Assault on Optera

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Rescue and Relaxation

The characters will spend the next two weeks while on the SS. Alabama. Although they are technically not assigned to any of the strike teams that will regularly be sent out for mop up of the Exford system, they will have the opportunity to fly on a few patrols.  Patrols are sent out every 30 minutes. These patrols can traverse widely varying terrain, although the composition of the patrols are fairly constant.

Roll for terrain.

Typically these patrols last 2d6 hours and one must roll on the following chart, every 2 hours, to see if they encounter any resistance (add +25 for on planet, +10 for in the asteroid belt)

Typically the normal patrol squad consists of 3 alpha, and 3 betas. The players will be issued any of the normal weapons and veritechs; however no shadows.


+400 xp if they go on the mission in addition to any other bonuses that the GM might apply

Rest, or at lease until the next mission

The players, after spending two weeks on board the SS. Alabama will finally return to Tirol for the final mission. Talking to the crew on board the Alabama (+50), one will discover that the moral seems to be incredibly high, perhaps the highest since the beginning of the Sentinel campaign. Common themes will include: "We seem to be pushing back those invid slugs", etc.

The players will once again return to the REF high command complex, use the maps from macross II. They will stay in the upper levels of tower number two. Security will be extremely tight, and the players will notice that many of the security personnel are from the ghost squadron (+10 exp on perception -2). The lower rank guards / pilots will respect the characters be will not be overly friendly.

The characters will spend 3 days in the REF high command complex. During this time, the characters could find out the following:

  1. (From maintainance personel) some new experimental mecha are being developed in the chambers beneath the complex. +25
  2. (From maintenance personnel) a larger percentage than normal of the REF fleet is stationed in the space docks surrounding Tirol +25
  3. (From officers club) several other veteran squadrons (Jade Falcons, Black Cobras, Sliver Spar)  are also taking R and R at the REF command complex +25. 
  4. The rumor mill indicates that there is to be some special mission in the immediate future.


Official enquires to Colonel Crichell will be met with polite silence.

After the third day, a Sergeant will come to their rooms with the following small sealed bag, the inside consists of a small disk, similar to 3 1/2, encrypted to Captain Olson's personal security code.

To: Captain David Olson, commander Eagle's Talons strike force.

From: General John Adkins, REF high command.

Captain you are hear by ordered to assemble your team at the security office on level 2 in tower 1 today at 13:20 hours. Bring personal effects for 2 weeks. A mission briefing will follow immediately after. This mission has been classified top secret, tell no one of any preparations.

No one will make sure that the team will assemble at the security office at 13:20 (+10 exp if they are 10 minutes early). At which time the group will have is security badges checked and brought into the command chamber.

Upon entering the room 11, the players will be escorted to on of the many platforms in the command room. The players will notice that most of the soldiers in the room are of the rank Major or greater, Colonel Jackson from veritec commander of the SS. Alabama.

General Adkins will rise and speak.

Now that we are all present, let us begin. As most of you know, the invid regent has been forced to wage a defensive campaign for some time. The REF high command feels that now is the time to bring the war to him. I have known the fine soldiers that belong to the eagle's talons for many years, and trust them implicitly. I have made the decision to have the eagle's talons perform this all important mission.

[a picture of the Tzuptum system appears in the center of the room]

As most of you know, Optera is the 5th planet in the Tzuptum system approximately 1250 light years from here. The star itself is a unremarkable G4 star, fairly common in this part of the universe. However, what makes this system special, is that it is here that Zor was able to unlock the secrets of protoculture. The results of this discovery spread death and destruction across all of known space. The invid regent and the Robotech Masters began the Protoculture wars over 400 generations ago, and we are here to bring this destructive war to an end.

[He turns towards the group]

That is the reason why you are here. The eagles talons is to be the first anvil blow against the invid regent.

[A second holographic image appears]

This is monstrosity is called by the Zentraedi a "Red Moon". Early in the war against the Robotech masters when there protoculture supplies were plentiful, the invid were able to field as many as 10,000 of these. Now with his forces in retreat, the regent is trying to build one final one to turn the tide. We can not allow this to happen..

