Senerio for Thanksgiving

Captain Alan Weaver will bring the players into his office.

"Good Afternoon Gentlemen, I have a new mission assignment for you. Tomorrow at 13:00 hours the Prometheus class Super carrier Demeter will dock at Rio. The carrier is transporting a classified piece of machinery to the mecha factory here at New Patagonia. You are to escort the convoy to the New Patagonia base, a distance of some 400 miles, arriving here at 01:00 the next day. Intelligence reports no unusual activitiy in the area between here a Rio. Are there any questions?"

Once the players arrive at Rio the carrier the convey will begin to dissembark. The convoy consists of the following:

4 Skeeter Hovertrucks

1 Bison Heavy Hauler

4 aar-recon II

Fortunately for the players, nothing will occur between the trip from Rio to New Patagonia; however, the Major Steaven Richover will not allow the players to investigate the truck.

Once the players escort the envoy to the mecha factory, Major Richover will thank the players and inform them that there responsiblities are over. Upon return to the base Captain Weaver will thank the group on a job well done, and inform the players that they have the next 2 days off.

Two days later the players will be lead into Captain Weavers office and giving the following briefing.

"Good morning gentlemen, I hope your R and R was restful. - read discription on page 44 of Zentraedi Breakout."

Are there any questions? If there are no futher questions then you are to leave tomorrow aftternoon at 05:00 hours for the Anton-17 outpost.

Modifications to the Senerio

Part One

Encounter One


Encounter Two

- 3 Tactical Battle Pods (two have -15 MDC)

- 1 Light Artillery Pods

- 1 Recon Scout

Encounter Three

Modify the following attacking the base

- 1 Recon Pod

- 2 officer battle pods

- 2 Heavy Pods

- 4 Light Battle Pods

- 20 Tacle battle pods (12 only have 35 mdc)

- 15 male power armor

- 30 giant zentraedi with armor

- 100 micronized zentraedi

Otherwise roll randomly on the minor offensive chart

The players will detect the following heading to the east

3 Officer battle pods

8 male power armor

3 female power armor

2 type 1 stingers

1 type 2 stinger

4 tactical battle pods

2 recon pods

Encounter Four

proceed normally