowstorm.  Sam will then say:

Notes-1:  You are immediately attacked by four Invid Enforcers.  Use the trees and large boulders in this area as cover.  Destroy this first group and then proceed up the valley.


Approximately 25 meters from your first encounter, three Armored Scouts appear on the scene.  Destroy this second group and continue up the valley.


The path will make a turn to the right and a group of four Armored Scouts will appear.


The path will continue for approximately 100 meters and then make a turn to the left and upwards.  Do not let Sam get too far in front of you, so you might have to transform into cycle mode.  You do not have to explore the forest on either side of you has they do not contain any supplies.


The path will lead you into a small village, Monte Elise, here in the mountains.  You can talk to the villagers and hear the following conversations:


Head out of Monte Elise, through the gates, and down the path to the left where you reach a check point.  The road will take a hair-pin turn and follow along a ledge to your left.  You will reach a place in the path were a rock slide blocks your way.  Maneuver around the rocks and continue down the path.  You will receive the following radio message:


Transform into cycle mode and launch a couple of missiles at the attacking Invid on your way to the bridge.  The bridge is under bombardment by ten Invid Mortar Scouts which must be destroyed before they demolish the bridge.  There are three on the near side of the bridge, two immediately behind it and one down the path towards the village, the direction you just came from.  If you can not get a clear shot at the eye, destroying all three of the mortars on top of the Mortar Scout will also result in an instant kill.  Secure the area on your side of the bridge before you traverse across and engage the enemy on the far side.  While you are clearing the Mortar Scouts on the near side two Shock troopers will attack Sam.



As you head across the bridge, two additional Shock Troopers will attack you.  The next group of Mortar Scouts to destroy are attacking the bridge from directly down the valley.  There are three of them at extremely long range, which will require you to user your sniper scope.  Another group of Shock Troopers will attack.


Destroy the final four Mortar Scouts immediately on the other side of the bridge.  There is one right behind the bridge and two on the mountains to the right and one to the left as you cross.

After you destroy all ten Mortar Scouts you will receive the following radio message:

Follow the objective arrow and continue down the road to the left of the bridge.  After approximately 100 meters you will encounter a Armored Scout and then receive the following radio message:


Transform into cycle mode and boost down the road until you encounter three more Armored Scouts.  Fire a volley of missiles at the first one in sight and then transform into battloid mode.  Continue down the road towards the engineers when you will receive the following message:


The engineers are initially under attack by two Enforcers.  After they are destroyed, another group of  two Enforcers and three Armored Scouts will attack.  This group will be followed by a Trooper and a Shock.  Two groups of two Armored Scouts will then attack, with the second group delayed from the first by approximately 5 seconds.  After all of these Invid are destroyed Sam will say the following:


Follow the path towards the objective arrows and it will lead up.  There are some fallen trees blocking your way, so you will have to transform into battloid to jump over them.   Once you get on top of the ridge line, head up the valley to your left and away from the objective arrow which leads to your right.  Travel all the way to the back of this valley were you will find a health pack, missiles, and  Multi-Player Skin Silla's Devastator.


Travel back down from the valley and two Shock Troopers will come out of the ground.  Destroy them and rejoin the main valley and continue towards the objective arrow.  Approximately 50 meters from where you rejoined the main valley, you will come under attack from Mortar Scouts and Enforcers placed on the heights on either side of the valley.  Destroy the nearest Enforcer and booster through this section as you can not reach the Mortar Scouts to destroy them.


You will reach a small group of trees in the valley and then have another flashback:

Head towards the bridge.  You will watch yourself head across the bridge, followed by Sam.  An Invid Scout will ram the bridge behind you destroying the middle section.  Sam will yell,"  Damm, Invid!" and you wave her off the bridge.  The camera pans back to show a small fort behind the base.



You have reached a check point and are now in the small fort behind the base.  From the top of the fort you have clear line-of-sight throughout the entire valley. 

Sam is on the far side of the valley and you will have to use your sniper mode to support her as she makes her way to the fire base.  She first comes under attack from three Enforcers. 

She will then be attacked by three Enforcers and a Trooper. 

The third wave consists of two Shock Troopers

The forth wave consists of two more Shock Troopers.  After these are destroyed she will arrive on the same side of the valley as the fire support base. 


She will get within approximately 150 meters of the base when she is attacked by three Enforcers.  Once those are dispatched two more Enforcers will immediately jump out of the ground and attack. 

She is now within 50 meters of the base and you can rush out to meet her.  She comes under attack from three Enforcers and two Shock Troopers.  Once this group is destroyed another two Shock Troopers will attack.  After all the Invid are destroyed follow the objective arrow to the tunnel just beyond the base.  You will enter into the tunnel and proceed to Reflex Point.



Kills in this section - 21 Enforcers, 14 Armored Scouts, 10 Mortar Scouts, 3 Trooper, and 18 Shock Troopers

Notes-2:  You come out of the tunnel in sight of Reflex Point.  You will hear the following radio message. 

You have to destroy all five Invid turrets protecting the outside of Reflex point to allow Clay to land with the dropship.  The dropship will not last long under the turret fire so concentrate on finding and destroying the turrets and not increasing your kill count.  The first turret is immediately to you right as you exit the tunnel.


Head to the right of the tunnel for approximately 50 meters and then turn around and look up, the second turret is on top of the hill from which you left the tunnel.


The third turret is located to the far right rear side of the valley, near the right side of the Reflex point hive.

Transform into cycle mode and boost to the left side of the valley were the two remaining turrets are located.  The forth turret is in the left portion of the valley immediately below a small mini hive.


The fifth and final turret is located in the left valley on the same side where the tunnel is located and above a crashed Garfish REF Cruiser.  There is an Invid Pincer near this final location. (pic12)  Once the final turret is destroyed Clay will radio the following:


The Horizon Dropship will land and four females in Devastator armor will exit the ship and head towards Reflex Point.

Locke enters through the Reflex Point force field



Kills in this section - 5 Turrets, 4 Shock Troopers and 2 Enforcers

Notes-3:  Locke emerges from the force field and into Reflex Point.  An organic door opens Locke and allows him to enter deeper into the hive and then closes behind.  Locke is in a chamber were Resa piloting an Invid Commander mecha lands in front of him.



A shield will form around the Invid Commander and Resa will launch missiles at you.  Resa will tell you:  "Give up now and I may spare your life."  The Invid Commander is a formidable enemy with heavy armor, shielding, missiles and a heavy plasma gun.  Fortunately, you do not have to defeat her at this point in the game, but it is fun to try and dodge her weaponry.  You will have to use the terrain in this area to protect your from her weaponry.


After you attack her for a couple of seconds she will tell you:  "Your pitiful weapons are nothing compared to my power.  Why prolong your suffering?  Time to end this."  Eventually you will have to succumb to her attacks

Kills in this section - None

Conclusion:  Resa will boost away as Locke collapses to the ground.  Tasha will come up and stand over Locke in a Destabilizer Cyclone.


Final kills on this level (including turret kills) - 37 Enforcers, 5 Heavy Enforcers, 54 Armored Scouts, 4 Troopers, 20 Shock Troopers, and 16 Pincers

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