The Following Mecha Stats were generated by Nathan Babcook with the permission of Peter Walker and formatted to the Stat sheets created by Dave Deitrich and Chris Meadows. The majority of this entry is the work of Peter Walker, with minor modifications and alterations by Nathan Babcook. This Mecha is for use in Robotech II: The Sentinels, Robotech: Invid Invasion, and Robotech: The Third Invid War. Feel free to copy or distribute this material as you see fit, please do not claim that it is your own work. 

RPG Stats By: Nathan Babcook
Additional Images Provided by Grayfire
Background Info Provided by The Robotech Technical Files

vr-055_b.gif (27598 bytes)The Cyclone is definitely the most innovative design in multiform mecha since the renovation of the SDF-1. The most recent series of wars, beginning with the Gulf War in 1991 and continuing through the global civil wars through the next decade taught the military high commands that basic infantry units suffered great liabilities: they were relatively slow compared to armor and mecha, and they were too vulnerable to even the smallest weapons. Though the RDF tried to improve upon the latter problem, the clunky CVR-1 body armor was hot and immobile. The REF and the ASC pushed forward with the CVR-2 flexi-armor, a tremendous impovement on CVR-1, but still suffered from low mobility, and somewaht clunkiness. Although this body armor filled numerous roles and increased the overall suvivalbility of the averable foot soldier, it became apparent that a man-sized mecha would be of invaluable use to the infantryman, as would a personal vehicle. Dr. Emil Lang fulfilled this desire with the Cyclone, a Veritech motorcycle that attached itself to a new style fo body armor, CVR-3. Adopted by the REF as the primary infantry vehicle, and as security mecha and an emergency vehicle for downed pilots, this small, nimble mecha has seen service on hundreds of worlds and all theaters of engagement. The Cyclone is a tough, durable piece of hardware that maximizes the versatility, survivability, and combat effectiveness of an individual soldier. The weapons systems are modular, accurate, and flexible, and the motorcycle mode is unmatched in its role. In all, one can expect to see more mecha like this in the future.


In late 2032, a new Cyclone was unveiled - the VR-055 Devastator. Though it was far more costly and difficult to produce than even the Sabre, the VR-055 lived up to its name. Coupled with the new style external weapons package and sporting a modified CVR helmet, the Devastator had the equivalent firepower of an entire squad of Battler Cyclones. Unfortunately, there were problems with the two largest guns, that took several years to resolve an added to the problem of its enormous cost of manufacture. Consequently, no more than a hundred VR-055 Devastators saw service in the Third Robotech War.


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Document: REF-8612-126-0198.



Model: VR-055 Devastaor
Class: M.O.S.P.E.A.D.A. Heavy Infantry Unit
Crew: One. must be wearing CVR-3. CVR-3D is preferable for optimum perfromance.

  Motorcycle Mode                Battlesuit Mode
  ----------------------------   ----------------------------
* Main Body           300      * Main Body              300
  Headlight/Sensors   5          Tires (2, rear)        5
  Front Tire          5          Thrusters (rear)       50
  Rear Tire           5          Forearm Shields (2)    50
  Storage Box (1)     2          Leg Shields (2)        100
  Thrusters (rear)    50         Head                   50
  EP-41R (right side) 50         EP-41R (right shoulder)50
  EP-42 (left arm)    50         EP-42 (left arm)       50
  GR-105 (right arm)  50         GR-105 (right arm)     50
 *Depleting the M.D.C. of the Main Body will shut the mecha down completely.


Cycle Mode:
Maximum Speed: mph (336 kmph)
Cruising Speed: 80 mph (128 kmph)
Turbo Boost Fwd: 30 ft (9 m) horizontal
Turbo Boost Up: 15 ft (4.5 m) vertical
Battloid Mode:
Running: 40 mph (64 kmph)
Flying: 180 mph (288 kmph) - 61 meter ceiling
Leaping: 20 ft (6 m)
Thruster Leap: 80 ft (24 m)
Battloid: 7.6 ft (2.5 m)
Motorcycle: ft (1.29 m)
Battloid: ft (1.03 m)
Motorcycle: ft (0.5 m)
Battloid: 3.7 ft (1.1 m)
Motorcycle: ft (2.41 m)
Weight: lbs (169 kg)
The VR-055 has detachable cargo boxes that are connected to the rear of the bike like saddlebags. The size of each container is 18 inches tall by 20 inches wide by 18 inches deep. A passenger can also ride seated behind the driver. The VR-055 can hold 300 lbs (140 kg) in addition to the rider. Reduce maximum speed by 20% for every additional 50 lbs (22 kg) over the limit and add -1 to dodge.
Main Engine: FF-600 Fusion/Protoculture Engine
1 protoculture cell will power the cyclone for approximately 100 hours of combat before needing refueling. Constant flying will drain the protoculture cell twice as quickly. As a backup, the cyclone can run on gasoline power alone for up to 400 miles on a full tank of fuel, but maximum speed is reduced 15% and constant flying is impossible. The EP-41R requires its own dedicated protoculture cell and can power the pulse cannon for 100 hours of combat


    The GR-105 is mounted on the right front wheel cover. The Plasma missiles are laser-guided and have a range of 1 mile (1.7 km).


    These launchers are mounted to the outer leg portion of the CVR-3 armor, for a total of six tubes, with a single missile in each tube. Guided by the Cyclone's internal sensors, this weapon fires the same projectiles as the GR-103 (usually armor-piercing).


    The EP-41R can fire 1.0 MJ shots at a maximum sustained rate of the rate of 30 shots per minute, but is capable of instantaneous rate of fire of 300 shots per minute. This weapon is mounted on the right shoulder of the cyclone in battloid and is capable of +60 to -30 degree traverse in altitude, and a 15 degree traverse in azimuth. The weapon is powered from its own dedicated protoculture cell, and is somewhat unreliable, tending to overheat at maximum firing rate. The gun machinery requires the removal of the Cyclone's flip-up targeting sensor, which is replaced by a fixed monocular head piece attached to a modified CVR helmet.


    The EP-42 is mounted to the left forearm plate. Deriving its power from the Cyclone's main generator, the EP-42 is capable of firing 3.0 MJ pulses from each barrel at a total rate of fire of twenty shots per minute. This weapon is based upon a miniaturized version of the gun machinery of the Alpha's EP-13.


    As with all REF Cyclones, the arm shields of the VR-055 Devastator are designed to interface with any one of the GR-series weapon modules, or an EP-42 Pulse Beam Gun. One weapon module can be mounted on each forearm shield. The Cyclone's onboard computer system will automatically recognize which weapon module is installed and adjust the targeting displays on the pilot's helmet accordingly. Any GR or EP-series weapon module can be used.

  7. HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT: Punch does 1D4 M.D. Kick does 1D4 M.D. (The VR-055 Devastator has an equivalent strength of PS 40) Leap Kick does 2D4 M.D. Body Flip or Body Block does 1D4 M.D.  Any type of hand-held weapon can be fired by the pilot while in cyclone armor, including the Gallant H-90 Multi-Weapon System, EP-37 Beam Cannon, and Others.


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