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Macross Saga

  1. "Boobytrap":  The SDF-1 comes to Earth.
  2. "Countdown":  Rick Hunter encounters the Zentraedi for the first time and rescues Minmei.
  3. "Space Fold":  The SDF-1 is stranded near Pluto.
  4. "The Long Wait":  Rick and Minmei are stranded in the SDF-1.
  5. "Transformation":  The SDF-1 transforms into attack mode to fire the main gun
  6. "Blitzkreig":  First use of the Daedalus attack in the rings of Saturn.
  7. "Bye-Bye-Mars":  Khyron sets a trap on Mar Base Sera for the SDF-1.
  8. "Sweet Sixteen":  Rick is promoted and given command of Max and Ben and Minmei has a birthday.
  9. "Miss Macross":  Minmei wins the Miss Macross contest and Rick pilots and armored veritech.
  10. "Blind Game":  Lisa, Rick and his squadron are captured by the Zentraedi.
  11. "First Contact":  Lisa, Rick and Ben are interrogated by the Zentraedi and force Lisa and Rick to kiss
  12. "The Big Escape":  Lisa, Rick, Ben, and Max escape from the Zentraedi .
  13. "Blue Wind":  The SDF-1 breaks through the Zentraedi blockade and returns to Earth.
  14. "Gloval's Report":  Captain Gloval summaries the events which have taken place.
  15. "Homecoming":  Rick and Minmei travel to Japan to visit her parents and return to the SDF-1 with Kyle.
  16. "Battle Cry":  Rick is shot down during a Daedalus attack.
  17. "Phantasm":  Rick is in a coma and has a bizarre dream.
  18. "Farewell, Big Brother":  Roy is killed while Max and Miryia have a battle.
  19. "Bursting Point":  The SDF-1 uses the omni-directional barrier for the first time which overloads and kills Ben Dixon.
  20. "Paradise Lost":  The SDF-1 is forced to leave earth, the Zentraedi spies escape from the ship.
  21. "A New Dawn":  Minmei releases her movie "Little White Dragon" and Rick and Lisa are trapped on the ship.
  22. "Battle Hymn":  Khyron attacks the SDF-1 and manages to break into the interior.
  23. "Reckless":  The Zentraedi attack breaks down as some of the soldiers defect to the RDF.
  24. "Showdown":  Lisa leaves the SDF-1 and Max fights Miryia at the video arcade.
  25. "Wedding Bells":  Max and Miryia get married.
  26. "The Messenger":  Exedore comes to the SDF-1 to propose an alliance.
  27. "Force of Arms":  The SDF-1 with Minmei's song defeats four million Zentraedi warships.
  28. "Reconstruction Blues":  The surviors struggle to rebuild the devastated Earth.
  29. "Robotech Masters":  The Robotech Masters set off to Earth to recover their Protoculture Matrix.
  30. "Viva Miriya":  A Zentraedi Factory Satellite is captured with the help of Dana Sterling.
  31. "Khyron's Revenge":  Khyron steals a Protoculture chamber.
  32. "Broken Heart":  Minmei and Kyle are captured by the Zentraedi and rescued by Rick.
  33. "A Rainy Night":  Claudia reminisces about Roy to Lisa.
  34. "Private Time":  Rick breaks a date with Lisa to be with Minmei.
  35. "Season's Greetings":  Khyron attacks Macross city on Christmas.
  36. "To The Stars":  The SDF-1 is destroyed and Rick decides to be with Lisa.

