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Introduction:  You are ordered to continue exploring Flood City in search of the leader responsible for the Zentraedi's recent acts of aggression.


Location:  Urban

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1A


Notes:  This mission is difficult if you fight Skarrde straight-up.  The key to this mission is to use Flood City's unique layout to your advantage.

Notes:  Transform into guardian mode and chase after the Officer Battle Pod (OBP).  Once you have caught up with him side-slide out from behind the buildings and fire missiles at the OBP, before he can lock on with his massive top mounted particle beam cannon.  When you have prepared yourself, thrust forward and drop down into the drainage reservoir which he is circling around.  From here it is possible to fire missiles up and over the top, while the OBP will not be able to hit you.  After you have destroyed approximately 1/3rd of his armor he will escape through the city.  

Notes:  Chase Skarrde through the city, destroying any Tactical Battle Pods (TBP), Light Artillery Pods (LAP) and Scout Pods (SP) which you might encounter.  You will come upon Skarrde after you destroy the last TBP.  Use the buildings to slide-slip left and right while firing missiles and your GU-11 cannon.  Once he is down to under 1/2 of his original armor he will destroy another building and flee deeper into the city.  Destroy the additional TBP which attack you and follow the OBP.

Notes:  This time Skarrde makes his stand from within a drainage reservoir.  Like the first one, fire missiles from just beyond the lip of the reservoir in a location where he can not target you but where you can hit him with your missiles. 

Notes:  As you are about ready to give him the final death blow, Skarrde makes his escape through a drainage tunnel which then collapses preventing you from continuing the case.  The mission has now been successfully completed.

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