Top Five Signs You Think About Robotech Too Much

by Milo Bloom

Updated (08/03/01)

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  1. When faced with 2 choices while playing there is 99% chance the party will pick the most difficult and time consuming.

  2. You can remember a whole range of useless facts like mecha statistics but can’t name the P.M. of Canada…. Oh wait that’s just being American.

  3. You believe that everyone in the series must have been using shaved dice to get that many critical strikes.

  4. You can deal with weird hair colors but a pink veritech is beyond comprehension.

  5. You wish you had script immunity.

  6. You are never satisfied with whatever current rules you are playing with.  

  7.  Instead of dreaming of winning the lottery, you dream of what you could do with a fully loaded and crewed capital ship.

  8. Any role-playing session that should only take 4 hours, can be made to last 10 with a little help from your friends.

  9. You call your special physical unit the “Reflex Cannon” or if female the “Sensor Nebula.”

  10. You can sing all the stupid songs.

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