Map of the Mecha Factory

RDF Freight Facility

See discription in senerio

Usually there will be 6 guards from the 372nd stationed here at any given time.

RDF Mech Factory (Plant number 1)

Note the players can easily discover that the plant is only in operation from 7am to 9pm at night.

However at all times the following defenders will be guarding the instation.

2 Radar Xs

1 Gladiator

40 troops (under the command of Lt. Gordon Hardy) 60% are level 1d4+1 the rest are 1d2. One-

half of the troops posses M.D.C weapons the other 50% pocess SDC however if the situation

should arise, MDC weapons and armor will be available for everyone.

Dr. Rita Moreseado - Director of the Mecha Factory

Carl Grobam - RDF Mechanical Engineer and Assistant Director of the Mecha Factory

Doctor Derek Varn - Special Projects Director and Mecha Factory Admisistrator

The only thing the players will be able to learn about the special projects that Dr. Derek Varn is

working on some special type of missle.


1 Gladiator in the mecha factory area

1 Radar X at the Airport

1 Radar X at the recieving dock

6 Guards at the Security Station number 6

2 guards at southern factory gate (night)

2 guards at southern gate (night)

2 guards at western gate (day)

2 guards at eastern factory gate (day)

2 guards at eastern gate (day)

2 groups of 4 in the southern factory area (night/day)

2 groups of 4 in the northern factory area (night/day)

1 group of 4 in the docking area (night/day)

1 group of 4 in the airport (night/day)

All the groups have one aar-II recon vehicle however they get out to patroll frequently

General Notes:

During working hours all the security gates are manned by 2 guards both with MDC body armor and Gallant H-90's; however from 17:00 until 07:00 only the southern main gate and the southern main gate into the mecha factory is manned, again with 2 security personnel.


1. Veritec hanger. Here is the main veritec hanger for the New Patagonia base. The hanger is fully stocked with some 200 short range missles, 20 medium, and 20 long range. The hanger also contains some 20 Gu-11s, 10 Gu-12's, 5 Gu-xx, and 10 Eu-20's. There is not any repair facilities located in this hanger; however there is some scaffling and repair gantries.

The following veritecs are found here

-9 VF-1A's

-2 VF-1J's

-1 VF-1S

-5 logans

-4 VAF-5C

2. Spare parts / vehicle storage. This building stores the numerous vehicles needed to operate the mecha facility and the spare parts needed to keep the conventional aircraft in the air. There are numerous jeeps, fuel trucks, tractor trailors, hover cycles, and hover cars. There are also the following tanks in storage.

- 5 aar recon II

- 3 tornado tanks

- 2 dark horse

3. Repair garage/body shop. This large structure is contains the mecha gantries needed to repair the giant war machines. There are only 4 mecha stored in this location, all of which have been recently repaired. These are:

2 Excalibers

1 Gladiator

1 Radar X

This is also the area where the experimental Gladiator is being kept, once it is here 4 guards in roving patrol around the area. During normal hours the Gladiator is being kept in the far eastern portion of the hanger in a specially enclosed area.

There is the capacity to repair up to 25 mecha at any time.

4. Labortories. This large building is for the experimention and development of new Robotech weapons and defenses. Currently, in the main labortories 1 and 2 work is being done on a new type of armor and the development of and more powerful PPC. However, on the upper level in Derek Varns personel laboratory he has brought back part of the computer system on Dave's veritec fighter. However to get in is -45% on related skills otherwise the door has 25MDC.

5. Administration offices. Here is where Dr. Rita Moreseado and Carl Grobman have there offices.

6. Paint shop number 1

7. Paint ship number 2

8. Machine Shop. This machine shop provides its serices for the entire cite.

9. Spare parts Warhouse 1. This warhouse contains amour, actuators, and internal structure needed to repair mecha

10. Central. This area contains the cafeteria, nurse's area (no full hosipal) showers and personel lockers.

11. Warhouse. This warhouse receives mecha delivered by train. Usually this means that the mecha is unable to travel into the factory on is own power. Currently the area is empty.

12. Spare parts Warhouse 2. This warhouse contains the numerous electric componets needed to repaire and contruct mecha

13. Spare parts Warhouse 3. This warhouse contains the weapon systems needed for mecha. This includes several hundered short range, medium, and long range missles. Particles guns, gu-11's. etc. The missles are stored in a 200 MDC reinforced concrete bin.

14. Electronics factory, here the various electronic componetes can be made, however many are fabricated else where, such as the combat computer system and other high tech electronic compoonets

15. Mecha factory number 1. This factory currently produces RDF Excalibers and RDF Gladiators at the rate of 1 each per week, rating it as a small factory. The factory operates from 007:00 until 17:00 hours. During these times the factory is busseling with activity, however at night the plant shuts down and only the security patrol the area.

16. Receiving dock. This small area the the receiving area for trains that enter into the mecha factory.

17. Tunny hanger. This is the hanger that stores the large cargo transports such as the Tunny. The hanger contains fuel for the large convential aircraft as well as spare parts enough to keep the planes flying for several months.

The following planes can be found here:

- 2 Tunnies

- 2 momma'skitchens

- 5 L.V.T adventures

18. Security operations headquaters. This is where the 372nd security company is stationed. The entire company consists of 160 troops. Forty of this troops are on duty at all times. The destroids stationed at the base are also headquarted here. Inside the building is an armory and serveilance headquaters.

19. Dormatories for RDF personel. This small dormatory contains the appartments some 50 personnel who work in the mecha factory and the surrounding buildings. This building also contains a small caffeteria as well as a recreational area for off duty personnel.

20. Base motor pool. This building contains 20 vehicles of various types mainly hover cyles and RDF jeeps with a few hover cars. Attached to this building is a small repair garage.

21. Communications. This building contains the satelite uplinks and radion communications for the entire base, although the security operations also posseses basic radio and satilie communications. Usually 5 communication personal will be stationed here at any given time.

22. Receiving warhouse. This is one of the three warhouses that contains parts that are received from the daily train runs to the mecha factory. The warhouse and the one at number 25 contains supplies for the entire New Patagonia. Currently this warhouse is only 1/2 full.

23. Radar site. This builidng cotains the radar site for the base. The radar is of limited range compared to the one at the base (100 mile range) never the less the RDF felt that it was necessary to maintain a second radar site.

24. Receiving warhouse. This the the second warhouse that contains supplies for the entire New Patagonia area

25. Receiving warhouse. This is the third warhouse that contains supplies for the entire New Patagonia area.