The following material is for use with the Robotech RPG and is an adaptation of the VR-064 Shadow Cyclone developed by Brent Swanson and originally presented in Protoculture Addicts #10. It was adapted by Grayfire (Harvey Neil Johnston) and presented in The Hellcat Squad Room. Please feel free to use, copy, and distribute it as you see fit. All we ask is that you give proper credit and do not claim that it is your own work. Comments and suggestions are welcome.  

Version 1.2
RPG Stats, Design and Images by Grayfire
Minor alterations and HTML by Nathan Babcook

"Warning: Powerful Fan-Fic Mecha.  Liberal Application of this design may be unbalancing to game play, and damaging to established continuity - use at your own risk"  

The VR-064S Shadow Cyclone was originally developed in 2037 by the REF on Tirol as part of Project Shadowchaser. The project was created by the Robotech Research Group (RRG) in hopes of developing technology that could help combat the Invid on occupied Earth. The development of the SF-7 shadow device was their crowning achievement, capable of rendering the mecha in which it was built invisible to the Invid Protoculture sensors as well as most other forms of detection. Designed into several Veritech fighters, the SF-7 would give the REF an advantage over the Invid. The head of the RRG, Dr. Emil Lang, who had been essential in the development of both the shadow devices and the Cyclones, created a design experiment by combining the best aspects of both technologies. As the original SF-7 device was to cumbersome to incorporate into a Cyclone, a much smaller version, dubbed the SF-9, was developed. It was placed within the frame of a modified VR-041 Sabre Cyclone and enhanced with upgraded prototype weaponry. Included among the new features was the addition of the EP-50 reflex autocannon, which replaced the GR-103 missile launchers within the chest. A merger of the proven GR-97 and CADS-1 modules was incorporated onto the arm plates, while still retaining its capacity to link with other weapon modules (the 'S' designation of the VR-064 is derived from its standard modules). New Maglev (magnetic levitation) shock absorbers were installed to allow better handling and control. The auxiliary liquid fuel system was removed in favor of replacing the single Protoculture cell with a dual cell version as the dual cell was required to power the EP-50 cannon as well as energize the shadow device. The liquid fuel was also intended to help Cyclone riders avoid Invid detection and the Shadow Cyclone was immune to this. Finally, the standard EP-37 beam cannon was added to the mecha. Combined with the shadow device, the new VR-064 proved to be a formidable adversary.

The VR-064 was often linked to CVR-3D armor (previously designed for the VR-055 Devastator) which was painted dark blue and grey to match the color scheme of the Cyclone. The design of the Shadow, however, had several inherent problems. Its primary weapon, the EP- 50, had a tendency to overheat in combat, leaving the pilot in a potentially deadly situation. The cost of the Cyclone, as well, was prohibitive, even more so than its expensive Sabre predecessor. Despite this, the Shadow entered limited production with one hundred of them being produced for the REF assault on Earth. In 2038, the majority of these Cyclones were made part of the Saturn Group. Most of them were assigned to elite commando units for surgical strikes against Reflex Point. A handful of them made it to Earth through the Invid orbital defenses, and of these few, most resisted Invid attacks with phenomenal success because of their inherent invisibility and heavy weaponry. Less than a year after the Battle of Reflex Point, however, the Third Invid War began and the few remaining Shadows planet side fell into the hands of resistance fighters. In this role they were often used by rebels for heavy assault and covert operatives. It was often used in combination with second generation CVR armor and weapon modules in this capacity. Ten Shadows were onboard the SDF-3 Pioneer when it mysteriously vanished in a mis-fold in 2038. The small number of Shadows that were stationed in Tirolspace as part of its Mercury Defense Group were ultimately replaced by the VR-141 Super Saber following the Cyclone Redesign Project in 2039, which proved to be both cheaper to mass produce and did not suffer from the technical difficulties as the VR-064. Despite the discontinuation of the VR-064, several of its design aspects served to inspire later Cyclone systems.

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Vehicle Type: Shadow Veritech Cycle Model: VR-064 Shadow: Served with REF (2037 - 2039).
Crew: One

  *Main body - 250 
 **CVR armor body - (-3, -3D) 50, (-4) 70, (-4C) 90 
   Head (CVR helmet) - (-3, -3D) 50, (-4) 60, (-4C) 70 
   Leg shields (2) - 125 each Legs (CVR armor, 2) - (-3, -3D) 40, (-4) 60, (-4C) 70 each 
   Forearms shields (2) - 50 each Arms (CVR armor, 2) - (-3, -3D) 25, (-4) 40, (-4C) 50 each 
   GR-97A / CADS-2 (2) - 60 each 
   Tires (2) - 5 each 
   Thrusters (rear) - 50 
   Storage boxes (2) - 2 each 
   Survival kit - 2 
   Headlight - 2 
   EP-37 cannon - 5
 * Destruction of the main body will shut the unit down completely. 
** Destruction of the main body of the CVR armor will likely kill the wearer 
   (90% chance). To damage a specific location of the CVR armor while in battloid 
   mode the corresponding area of the Cyclone must be penetrated first.

Cycle mode: (cruise) 80 mph (128 kph), (max) 210 mph (336 kph), (turbo boosted leap) 40 ft (12.2 m) across or 20 ft (6.1 m) up. Battloid mode: (running) 60 mph (96 kph), (flight) hover with an altitude ceiling of 30 ft (9.1 m) to 180 mph (288 kph) with an altitude ceiling of 200 ft (61.5 m), (leaping) 20 ft (6.1 m) w/o booster assistance or 100 ft (30.5 m) w/ booster assistance.

