Rescue at Beta Crucis-4

Members of the rescue party will be brought up to Major John Carpenter's office for a debriefing. He will be especially interested in the use of the atomic weapons against the invid hive. After the debriefing is over he will say the following:

"Gentlemen your work on the last mission was exemplary. Unfortunately, one of our six groups failed to destroy its assigned hive, [a holographic picture of the planet will appear out of the large desk around which the players are seated. Major Carpenter will point to an invid hive in the mountains on the largest continent on the planet]. Our strike force consisting of 4 Legios fighters failed to destroy this hive. Even worst than this failure is not one of the 8 members have returned. We fear the worst. [A close up of the sector in question appears before the characters]. Sat com has detected an emergency beacon at this position. Your orders are to rescue any members of the lost recon team. The recon team was commanded by First Lt. Gerald Market and his second was Sgnt Major Ernest Gilberts both of which are alpha pilots.

As for the invid hive itself, it is partially built into the side of a mountain. This is most unusual as you can imagine. As for whether or not this is a standard hive, intelligence has no clues. One other shadow fighter will be issued for this operation, Captain Olson will make any decisions regarding equipment based on mission parameters. Any other requests for equipment will be handled through requisition officers, Warrant officer David Rossow. Are there any questions?

The characters will be brought down into the hanger area and preparations for the mission will be made,. missiles issued, ammunition, and the new CVR armor.
CVR-4 Armor  all the properties of CVR-3 armor except the following:

  1. Short range radio built into helmet, Range is 10 miles.
  2. Oxygen supply for 8 hours
  3. Direction thrusters built into the armor, enough fuel for a delta v of 100 m/s. + each hour of oxygen can be used to provide an additional 20 m/s of delta v
  4. Add +2 to all G resistance rolls.

** Can not be used in cyclone mecha

A low level corporal will take captain olson aside in all the commotion to bring back up to the briefing room where Major Carpenter will be. The lights will be off and he is looking out towards the stars.

Captain please sit down, I have looked at your combat record and I was most impressed, that this one of the reasons why I have ordered you on this combat mission. The other reason is that I feel that you understand the concept of the chain of command and following orders to the best of your ability.  Right now technicians are loading your mecha with two 15 megaton thermal nuclear devices. You are hear by ordered to use the nuclear weapons to destroy the invid hive under these two circumstances.

  1. You are issued the code word "Turtle Bay" through the command frequency from the Tokugawa.
    If it appears that rescue is impossible.

Under no circumstances are you to tell your subordinates that you posses atomic until the time to use them. We feel that if the non coms where to realize that we are to kill our own people it could be bad for moral.I have complete faith in your ability good luck Captain......

Part II Rescue attempt

At 06:00 the next day the characters will be awakened for the mission. After a quick breakfast they will be briefed that no usual activity has been detected around the area. They will be helped into there mecha by the techs. The flight has been preprogrammed into the computers, it should take 3 hours to travel down to the planet.

The following invid will fold in

1/2 of the way to the planet the group will receive the following message on the tight beam laser communication.
"Task group falcon, this is mother nest. Two minutes ago a invid strike force defolded. Unfortunately, we are outmatched what the commander has decided to do is to orbit around the planet the whole time keeping in front of the invid force. You have 5 hours to complete your mission before we arrive at the fold point. Captain Olson I am to inform you that turtle bay conditions due exist. Good-Luck falcon this is mother nest out..."

Unfortunately for the players, this final hive contains the communication equipment which the enhanced enforcer is using to communicate with the regent.. He is a supreme strategist and realizes that the player are most likely to try and rescue the players.

The trap

Grquab has placed 2 alpha fighters and 1 beta fighters in the middle of a enclosed valley to the south east of the hive. He has placed 2 bodies of the pilots in the planes and surrounding the crashes he has 6 shock troopers on each side 200 meters from the crash cite (perception -8). In addition in the hills 3miles away he has 1 invid raiding patrols with 2 red scrimms, ie on the three sides of the trap.  Furthermore, 3 standard invid patrols will be heavily patrolling the se. He has ordered these to ignore any mecha until the mecha are inside the trap. These standard patrol are all armored scouts however , players will discover on 0-09% on read sensory instruments

Other patrols in an effort to trap the players Grquad has stripped other patrol routes

The invid hive itself is only 400 meters in diameter with 1/2 of the hive protected by a large mountain. The top portion of the hive contains the communication equipment, a large communication antenna 50 meters up. The entire top portion of the hive is taken up with the hyperspace communication equipment. except for room a this has 5 invid technicians guarded by 3 regular invid enforcers.

