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Home of Rogue Squadron

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"Where we perform the impossible"

Last Updated: October 26, 1998

Want to donate needed harddrives?  Robotech Research is looking for hardware!  If you want to donate a harddrive to keep this page growing please E-mail me.  olsonk@trans4.neep.wisc.edu

A new chat room is added, come discuss the Robotech and the RPG game at 8:00 CST on Wednesdays!  Come stump the GM.

Welcome to the new and improved Robotech Research now located at robotech.neep.wisc.edu!  Please feel free to explore.  If you want to join Rogue Squadron and live near Eau Claire or Madison, Wisconsin, USA let me know

Help save Robotech and petition Cartoon Network to purchase the rights for the New Generation episodes.  Sign the petition!  The RDF needs your help.   The Robotech petition is located here.

To all Rogue Squadron members:  Gaming starts at 5:00 on October 10 1998

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Updated or added over the last two weeks:

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Current Mission for Rogue Squadron

Date:  21 February 2030

Location:  Low Earth Orbit

Mission:  Attack Robotech Masters Fleet

Previous Missions Kill Sheet (1 August 1998):

  • Major David Olson - 2 Blue, 1 Green, 2 Warrior, 1 Warlock Bioroid and 1 Triumviroid
  • Staff Sergeant Milo Bloom -None
  • Staff Sergeant Daran Solarian  - 4 Blue, 2 Warrior, 1 Warlock Bioroid and 2 Triumviroids
  • Sergeant Eirn Adkins  - 2 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Warrior Bioroid and 3 Triumviroids
  • Private Slep - None
  • Private Gabriel Prescot - 1 Scout and 1 Warrior Bioroid

Next Meeting:  Saturday October 10, 1998 5:00 pm at 3026 Aspen Ct.

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