[Third holographic image appears]

REF intelligence as folded in several unmanned probes into the tzuptum system and made relativistic fly-by of the space docks where this "red moon" is being constructed. Intelligence believes that the regent is within 1 month of completing this weapon. The physical dimensions are evident from the diagram, but it should be noted that the red moon is immense

[the first holographic image appears , system map]

This mission has been known as operation doolittle. You are to fold into the Tzuptum system aboard the SS. Alabama. The Alabama will be traveling at .16 the speed of light when it first enters the system. At this speed your fighters do not have the delta v to slow down enough to make any sort of attack against the invid space dock. However noticing the system map, shows that there is a large gas giant out a 4 au from the primary. You will aerobrake in the upper atmosphere of this gas giant and slowly spiral into the lower atmosphere as your velocity decreases.

Your veritecs will be loaded inside a large container, not unlike the external fuel tank of the old space shuttle. However, this "tank" has a pin point barrier system, located in the rear of the tank, to protect the forward portion. Upon exiting the gas giant, our computers have predicted that your velocity should be approximately 1,000 km/sec (relative to optera). The fuel tanks on the veritec rack has enough delta v for 1200 km, you will slowly decelerate using forward micro thrusters at 0.005 g for 6 days. This will put you out at the outer defense line of the invid, 2,000,000 km. with 200 km/sec delta v to spare. When you discard the veritec rack will be up to Captain Olson.

At this point your task force will commence the attack upon the red moon.

[at this point a subordinate will whisper into General Adkins ear] and he continues

I almost forgot to tell you about the two special items that will be used on this operation. The scientific wing has recently developed 6 1 megatonne warheads to be placed on a standard long range missile booster. What makes this special weapons, is that instead of the normal "fissionable" plutonium fission initiator, these weapons use .65 grams of anti matter. This produces a extremely clean fusion device and will allow any troops to be in the blast area immediately after any event without any special shielding.

REF intelligence believes that 3 of these missles detonated at the center of the red moon will destroy it. Of course this means that you will be required to travel inside this "death star" to deliver these special payloads.

The second item is the use of robotic ghost fighter

[holographic view of the ghost fighter appears]

During the Sentinels campaign it become apparent that an unmanned squire was needed for the heavily outnumbered veritec squadrons. REF engineers took the basic design used for the QF-3000 an added more powerful engines, sensor equipment, 2 missile bays, and a more powerful artificial intelligence program. Unlike the previous version of the ghost fighter this fighter was trusted with long range missiles. This is due in part to the more powerful computer program that can project the flight paths of friendly fighters, as well as the added safety feature of having the orders issued to the ghost through the manned veritec computers systems. Before entering the battle the manned unit must decide which tactic the ghost fighter will pursue:

1. Standoff - remain outside the conflict zone

2. Attack my target - ghost fighter will attack players target

3. Attack everything - ghost fighters will randomly attack targets

4. Break and attack - ghost fighters will break formation and attack targets randomly

5. Any combination of these - however orders must be given to each individual or groups of units

During combat it takes one full module to change the orders to each individual or groups of units.

e.g. Before entering combat P.C breaks ghost fighters into two groups : gold and silver. He orders gold to attack my target and silver attack everything. In the middle of combat he decides to order gold, and silver to break and attack. This action costs to modules - one for gold and one for silver.

Because of the limits placed on the computer system for the fighters, normal vaf-6 and vbf-1 fighters can have up to 3 squires maximum. Veritecs with more advanced systems can have up to 5 squires.

In addition the REF engineers added a shadow cloaking device to protect not only the squire but also the manned veritecs from being detected by invid protoculture sensors.

Unfortunately, the cost of these units was tremendous. Totaling up the price the advanced squire computer systems for the veritecs fighters, the artificial intelligence needed for the ghost fighter, and the shadow cloaking device [used experimental shadow cloaking developed at the beginning of the war and issued to a few elite forces], and the size of the fighter itself, larger than a beta, it became apparent that although effective the price was prohibitive. The REF high command canceled the project in 2025 after 50 units were built. You will be assigned 12 of these units, not because of price of the units, but because of space limitations in the aerobraking tank.

Of course any materials needed to complete this mission will be issued.