Both prisoners.

Sgnt Major Ernest Gilberts and Prt first class Marc Role are on level 5 C. There alpha fighters are on Five F. They are in poor condition -75% MDC on all locations each down to 1d4 missiles and only one can transform.

Each level except level one has 1 hive interior patrols and 1 hive interior inorganic patrols.

Grquad knowing that the players will most likely try and rescue the players he will go down to level five and blow the north tunnel. He and the rest of the invid forces on the level will setup an ambush ie anyone coming down the tunnel will be attacked by the inorganic patroll and the interior patrol on that level. He will have the purple enforcer armor (-5 on perception) for players to see.

Failing the ambush he will hold the two pilots hostage and will use them to make his escape, will try and kill the hostages once he has gotten outside. During the interim period inside the hive hive he has requested a invid clamship. If the players have spent more than 15 minutes on the rescue, the 1/4 full ship will land 600 meters to the north of the hive. Grquad will try and escape on the ship.


An experimental form of the Red Enforcer, the Enhanced Enforcers are very few in number. Like the regular Enforcer, the Enhanced are capable oindependent thought and decision making. They can command the lesser Invidand the Inorganics. The major difference between the Enhanceds and the regular Enforcers is that the Enhanceds cannot be commanded by the Invid Brain. They can only be commanded by the Regent. Because of this relationship, the Enhanceds usually command the Brains instead. Besides their usual duties, the Enhanceds also command special strike forces. Their armor appears to be the same as the regular Enforcers except that the enhanced version is bigger and colored purple.

Invid Enhanced Enforcer
M.D.C. by Location:

Weapon Systems: Same as Enforcer, except:

1. Concealed Missile Launchers in the forearms. Each contains two Armor   Piercing Missiles.

2. Hand to Hand Combat: Same as Enforcer, except:

+3 to Strike, +3 to Parry (+6 w\shield), +3 Dodge On Ground, +6 Dodge In

Flight, 1 Automatic Dodge Against Any Protoculture User.

Note: No more than two dozen of these fiends were made by the Regent.

After the rescue

The players will have 30 minutes at the hive to rescue the pilots. The 1 1/2 hours during which the players are flying to the invid hive the towgugawa will be able to elude the invid forces. However 1 hour until the players to get back to the ship there luck will run out. Forced to fight the invid they are able to destroy 1 scorpion ship and damage a second. However the invid continue to press the attack. The players will come with in 10,000 km they will see that the 2 scorpion ships are continuing to press the attack. In the sector which the players are coming in there will be a mixture of 20 armored scouts and 20 scouts. All the ship defenders have been destroyed and they are coming in for a suicide attack

The invid break through will be around the main defense. If the players are able to destroy the invid ships within 3 melees they will be asked to go to the main defense and help out until the fold can proceed. 10 melees until the fold they will slowly back up until they are within 500 meters of the ship. Anyone with the hostages will be cleared to enter the hanger.

Random attacks per 2 remaining characters.

The End

After all this depending on victory or defeat they will fold back to REF sector head quarters for some well deserved rest. Promotions will be give to those that deserve them. In the new sector command headquarters at Tyrol the new REF towers will have been built. After some hellos the characters will be led into the main hall in the command tower to accept any awards.

Possible awards

Medal of valor- lower metal of valor
medal of honor -highest metal of valor, in a mission
Titanium medal of valor - middle metal of valor
Flying cross - the best REF veritec for the year
Order of the sword - honored soldiers whose careers had shown repeated bravery

Diamond, golden, and silver sunbursts - given to those whose actions for exceptional duty, devotion, and sacrifice, It is usually given to someone whose actions have been crucial in stemming an enemy attack. Will start out silver

Experience points

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