SPECIFICATIONS:  Cycle Mode: Maximum Speed: mph (336 kmph) Cruising Speed: 80 mph (128 kmph) Turbo Boost Fwd: 30 ft (9 m) horizontal Turbo Boost Up: 15 ft (4.5 m) vertical Battloid Mode: Running: 40 mph (64 kmph) Flying: 180 mph (288 kmph) - 61 meter ceiling Leaping: 20 ft (6 m) Thruster Leap: 80 ft (24 m) Height: Battloid: 7.0 ft (2.1 m) Motorcycle: 3.6 ft (1.1 m) Width: Battloid: 3.5 ft (1.1 m) Motorcycle: 1.8 ft (0.5 m) Length: Battloid: 3.5 ft (1.1 m) Motorcycle: 5.2 ft (1.6 m) Weight: 300 lb (112 kg). Physical Strength: Has an equivalent PS of 45. Cargo: Has two detachable cargo boxes that are connected to the rear of the cycle like saddlebags. The size of each container is 18" tall by 20" wide by 18" deep (18x20x18). A third standard survival kit is also carried. A passenger can also ride seated behind the driver. The maximum weight limit is 250 pounds (113 kg) in addition to the pilot. Reduce maximum speed by 20% (42 mph/34 kph) and -1 to dodge for every additional 50 lbs (22 kg) over the limit. Main Engine: FF-600 dual cell Protoculture engine. Two rear-mounted rocket thrusters for flight. Range: Two protoculture cells give the Cyclone an active combat life of two months before needing refueling. Constant flying and hovering drains the cells three times as fast, but occasional burst of flight use only a negligible drain on energy. Unlike other Cyclones, the Shadow does not possess a liquid fuel system as backup as it requires the dual cell system to power its weaponry and shadow device.


  1. EP-50 Reflex Autocannon: A powerful particle beam cannon internally mounted within the right chest cavity, replacing the two GR-103 mini-missile launchers standard to the VR-41 Saber. The weapon draw upon an incredible amount of energy and thus can only fire twice per round. The cannon is also prone to overheat, rendering it useless for 2D6 melee rounds whenever a natural one to strike is rolled.


  2. Modular Weapon Systems: The arm shields of the VR-064 Shadow can interface with several weapon modules. The module can be mounted upon each forearm shield, but standard issue is the GR-97A / CADS-2A module. The GR-97A unit is a modification of the GR-97 mini-missile launcher used by the VR-052 Battler. Standard issue for the launchers are two 45mm x 260mm Scorpion plasma mini-missiles. Located between the two mini-missile tubes is the CADS (Close Assault and Defense System)-2A, a vibro-blade based upon the CADS-1 used by the VR-041 Sabre. Unlike the Sabre, the CADS-2A does not possess a renewing force field for added protection, nor are the blades fully retractable. The blades are often used for personal combat in battloid mode and for ramming tactics in cycle mode. The CADS-2A is the basis of the CADS-2 used by the VR-141 Super Sabre. The Shadow carries two modules as standard issue.

  4. GR-97A Mini-Missile Launchers (2):


  5. CADS-2A Vibro-Blades (2):


  6. EP-37 60mm Beam Cannon: A heavy particle beam weapon, the EP-37 connects to the forearm plate of the Shadow and supported by its augmented strength. Common issue to several Cyclone models, it is difficult for unaugmented humans to use because of its weight (-3 to strike). The weapon is stored on the right shoulder hardpoint in cycle mode and hand-held in battloid mode. It also comes equipped with a telescopic and passive night sight targeting system.

  8. Hand-to-hand Combat: Punch inflicts 1D6 MD, restrained punch 6D6+30 SD, kick 1D6 MD, leap kick 2D6 MD, body flip/throw 1D6 MD and body block/tackle 1D6 MD.

  10. Any hand-held weapon, including the Gallant series energy weapons, may be used by the Cyclone pilot.



The Cyclones developed by the REF all share similar piloting and handling controls. This applies to both the early designs (used during the Second Invid War) and the later designs (used during the Third Invid War). All the various modules and accessories are capable of linking with any Cyclone and the Cyclone will recognize the variations and adjust its HUD and onboard displays to reflect that. Despite differences in the various designs, all Cyclones are capable of being used by anyone with the skills Pilot Mecha Cyclone and Mecha Combat: Basic Cyclone or Mecha Combat: Advanced Cyclone. Advanced combat training is available only to REF personnel. Basic combat training is available to non-REF personnel if trained or self-taught. Combat training from the RDF T-CBBA-X Tornado Battle Bike or the Southern Cross SMS series Hargun and Garland cycles may be substituted for basic combat training as well.

Cyclone Basic Combat Training

One additional attack per round, plus one at levels six and eleven. +1 to strike, +1 to parry, +2 to dodge. +1 to leap dodge (automatic dodge). +2 to roll with impact. Body flip/throw inflicts 1D4 MD plus victim loses initiative and one attack. Body block inflicts 1D4 MD plus victim has 60% chance of falling, losing initiative and one attack. Body block uses two attacks. Kick attack and critical strike as pilot. Leap attack (counts as two attacks).

Cyclone Advanced Combat Training

Two additional attack per round, plus one at levels five and ten. +1 to strike, +2 to parry, +3 to dodge. +3 to leap dodge (automatic dodge). +3 to roll with impact. Body flip/throw inflicts 1D4 MD plus victim loses initiative and one attack. Body block inflicts 1D4 MD plus victim has 70% chance of falling, losing initiative and one attack. Body block uses two attacks. Kick attack and critical strike as pilot. Leap attack (counts as two attacks).


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