Senerio for 11/2/95

A day in the life:

Before the senerio starts, you have to reviel the following information to Charile.

You are taken into the Gobal Military Headquaters, in momument city. Being only 3 weeks out of the acadamy and fresh off the leave that begain with your graduation, you are somewhat taken aback by the emenceness of the building and seriousness of the officers and enlisted personel. Checking into the front desk, a cute secretary tells you that Captain Chuin is awaiting you in the 3rd floor conference room. You quickly walk through the polished mabel entryway and make your way to the elevators. After a brief examination of the 3rd floor directory you are able to find the office where the briefing is to take place.

Captain Chuim is a man of small stature; however a intense light seems to burn from within. He quickly tells you to please take a seat.

"Good Afternoon, I have brought you here today to assign you to your first mission, and as your records at the acadamy show you have plenty of promise and I intend to find out how much of the book knowledge you can apply to the real world.

A hologram of the world appears in the center of the room, it quickly zooms in on the southern border of the old Zentraedi Control zone. From your knowledge at the acadamy you quickly identify the area as the Argentien Highlands.

He continues"Our operatives in the Z-zone were able to retrieve these pictures. A picture of a Male power armor appears and 2 old style zentraedi battle pods. (Perception -5, the character notices that the male power armor has a larger than average particle cannon mounted on the shoulder, and the battle pods are more substantially armored). He continues, pictures were taken by are RDF allies at a small outpost located at Anton-17. unfortunaely most of the mecha squad was taken out in the process. The computer enhances the fuzzy pictures that were obviously taken in combat. These mecha have been enhanced, the particle gun on the male power armor resembles the PBC-11 particle beams on the Excaliber type RDF destroid. Where as the battle pods armor has been enhanced.

It was this enchanced weaponry on the male power armor that tipped us off. Normally we would associate these modifications to assistance from the so called Robotech masters, but upon further analysis we discovered that several of the key componets in this particle gun were manufactored by the RDF and or the Southern Cross. We believe that some one in the South American sector is giving illisit support to the Zentraedi forces.

This is your mission, we are stationing you at the New Patgonia RDF mecha facility. You are to make sure that the leak is not occuring from this facility. Your cover will be as a RDF veritec or destroid pilot. Most importantly you are not to inform anyone of your true mission. Contact us by scrambled satillite coded transmission once per week, we will provide you with the portable dish. Make sure you follow any orders given to you, as we are techinically allies with the RDF and it could cause an incident if they found out we have agents in there ranks.

Are there any questions?

Your plane is sceduled to leave tomorrow at 0:700 and will take you directly to the New Patagonia base.

New Patagonia

Hopefully the players will be a little more descrete in investigating the city. The following two encounters will possibly occur

Random encounters in New Patagonia:

Players are caught in a fire-fight between rival crimanl gangs (Red snakes and the

Scorpians). Most weapons are S.D.C. but some may have mega-damage weapons

and/or armor. Generally this encounter will occur in the squatter's town.

Roll for each side (2d6 for the snakes) dive in two Jeeps one of which have a M67

Recoilless Rifle (1d4*100 damage) one mans the weapon and the other reloads. Can fire

once per melee.

- 40% have 9mm Uzi's

- 60% have Ak-47's

Average snake (30 sdc and 15 hit points)

For the Scorpians (there will be a group of 7 outside a run down building in the squatters

town.) One will be killed immediately once the M67 fires. The remaining six will open fire

on the snakes however 1d4/2 will be killed every melee plus 1 if the M67 is fires. While

only 1d4/2 snakes will be killed.

-5 have 9mm MP5K Heckler and Koch - modified to do 3d6 sdc

-2 have 9mm micro uzi's

Average scorpian have (35 sdc and 20 hit points)

If the players come to the aid of the scorpians, after the fight little will be said. Accept, later on the

players will notice that a note has been sliped into there pockets which reads.

"You have one marker, the scorpians venom"

2. At sometime the characters are in a bar, or other place of illrepute. They will be approached by

a man who will try and sell 14 RDF micronized protoculture microchips. If pressed, he will show

the players one chip, and a successful roll in electrical engineering or mecha electronics skill roll

identifies these as energy weapon system components. He wants to sell them for 100 credits


If the players agree, he will tell them to meet him outside the town's circle in 4 hours. Furthermore,

he tells them if he sees more than 1 character the deal is off. 4 hours later, the players will find the

man slumped over in the ally. However, upon closer look he has had his neck broken, and all the

chips are gone.

Out on patrol

After a week of rest and relaxation, the characters will be ordered to take to the field once again. The players will be ordered to patrol from New Patagonia to L. Olando down to the head waters of the Uruguay River. As the patroll is deep within RDF controlled area, they will be provided with the normal compliment of weaponry , but no extra weapons. The patroll is some 1000 miles long and the following two encounters will occur.

Before out heroes leave on patrol, a report comes in reporting that a commanchero helocopter has been strolen from the El Vencdor Army has been stolen from a local militia base. The EVA is offering a reward for its return, but no one knows how much the reward is.


After the characters have reached L. Olando, they will receive the following message

"To any RDF and or Southern Cross forces this is Rodregues Santana in the villiage of Toledo, just north of the Cascavel, we are under attack by zentraedi they are l... zzz " and the message ends.

The villiage itself is located in a small river valley the forest has been cut back some 100 meters from the villiage and the river is only 10 meters in diameter.

The invading force is 11 full size Zentraedi 1/2 with body armor and 2 zentraedi pods -20 mdc on one and -15 mdc on the other. They aer grabbing cattle and stuffing them into huge sacks. They flee with as much as they can carry the moment they spot more than 4 mecha. The two battle pods will force a holding action until one is destoyed and then the other will perform evasive attack to escape.

2) Once the characters have reached the headwaters of the Uruguay a Commanchero helicopter, with the markings of the EVA will appear coming down the river. However, in this case, the vehicle encountereed is not the stolen one. It does not shoot as the characters and will engage in radio communication. If the characters hold their fire it takes only a few minutes to prove their identiy and innocence. If they overreact and shoot it down and/or kill the crew, the EVA insists that the highest ranking character be court martialled (he will be demoted one or two ranks for negligence and may face additional punishment.

Dave will receive +150 experience points if he handles the situation correctly.

Besides these two events the mission wll proceed normally