Earth Trekkers


Development of walking machines began during the Global Civil War of the 1990's by Western Alliance for use against Eastern Co-Prosperity forces.  Devoid of wheels or tracks these walking machines, later called "Earth Trekkers" (ET), were powered by an advanced gas-turbine providing true all-terrain capability.  The legs on all ET models have a low center of gravity and reverse articulated legs.  This type of design limited the maximum speed of the units; however, the machines are inherently more stable and do not require complicated active inertial  balancing units.

All of the Earth Trekker models were designed off a common frame which was could be modified for use with a wide variety of weapons.  Three combat designs were eventually produced:  ET-01 Mk. II "Spider", ET-01 Mk. IV "Tarantula", and ET-01 Mk. V "Black Widow".  Although, these machines were vastly inferior to the Destroid designs produced a decade later and could be argued that they were inferior to conventional tanks produced during the war as the ETs were very expensive to produce, they did provide valuable experience in designing the RDF series of Destroids.


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