Once the device is delivered, you will booster away from the, hopefully, now destroyed space hive towards coordinates alpha -29 sector III decimal .7890. These coordinates are 1,000,000 km from optera. The garfish the SS. Fredericksburg will be there to pick you up, exactly 7 days after dropping you off, and will immediately accelerate away at .10 c towards the SS Alabama out at 6 au on the other side of Tzuptum, travel time is 8.3 hours. At this point the SS Alabama will immediately fold out and back to Tirol .

Gentlemen time is brief, but is there any questions?

+25 for each question that makes sense.

Good Luck and god's speed.  Any operational questions can be answered by Colonel Jackson who is fully informed on mission objectives

Aboard the SS Alabama

After the mission briefing, the players will be escorted to the roof where a helicopter will be awaiting the players for the trip to the space port. At the space port the players luggage will be waiting and they will be shuttled up the SS. Alabama. There they will be given a more friendly welcome. Their veritecs will be loaded in the lower bay along with the ghost fighters and the aerobreaking tank. They will be informed that the SS. Alabama will be folding in 12 hours and to make sure everything is in order by then. They will be shown to there quarters and told in 4 hours Colonel Jackson will want to talk to them at that time.

Four hours later an orderly will knock on the door and tell them that Colonel Jackson is awaiting them on the command deck.

Colonel Jackson

Well good evening gentlemen, as you know the operation will commence in 8 hours upon the fold of the SS. Alabama. I want you to report to the lower hanger 1 hour after the fold commences. At which time you will be strapped into your mecha and loaded into the braking tank. 3 hours after the fold commences we will defold in the Tzuptum system, of course nearly 2 weeks will have passed in the normal time space continuum. At this point the mission will start.

We have been given 1,000 advanced short range missiles for this mission. These missiles have an advanced infrared sensor that provides +4 to hit and invid target from the rear. If you want I will have the tech crew replace the missiles on your craft with these missiles. In addition we have procured 10 missile packs that fit between the auxiliary engines on the alpha fighter [show picture from comic book], they provide an addition 20 short-range missiles however they can not be used in the atmosphere and the rear firing 10 can not fire while connected to the beta fighter. If you want to have them, they are yours.

Any question?

+25 for any intelligent questions

If not, let me tell you it has been an honor to serve with you. Good Luck, remember you are the REF finest.

The characters will have 8 hours which to rest and make sure everything is in order.

Delta V of veritecs

alpha fighter - 50 kps

beta fighter - 75 kps (alpha beta combination has beta fuel + 1/2 that of the alpha's)

Vindicator - 75 kps (each booster adds 25 kps per booster, however no further external fuel may be added)

Insertion into Optera

After 8 hours the characters will be loaded into there craft. Roll twice for these two random defects - loss of 5 missiles from one of the missile bays, minor turbine problems -10% off top thrust. There is a 90% chance that the technicians will be able to fix these minor problems

The characters will be dropped off the SS. Alabama close to the gas giant. Because of the complexity of the design each of the four players will make piloting skill rolls in order to pilot the craft through the aerobraking procedure.

Roll randomly 5 times for weather in the gas giant

Roll for weather.

0-40 "good weather" no modifications on Piloting

41-60 "minor turbulence" -10% on piloting

61-81 "major turbulence" -20% on piloting

81-90 "sever cross winds" -30% on piloting

91-95 -35%

96-00 -40%

The tank has a main body of 200, for every 10% failure lose 10 mdc and +-10 km/sec off delta v. In dave's case double failure penalties and if he fails by more than 50% tank will begin to tuble -50 mdc -20 km/sec per turn until he makes a piloting skill at -50%.

Fortunately, there are no invid in close proximity to the gas giant and therefore no chance that they will be spotted.

On the way to the target, have dave make navigation space checks every 12 hours, for every 10% failure lose 10 km/sec delta v.

The first chance that the players will be spotted is out 1,000,000 km out from the space dock.

Attack on the Red Moon

The defense perimeter looks something like this

-Unless otherwise noted, all armored scouts have boosters

Outer Defense Perimeter (1e6 km)

The invid regent, realizing that it would be futile to place a large number of forces one million kilometers out from the base, has placed several thousand protoculture sensors in this area. In addition there is 8 invid clamships fully loaded with 250 invid armored scouts with boosters. This means there is 500,000 kilometers between the clamships. The players should easily slip by.

