Senerio Zentraedi Breakout I


Last mission players were assigned to a small outpost in the city of New Patagonia, after the distruction of the SS. Tokugawa. The base itself is modeled after the outpost at Anton-17; however because New Patagonia is straticagally more importent the base has a full complement of the following:


Overall commander

Colonel Kenneth Rucker level 10 Military Specialist

-has proven himself to be a compentent commander; however he will take no insubordination.

Exective Officer

Captain Alan Weaver level 8 Destriod Pilot

1. Full company of infantry troops (mixed MDC / SDC amor and weapons) 50% are verterans of the first Robotech war and are level 1d4+2 ; however the other 50% are green troops freshly constripted and are only level 1d2.

-sgt john wallace - platoon member

2. 1 VF-1S (Captain Joshua Lawerence level 6)    2 VF-1A's (Private Charles Richard level 2), and (Srgt. Douglass Karker level 7)

3. 12 Destrroids (2 squadrons) average level 3   Captain (Arthur Gilbert level 7 Excaliber)

Other forces

-3 Excalibers (besides the Captain)

-3 Gladiators

-2 Raidar X

-1 Spartan

-1 Light Insurgence RDF Battloid

-1 Defender RDF Battloid

4. 1 Squadron of Commancheros (48) Bobcat Squadron

At any given time 1/3 of the squadron is within 5 minutes of combat. The helicopters are stationed immediately to the rear of the base. The field is surrouned by 10 ft high raror wire. There is a seccondary enterance at the rear of the field, which in reality is only a blacktop field with 2 hangers and a 2 hardened buildings that contain ammunition and missles.

Captain (Brenda Jepsen) - flys in a commanchero that is painted with a large bobcat.

pb - 20

The base itself is well stocked, as this city pocesses one of the only mecha factories in the quadrant. The players will be able to requisision any "normal" items.

RDF Warhouse

RDF Freight Facility

RDF Mech Factory (Plant number 1)  Note the players can easily discover that the plant is only in operation from 7am to 9pm at night.  However at all times the following defenders will be guarding the instation.

Dr. Rita Moreseado - Director of the Mecha Factory

Carl Grobam - RDF Mechanical Engineer and Assistant Director of the Mecha Factory

Doctor Derek Varn - Special Projects Director and Mecha Factory Admisistrator

The only thing the players will be able to learn about the special projects that Dr. Derek Varn is

working on some special type of missle.


Random encounters in New Patagonia:

Players are caught in a fire-fight between rival crimanl gangs (Red snakes and the

Scorpians). Most weapons are S.D.C. but some may have mega-damage weapons

and/or amor. Generally this encounter will occur in the squatter's town.

Roll for each side (2d6 for the snakes) dive in two Jeeps one of which have a M67

Recoilless Rifle (1d4*100 damage) one mans the weapon and the other reloads. Can fire

once per melee.

- 40% have 9mm Uzi's

- 60% have Ak-47's

Average snake (30 sdc and 15 hit points)

For the Scorpians (there will be a group of 7 outside a run down building in the squatters

town.) One will be killed immediately once the M67 fires. The remaining six will open fire

on the snakes however 1d4/2 will be killed every melee plus 1 if the M67 is fires. While

only 1d4/2 snakes will be killed.

-5 have 9mm MP5K Heckler and Koch - modified to do 3d6 sdc

-2 have 9mm micro uzi's

Average scorpian have (35 sdc and 20 hit points)

If the players come to the aid of the scorpians, after the fight little will be said. Accept, later on the

players will notice that a note has been sliped into there pockets which reads.

"You have one marker, the scorpians venom"

2. At sometime the characters are in a bar, or other place of illrepute. They will be approached by

a man who will try and sell 14 RDF micronized protoculture microchips. If pressed, he will show

the players one chip, and a successful roll in electrical engineering or mecha electronics skill roll

identifies these as energy weapon system components. He wants to sell them for 100 credits


If the players agree, he will tell them to meet him outside the town's circle in 4 hours. Furthermore,

he tells them if he sees more than 1 character the deal is off. 4 hours later, the players will find the

man slumped over in the ally. However, upon closer look he has had his neck broken, and all the

chips are gone.