The Robotech Masters

  1. "Dana's Story":  Dana recalls how her parents met.
  2. "False Start":  Dana leads her squadron on a practice drill and ends up in the brig.
  3. "Southern Cross":  Dana repels a Bioroid attack and is promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.
  4. "Volunteers":  Dana is sent into space to renew contact with Space Station Liberty
  5. "Half Moon":  Bowie is captured and Dana leads a rescue mission
  6. "Danger Zone":   15th Squadron cripples a Masters ship by upsetting the hyper-balance of the engines
  7. "Prelude to Battle":  Bowie is arrested by the GMP for frequenting a restricted bar
  8. "The Trap":  The 15th Squadron enters into the downed ship and Bowie meets Musica
  9. "Metal Fire":  Dana argues that that a captured mechanical android is a living sentient being
  10. "Stardust":  A GMP agent uses Dana to seek revenge on the Masters by striking at the downed ship. 
  11. "Outsiders":  Zor is captured and a ship from the REF returns to Earth
  12. "Deja Vu":  Dana breaks into a military hospital to interrogate Zor herself.
  13. "A New Recruit":  Zor joins the 15th squadron and unwittingly becomes a spy for the Masters
  14. "Triumvirate":  Earth forces lead another attack and the Flowers of Life are found in the ruins of the SDF-1.
  15. "Clone Chamber":  Marie Crystal's forces rescue the forces sent to reinforce them
  16. "Love Song":  General Rolf Emerson is assigned to the next attack wave
  17. "The Hunters":  Louie Nichols invents the "Pupil Pistol"
  18. "Mind Game":  The 15th Squad attacks a Masters ship to gain entry
  19. "Dana in Wonderland":  The 15th Squad interact with Tirolian society and are captured
  20. "Crisis Point":  The 15th Squad escapes with Musica and destroys the Masters ship. 
  21. "Day Dreamer":    Nova has suspicions that Musica is a clone
  22. "Final Nightmare":  Bowie and Musica hide from Nova in the ruins of the SDF-1 findings that the Flower of Life have entered their final state .
  23. "The Invid Connection":  The Southern Cross launches their final assault and General Emerson is captured.
  24. "Catastrophe":  Zor kills the Masters and destroys their ship above the SDF-1, but this disperses the spores and attracts the Invid.

The New Generation

  1. "The Invid Invasion":  Scott Bernard crash lands on Earth and meets up with Rand.
  2. "The Lost City":  The group is caught in a Invid trap and Annie joins up.
  3. "Lonely Soldier Boy":  Rook, Lancer, and Lunk join the team and they defeat a gang.
  4. "Survival":  The group is trapped in a forest and realize that the Invid can sense Protoculture.
  5. "Curtain Call":  The team steals protoculture from Invid sympathizers.
  6. "Hard Times":  Rook comes face to face with her past life as a gang member
  7. "Paper Hero":  Lunk tries to return a book from a friend and the group is captured
  8. "Eulogy":  Scott meets Colonel Wolff who turns out to be a traitor.
  9. "The Genesis Pit":  Invid evolution experiences are discovered.
  10. "Enter Marlene":  The Invid place a spy in the group
  11. "The Secret Route":  Lancer meets is old girl friend Marlene and the group tries to find a way through the mountains.
  12. "The Fortress":  The group destroys an Invid fortress in the mountains.
  13. "Sandstorm":  Rand has a dream influenced by the spores of the Flower of Life.
  14. "Annie's Wedding":  Annie gets married and temporarily leaves the group.
  15. "Separate Ways":  The group is trapped in a subway tunnel and almost splits up because of personnel differences.
  16. "Metamorphosis":  Regis creates humanoid Invid and the group spends some time on a tropical island.
  17. "The Midnight Sun":  The group is forced to defeat the Invid without their mecha in the mountains.
  18. "Ghost Town":  Scott meets up with some veterans of the 2nd Robotech War.
  19. "Frostbite":  The group enters into the ruins of Denver.
  20. "Birthday Blues":  Annie has the best birthday ever.
  21. "Hired Gun":  Rook is forced to make a decision about Dusty Aires.
  22. "The Big Apple":  Scott is forced to protect New York City from the Invid.
  23. "Reflex Point":  The group uses a synchro-cannon and Scott discovers that Marlene is an Invid.
  24. "Dark Finale":  The team joins the REF in a final assault.
  25. "Symphony of Light":  The Regis changes form and leaves the Earth, Scott leaves to search for Rick Hunter.

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