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Location:  Space

Mecha:  This is a spaceborne mission.  If you are playing this mission after unlocking the super armor packs, these should be used with what ever Veritech the player chooses; otherwise, the VF-1A is the recommended mecha for this mission. 



Notes:  An armada of Zentraedi ships folded in and surround  the earth.  When the ships were in position they bombarded the earth destroying nearly 70% of the population in the process. 


Notes:  You have several allies on this mission; however, do not expect that they will do much for you and they will be destroyed by Kiyora prior to your engagement with her.  The battle looks hopeless as there are millions of Zentraedi capital ships with an overwhelming number of Zentraedi pods.  The SDF-1 must be protected at all costs.

Notes:  Attack groups of Zentraedi pods from behind while locking on to multiple units.  Once you have expended most of your missiles, while saving a volley for a decoy pod, engage pods with your GU-11 cannon.  If possible focus on Light Artillery Pods and Fighter pods before attacking standard Zentraedi Battle Pods.  If necessary, use your boost to escape from an area in order to let your missile payload to recharge. 


Notes:   Target the turrets on board the Zentraedi landing ship with multiple missile volleys.  Engage any surviving turrets with your GU-11 cannon.

Notes:  Both the Zentraedi Destroyer and Scout are defenseless and players should not waste ordinance on them.  However, they are useful as obstacles in breaking up Zentraedi formations or blocking incoming missiles.

Notes:  After sufficient enemy have been destroyed, Kiyora will dispatch your wing mates and order the remaining Zentraedi pods to remove themselves from the battlespace.  She wants to fight you one-on-one.



Notes:  Engage Kiyora as you would any other enemy; however, make sure that you are constantly engaging your boosters.  This will allow you to dodge most of the shots which she will take at you with her arm pulse lasers and chest mounted particle cannons.  Save one or two missile volleys for decoy pods and use the rest in concentrated missile volleys.  Once you have fired your available missiles, fire several short bursts from your GU-11 to reduce her armor even further. 

Another tactic which tends to work is constantly take evasive action and fire individual volleys at Kiyora, all the while dodging.  Although, the missile fire tends to be highly inaccurate, this tactic makes you extremely difficult to hit and eventually enough missiles will penetrate through to force Kiyora to withdrawal.

Notes:  Eventually, once Kiyora has been sufficiently damaged she will withdrawal and the mission is over.

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