First Misson

Colonel Kenneth Rucker will call the players into the C.I.C after approximately 48 hours at the


"Gentlemen, at ease please. A band of Zentraedi who have self proclaimed themselves

the"madmen" have stuck again. They have hit a small farming comunity approximately 700 miles

to the north east of here, just outside of Rubineia. I want your squadron to run a patrol from here

to three lakes and then proceed along the Z-zone until you reach Rubineia. After you reach

Rubineia, a squadron out of Strategic 305th Veritec Squadron will meet you at these coordinate.

Upon proper verification, they will take over the patrol and you will proceed back to New Patagonia.

The verification codes will be loaded into your veritecs computers. The call sign is coctail party and

the counter sign is madrid. The entire patrol covers some 1500 miles. The operation wil comence

at 0:400 tomorrow and you will redavous with the southern cross squadron at 05:45. Are there

any questions?"

Before the players take off the characters will receive the following message

"Good morning Eagles Tallons you are cleared for take off. The colonel sends his best and informs

me that the following Zentraedi ocursions took place last night.

1. Madmen with 2 Battle Pods attacked a radar listening post outside of the three lakes last night.

2. A unknown group attack outside the city of Jau, taking some machinery and some food.

Good luck"

The players will be given any reasonable equipment;however they will be limited to 2 long range

missles per veritec. The trip will be fairly uneventfull untill they are approximately 200 miles outside

of three lakes.

The following force will be trying to pentrate the Z-zone

1 reentry pod

6 Zentraedi Battle Pods (four have -15 off main body)

2 Light Battle Pods (1 have -20 off main body, however instead of 24 short they have 12 short and

2 medium)

1 Officer Pod +1 extra h to h +1 strike /parry / dodge

2 Male power armors

These are the forces that attacked Jau, still approximately 300 miles away. The force will be

hugging the ground and thus will be difficult to spot. The first chance to spot the group will occur

once the players are 100 kilometers out at -100%, -1% for every kilometer away from the group.

The zentraedi will spot the group once they are within 50 kilometers. They will fire two medium

range missles once they first spot the group. They will then abandon the reentry pod and move

their forces 1 km to the north. If the players are not facing in that direction the Zentraedi will have

the initiatve and will fire there short range missles. Fortunately, the players will be able to react.

The force will fight to the death and the 4 zentraedi in side the reentry pod will fire at the players

backs if they turn and face the forces to the north

4 zentraed warriors

all wear light battle armor

3 attacks per melee +2 to strike parry and dodge

Zentreadi Assault Rifle

15 mdc hit points 35 mdc sdc

If the players radio for reinforcements, they will be informed that a veritec squadron outside of

rubineia will send 4 logan fighters and should arrive in 10 minutes. Otherwise they can send

coordinate for a missle strike. Again the southern cross base will launch 20 high explosive long

range missles at the coordinates. They will strike in 4 minutes. However, the zentraedi will have

moved 10 km away by the time the missles and only 3 will strike the reentry pod.

After the encounter:

The players will then meet up with the southern cross squadron outside of Rubineia and the proper

counter sign will be given. The rest of the flight will be uneventful.

The mission debriefing will be given by Captin Lawerenc, again in the CIC.

"Gentlemen tell me exactly what happened?

Followed by some quesitons.

"Well, I have to commend you on a job well done. I would like to invite your group for a little get

together at Sam Houston's where the food is good and the beer is better. My group will be leaving

at 20:00 hours tonight."

Sam's Houstons

The players will be warmly greeted by Frank Browing who by now will have heard of the attack this

afternoon; however he knows little about the players and will ask many questions.

Perhaps at this time, they person will try and sell the computer chips;otherwise, the party will break

up around 02:00 the next morning.