Chance of detection roll every 10 minutes


8 invid clam ships (250 armored scouts)

base 5%

+20% for every g pulled

+30% if protoculture cloaking device is inactive

-0% if some diversion is used

These forces are not meant in anyway to stop any attacking forces, only act as a trip wire

Middle Defense Perimeter (1e5 km)

Out to 1e5 kilometers, the invid regent has still has thousands of the relatively immobile sensor units. But in addition he has placed some 100 mini patrols on constant vigil along with 10 clam ships. Once again this means that there are 24,000 kilometers between the average patrol and the average intruder. However with the added sensors, detection becomes more likely


100 mini patrols

10 clam ships (250 armored scouts)

Chance every 10 minutes

Base +10%

+25% for every g pulled

+35% if protoculture cloaking device is inactive

-5% if some diversion is used

Inner Defense Perimeter (1e4 km)

Once the players reach into the inner defense perimeter detection is greatly increased. It is here that the regent and his generals have decided to place a majority of there forces. These forces include


4 All terrain assault carriers

15 clam ships fully loaded with 250 invid armored scouts

200 outer space patrols - most likely encounter (170 kilometers)

-20 armored scouts

-20 scouts

-2 red enforcers with speeders

The regent prefers to place his trust on living beings instead of inanimate objects and therefore no more sensors are placed in this area. However, if the characters use some sort of diversion the chance that the simple invid scouts will fall for it increases

chance every 5 minutes

Base +20%

+35% for every g pulled

+45% if protoculture cloaking device is inactive

-30% if some diversion is used

Total of some 15,000 troops at all times. The purpose of this area is to snare the mecha team while the main forces form the core defense perimeter comes to finish off any intruders.

Core Defense Perimeter (1,000 km out)

The invid regent uses the core defense units as the one two punch to any intruders. Currently there are the following forces in this area:

1 invid star carrier

100 mini patrols (every 100 kilometers)

10 invid assault carriers

200 outer space patrols (every 50 kilometers)

chance every 2 minutes

Base +35%

+40% for every g pulled

+60% if protoculture cloaking device is inactive

-35% if some diversion is used

Red Moon Perimeter (less than 100 km)

this is the final defense perimeter before the surface of the red moon. By this time the players will have been detected. The number of forces to block their path is determined by the number of minutes that they have been detected:

Multiply the following by the number of minutes +1 that the invid has spotted, include fraction of minutes

2 standard patrols

1 outer space patrol

with the following coming, also multiply by the number of minutes these forces will be 2d6 melees away.

1 standard patrol

1 outer space patrol

4 mini patrols

Inside the Red Moon

* note, the red moon processes a shield which surrounds it entirely.


-surface maps provided.

for every 3 minutes of detection the following will be on the map

2 red scrims

4 odeons with guns at tunnel entrance

10 shock troopers at tunnel entrance

10 troopers at tunnel entrance

5 scrims at tunnel entrance

the red scrims will immediately fire once the player are in range, if there are any shock troopers or troopers remaining they will follow the chacters in. Along with 3 standard patrols if there are any.


The radius of the red moon is 50 km, and the safe speed in these tunnels is 350 km/hour. This means that it will take 8.5 minutes to reach the center power core.

Tunnels - average radius 25 meters maximum safe speed 350 km/hour

Tunnel environment roll every 5 kilometers

diameter of tunnel

01-40 diameter remains constant no-modifiers

41-55 diameter increases in points to twice the normal and at times decreases to 1/2, decrease max speed by 25 km/hour

56-75 diameter decreases by 1d3*25% max speed decreases by 50*1d3 km/hour

76-00 diameter increases by 1d3*25% max speed increases by 50*1d3 km/hour

general shape of tunnel

01-25 straight tunnel increase max speed by 100 km/hour

26-35 generally straight with one sharp turn right decrease max speed by 25 km/hour

36-45 generally straight with one sharp turn left decrease max speed by 25 km/hour

46-55 straight with mild turns left and right

56-65 tunnel follows a cork screw pattern

66-95 tunnel branches into 1d4 smaller tunnels, decrease max speed by 25 km/hour

These branches can

01-30 meet up with main tunnel

31-45 head back to the surface

46-60 go towards the power core

61-00 travel laterally and meets up with another main tunnel in 5 kilometers

Main tunnel

01-25 dead ends

26-00 continues towards the center

96-00 tunnel is straight; however there is a 200 MDC force field blocking the tunnel, perception at -5 to detect. 2d6*10 mdc for every 50 km/hour the veritecs are traveling

every 20 km/hour above the safe speed subtract -5% from piloting. If the PC fails a roll piloting skill check. For every 50 km/hour over safe subtract 1d6*10 mdc off front chart, and for every 20 points of failure subtract 1d6*10.

