How to Bribe a Robotech Game Master

by Kenneth Olson

Updated (08/03/01)

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Name Action Going Rate
"Duct Tape" MDC repair $1 / per 10 MDC
"Fast" One extra attack $2
"Redo" Player can reroll die $5
"Swish" Automatically dodge an attack $10
"Take 20" Automatically roll 20 on current die $10
"Golden Gun" One shot, one hit, one kill $15
"Super Glue" Repair body part $15
"Skilled" Pass all piloting skill checks $15 / per session
"Slow Enemies" Auto-dodge capability for your current mecha $20 / per session
"Acquire Allies" 1D4 friendly mecha will come to your aid $25
"Missile Boat" Unlimited Missiles $30 / per session
"God Mode" Script Immunity $100 / per session

 fire-bar.gif (2037 bytes)


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