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Introduction:  Flood City has been declared a "no fly zone" by the RDF because of the high percentage of recent pilot casualties in the area, likely caused by Zentraedi renegades.  You are dispatched to make the area safe again.


Location:  Urban

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1A


Notes:  This is a straight forward mission, eliminate the Zentraedi and rescue the downed Cat's Eye crew members.  The key is to take it slow and use the buildings as cover from incoming Zentraedi attacks.

Notes:  Transform into guardian mode and head towards the first large "sink-hole".  There are numerous Zentraedi Battle Pods in and around this area, so slowly use the lip of the hole and the surrounding buildings to protect yourself.  Slide-slip out from the buildings or pop up over the slip of the hole to fire missile volleys down on the Zentraedi pods.

Notes:  Once all the Zentraedi in the first sink-hole have been destroyed, move down and to the left towards the second sink-hole.  Your radar will be jammed, indicating the presence of at least once Scout Pod (SP).  Again use the buildings and the lip of the hole as protection against the Tactical Battle Pods (TBP) and Light Artillery Pods (LAP) laying in wait within.  There are two SP in this region.  One is  is located just to the left of the sink hole as you enter the area and the other is on the far left side.  Destroy them and your radar will return to normal.

Notes:  Rescue the crewmembers and bring them back to the landing zone, located at the mission start point.  Be warned that additional battle pods will attack you from the first sink hole as you shuttle the rescued crew members back to safety.

Notes:  In order to clear out all of the Zentraedi, you must destroy the battle pods at the third sink-hole.  As before, there are several SP jamming your radar in addition to numerous TBP and LAP. Use the destroyed highway and buildings to protect your Veritech from the missile volleys launched from the LAP.

Notes:  Once all the Zentraedi have been cleared away, the mission has been successfully completed.

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