Invid pilots have the following base

Scouts and Armored - 60%

Troopers and Shock - 70%

Enforcers - 80%

Red enforcers and Pincers 90%

Enemy forces - roll every 30 seconds

01-20 lucked out no further forces will come and attack

21-35 1d4 mini patrols come from

01-20 in front of the group

21-50 to the side of the

51-00 join the chase from behind

36-45 2d6 shock troopers + 2d6 troopers will come and attack

01-20 in front of the group

21-50 to the side

51-00 join the chase from behind

46-55 Invid inorganic squad is in the tunnel ahead

2d4 odeons with guns

2d6 scrims

1d2 cranns

56-65 1d4 enforcers are hidden down a side tunnel and will receive one free attack from the side before joining the chase.

66-75 1d6 troopers block the path ahead

76-85 Invid heavy recon patrol along with one pincer command unit comes down a side tunnel to attack from behind.

86-00 Hive interior patrol attacks

01-20 in the front of the group

21-50 to the side

51-00 in the rear

Finally after the players have traveled 60 km, they reach the power core. Actually it is a fairly unremarkable piece of machinery. The power core itself is a large sphere connected by sinuous membranes. The room is 1 kilometer is diameter, with the power core itself 500 meters in diameter (100,000 mdc) and will actually need 2 fusion devices to destroy.

Inside the core there are the following

1 Pincer command unit

4 Red enforcers with speeders

15 shock troopers

15 armored scouts

Once the characters have destroyed the hive, they will need to escape. The shock wave will follow them at 2,000 km/hour out of the hive - destroying the entire red moon in the process. If they took the same way in and they did out, then make sure to write down the tunnel directions. In either case the only enemy forces which will attack is the 1d4 mini patrols or the 1d6 troopers. Continue to roll randomly and ignore other results.

If after 5 minutes the device has not gone off, the red enforcers will know that something is wrong and proceed to search the area. They have a base of 25% per 2 minutes of finding any device, modified by appropriate percentages. If they find a missile they will smash it up, destroying a large portion of the power core area but not the power core itself, when the invid hit the anti matter initiator

Escape from the Red Moon

Once the players have escaped from the red moon there will be one space patrol there to greet them.

-20 armored scouts

-20 scouts

-2 red enforcers with speeders

However, after these forces are destroyed they will have 2 minutes to escape before any persuit is given. The with 100 kps of fuel, the total trip will take 2.7 hours.

When the player characters are only 20,000 km from the SS. Frederksburg a Invid All Terrain assault carrier will fold in with the following troops (is will fold in 10,000 km behind the Garfish). Unfortunately for the characters, this type of assault carrier processes a shield which will be able to deflect one fusion device.

25 Red Enforcers with speeders

20 Enforcers

70 armored scouts

70 shock troopers

10 pincer command units

An additional 10% of each type of force will stay on board the ship for protection

The SS. Fredericksburg contains 11 shadow alpha's and 11 shadow betas. Every melee 2d6 invid are destroyed along with 1 roll randomly veritec fighter. The invid units will ignore the ship, leaving the scorpion to deal with it.


After the final battle with an invid all terrain assault carrier, the players will be put aboard the SS. Fredricksburg to be shuttled over to the SS. Alabama. There will be no further invid attacks as the garfish will be moving close to .10 c towards the rendezvous with the SS. Alabama. It will take 8.3 hours before they reach the SS. Alabama. Once they are in range the SS. Alabama will fold back towards Tyrol.

REF Intelligence

Code Name: Red Moon

Physical Dimensions: Radius 50 km

Mass: 1e9 tones

Approximate Troops (Bases on typical troop densities found in hives): 30 million

Estimated number of Capital ships: 50 All Terrain Assault Craft; 2,000 clam ships

REF Intelligence Photo

Typical Portal

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