Pupil pistol  

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Quote from Robotech:

"The glasses pick up the movement by the pupils, and respond with impulses which program the memory in the cartridge.  The cartridge remembers the patterns by the pupils which produce a recognizable firing zone which is activated by organic impulses when your pupils interact with the target. Your vision accompanied by your own personnel computer will allow you to find your target"

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Projectile weapons of the same type may be attached to the pupil pistol, ie a player may have one or two GU-XX pods connected but not an E-20 and a GU-XX.  Players must spend a single attack to activate the system.  Once the pupil pistol is engaged, one rolls to strike as normal; however, only the mecha bonuses to strike apply to the strike roll.  If the enemy target dodges the first strike, then the computer automatically fires two additional shots (not taking up any additional attacks), again on the mecha strike bonuses apply.  The dodge roll from the orginal attack is applied to the two additional attacks.

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Player fires a GU-XX mounted with the pupil pistol at a Red Bioroid.  The player rolls a12 (with bonuses).  The bioroid dodges with a 14.  The player roll two more times striking with an 8 and a 17.  The orginal dodge roll from the bioroid is a 14, therefore dodging the second but is hit by the third attack.