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On the web for only 2 months and already 250 hits!  I would like to thank you for your support.  Let me know which areas you would like to see expanded.   I am thinking of including a section for Robotech multimedia files (sounds, pictures, and movies).

Recent Combat Footage

Staff Sergeant Daran Solarian heavily engaged in South America in his VF-1X (circa August 2029)

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Major Olson lines up for another kill in his modified VF-1S "Morningstar" (circa July 2028)

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Major Olson narrowly escapes after the destruction of the Red Moon over Optera (circa 2025)

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This software is intended for use with Windows 95 or Windows NT.  This software uses the house rules as presented above.  In addition it contains program packages that address the use of missile jamming, nuclear weapons, Newtonian travel in space, as well as a random Stinger mecha generator.

This software is an Excel template for use with the Robotech Rollplaying system by David Olson

Members of Rogue Squadron

Current Members

Members in the Hall of Honor

Current Mission for Rogue Squadron

Date:  27 November 2029

Location:  South America, RDF sector headquaters Juaquin

Mission:  To investigate and destroy facility, presumablly in South America, which is producing advance stingers

Previous Missions Kill Sheet (11 April 1998):

Next Meeting:  Saturday April 18, 1998, at Aspen Ct ~ 1:00 pm.   However you know these things work

History of Rogue Squadron

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Rogue Squadron Hard at Work

March 28, 1998

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