26-28 May 2006

Boston Massachusetts


Anime Boston 2006 Mission Report
Written by Kenneth Olson

(Version 1.00 - Last updated: 07/23/06)  

General Impression's of Anime Boston

Three members of the Robotech Research group attended Anime Boston on Saturday the 27th of May 2006.  Perhaps surprisingly to many, this was my first Anime Boston even though I have lived in the Boston area for some time.  For those of you who are familiar with Anime Expo, Anime Boston is approximately one-quarter the size in terms of attendance and size of the convention hall.  Perhaps I was spoiled by the size of the Anime Expo distributor hall, but the equivalent at Anime Boston is very small and generally had few major anime distribution companies.  However with this one negative aside, attendance at Anime Boston was well worth the admission price.  One word of advice, I would strongly suggest that you pre-register for this event.  As with Anime Boston, the lines for those trying to register on site were well over an hour.

Robotech:  The Shadow Chronicles

I did not attend the voice acting workshop on Friday May 26th, and thus can not make any comments on that event; however, I was able to sit in on the Shadow Chronicles panel on the Saturday the 27th.  The panel was hosted by Kevin McKeever (Harmony Gold Operations Coordinator), Richard Epcar (voice actor for Ben Dixon, Lunk, and Vince Grant), and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn( voice actor for Arial).  The panel was scheduled to start at 9:30 pm; however, for reasons not explained to those waiting outside we were not let into the convention hall until ten minutes later.

The Shadow Chronicle panel was attended by approximately 100 persons.  Fortunately, I was able to get a seat near the front; however, the line to enter the hall was quite long (see pictures of event).  The highlights of the panel included Kevin McKeever showing a three minute clip from the recently completed Robotech Shadow Chronicles.  Unfortunately, we were asked to turn off all video recorders and therefore I will not be able to post the clip.  However, the animation which was shown was a battle scene during the final battle of the Third Robotech War.  The REF fleet assembled above Earth and fired a barrage of reflex cannons at the hundreds of Invid clam ships which were rising to defend Reflex point.  Numerous Invid vessels were destroyed; however, a large number are able to deploy thousands of Invid Armored Scouts towards the REF fleet.  In response hundreds of Shadow fighters engaged the incoming Invid Scouts.  During this first part of the engagement hundreds of Invid are destroyed by the mass volleys of VFA-6 missiles; however, their shear numbers allow them to close to within melee range.  At this point the clip ended, much to the disappointment of the audience.  Kevin also showed the famous UN clip and a version of the Shadow Chronicles clip shown at last years Robocon 20, both of which are readily available on the web.

Kevin then showed the standard slide show which has now made its appearance at several other conventions.  I have posted several pictures from the slide show in the Anime Boston picture page.  In essence Kevin  told us that Shadow Chronicles has been completed and is ready for release.  Harmony Gold is currently in negotiations with several distributors for the release of Robotech:  The Shadow Chronicles and that the response at the Cannes Film festival was incredibly positive.  I believe that Kevin told us that a distributor came up to him and said that the Robotech franchise has "Star Wars like possibilities".  He told the audience that the deal which was reported to the Robcon-20 convention was not signed primarily for two reasons.  First, the distribution company wanted to acquire Shadow Chronicles at far below the value Harmony Gold felt the series was worth.  Second, the distribution company wanted to retain the rights for the Shadow Chronicles for five years during which time they were under no obligation to release the film.  Personally, I found it strange  that a company would purchase the rights and then sit on the film which would be guaranteed to make them some money.

Kevin then proceeded to take a few questions from the audience.  Unfortunately, there was not enough time to adequately talk to either Richard Epcar or Mary McGlynn; however, Kevin did provide some interesting answers:

Will Toynami release a masterpiece version of the Beta Fighter? 

 Will Toynami release a Cyclone?

Will Harmony Gold release a Michael Bradley live album?

Will other characters from Southern Cross besides Louis Nichols make an appearance in Shadow Chronicles?

Will we find out who the other daughter of Max and Miriya is?

Will the Vindicator from the Robotech RPG game make an appearance in Shadow Chronicles?

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