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Introduction:  In a last, dangerous act of defiance, Zerall used the repaired engines of his carrier to execute a fold space maneuver, which has taken you and a large portion of Zentraedi City far from the Earth.


Location:  Space

Mecha:  Super VF-1S


Notes:  This is the final mission and even if you defeat Zeraal the fold has taken you so far away from the Earth the likelihood of you making it back is slim.  Unfortunately, even if you win you are still likely to die here in the cold of space. 

Notes:  Immediately transform into fighter and take out the laser and missile turrets on the ship.  Fire three missile volleys at each one and strafe the remaining turrets with your GU-11 once your ammunition runs dry.  Save one or two missile volleys for decoy pods and continually dodge as Zeraal will target you with missiles and his devastating top mounted particle beam cannon while you are attacking the fixed defenses.

Notes:  As with Kiyora, fire your missiles in massed volleys to overwhelm Zeraal's defenses.  Once you have expended your missiles, fire several short bursts at Zeraal before breaking off your attack.  While your missiles are recharging, constantly boost and dodge to reduce the chance of the boss hitting you with any of his weapons.

Notes:  Once you defeat Zeraal, you are out of fuel and running low on oxygen. You resign yourself to your fate and wait for the end.

Notes:  Is this the end or only the beginning?

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