Mission to Exford.

Part one the truimpant heros

Players will be taken back to Tirol on board the SS Tokugawa to the orbiting shipyards, where the SDF-3 is being refitted by ore from Fantoma. Anyone asking how much longer it will take until the project is done (+25) will be told 5-6 more years at current rates of production. Also in the orbiting ship yards are the skeltons of 5 additional garfish ships, most are only 30% done. One of the ships (+100) is to be an experimental garfish and is only several months away from completion. However, the guild will be unwilling, or most likely not knowing anything about the secret project.

The player characters will be taken down to Tiresia for one week of rest and relaxation. If they decide to do so they will witness a mugging of a drunk REF private by a Perytonian - with wolf 9mm automatic pistol. Players will have to make a perception check at -5, and they will discover the two down a darkened alleyway, presumbly at night. The Perytonian will shoot twice at the characters then flee down the alleyway


25 Hit points and 35 SDC

3 hand to hand

+4 to strike

+4 to dodge, parry, and roll

Depending on the outcome, the players will either be praised or admonished. In either case they will be taken to the Military Police's headquarters for questioning.

+150 for sucessful rescue and capture of Perytonian

+50 for sucessful rescue

+0 if the hostage is killed

After a week on Tiresia, hopefully they have enjoyed themselves.

The player characters will be taken to the bridge of the SDF-3, DECK2 ROOM 4 . There will be a small contingant of REF personnel Where Colnel Franklin will present the following awards for participation in the previous campaigns.

Possible awards

Medal of valor- lower metal of valor

medal of honor -highest metal of valor, in a mission

Titanium medal of valor - middle metal of valor

Flying cross - the best REF veritec for the year

Order of the sword - honored soldiers whose careers had shown repeated bravery

Diamond, golden, and silver sunbursts - given to those whose actions for exceptional duty, devotion, and sacrifice, It is usually given to someone whose actions have been crucial in stemming an enemy attack. Will start out silver

Titanium medal of honor - Charlie

silver sunbursts -Sgt. Whitehawk, Dave, and Charlie

Promotion of Sgt Whitehawk to Staff Sgt.

Food will flow freely, and after the award assembly, Colonel Franklin will tell Captain Olson that Edwards is interested in having the Eagle's talons as a part of his vaunted Ghost Squadron. But in anycase the players will be assigned on a new mission tomorrow that will take up the next month.

The players will be dismissed for the next 24 hours and will be ordered to report back at 08:00 tomorrow for there next assignment. They will then be issued quarters in the SDF-3 for the day and allowed to wander "freely". If they do go down to the Mecha bays they will discover that the old generation of cloaking devices apparently only work out to 500 meters for the larger mecha and 250 meters for the shadow cyclones. Work is being continued on improving this device (+50)

The Mission

If the players have not heard about the defect in the early shadow cloaking devices, Captain Olson will be issued in for a meeting at 20:00 hours that night to meet with Colonel Franklin

Gentlemen sit down. You should be commended once again for the fine job on your previous mission. I was personnel impressed by the work that your squadron, and because of this I have assigned your group on this next mission. [a holographic picture of the Exford system will appear]. With the regent's forces in retreat in all quarters and the recent sentinels victories, REF high command has come to the conclusion that a few more coordinated strikes against the Regent and his forces will crumble. That is why this system is important, Exford lays only 200 light years from Optera, and because of this is an excellent location to begin our strikes against there core systems. [ a more detailed picture of the planet appears before the characters]. As you can immagine the world is heavily garrisioned, primarly for two reasons. First is the afore mentioned proximity to opera, but perhaps the more important second is that Exford produces 10% of all the flower of life used by the invid. You can understand that if this world were to fall, it would be a huge blow against the regent.

REF high command has decided that a inflitration team dropped on the planet 3 weeks in advanced will be able to soften any defenses the invid might have. As you can guess, you are the team for this job. We plan on equiping your team with 2 alpha fighters and 2 beta fighters and taking you to the system via the SS. Alabama which as been newly refurbished. Once in system you will approach the planet and undertake gurria warfare at these coordinates [ a close up view of the planet will focus in]. As you can see there is two large invid structures, one has been confirmed by REF intelligence to be an invid hive. The second structure is a mystery, it appears to be a fully functioning hive however it has no force field. (if asked by the players, these pictures were taken by the SS. Gettysburg on a quick flyby 3 weeks ago +25).

Your orders are the following:

1. Attack and destoy as many invid outposts/military targets as possible.

2. Reconaise the area for possible REF landing on the planet.

As many of you might have heard our first generation of cloaking devices has been shown to have "problems" however each of you will be issued a shadow alpha/beta with appropriate araments. Any questions?

+10 for each question asked.

If there are not any further questions then you will be transfered to the SS. Alamaba for immediate departure. I have issued orders stating that all equipment that Captain Olson deams necessary will be issued. Please talk to the warrent officer at the SS. Alamba for any further equipment.

The players will be transfered over to the SS. Alamamba. It will fold in 12 hours, and the actual fold will take and additional 14 hours in transient. During this time they will be taken to Captain Nachaive who will ask the group for any additional needs or wants for the mission.

The back of a the beta's will be loaded up with suppies.

Each beta has 10 meters cubed of storage room

1. Cyclone takes up 1.5 meters

2. Additional CVR-3 armour .5 meters

3. Box of 12 mini missles - .5 meters

4. Standard equpiment packs 1 meter

5. Box of 10 EP-37 clips .5 meters.

6. Gallent, rifle stock, and 5 clips - .25 meters

7. REF short range missle .25 meters

8. REF medium range missle .5 meters

9. REF long range missle 1 meter

10. Will have to decide on any the other possible equiment


Players will be release 50,000 km from the planet. Immediately upond defold 1 invid scorpian and 5 clam ships will rise from the planet and lay in an intercept coarse. Once the players are off and underway, the SS. Alamba will head out for deep space and will fold 2 hours later. The clam ships will continue there prosuit. At this time the invid forces on the planet will go on full alert and the area around the prospective inflitration cite will contain 20 standard patrolls. This means that 1 standard patroll will cover 750 square miles or 15.5 mile radius. There is only a 2% chance that they will be discovered on reentry.

Total forces on planet

Invid Hive

This hive is fairly large - 1 km in diameter with some 1,000 troops and 3 inorganic extermination squads. Grquad doesn't have direct control over the other some 500 inorganics in this important sector of the planet. He will try and keep at least 1/3 in the hive at all times to thart any direct attack on the hive.

The patrolls consist of the following

30 km - 10 km out 10 mini patrolls

9-3 km - some 30 hellcats with 2 invid city patrols

3-1 km - 3 hive perimeter patrols, and 1 inorganic extermination squads

over the hive is 10 armored scouts and 15 scouts.

Total forces in hive 1,000 however at any time 250 will be on patrol outside of defense perimeter and 150 on patrol within 30km of hive. This means that 600 invid will be within the hive itself.

There are also 4 gun turrets on the sides of the hive they are 30 meter tall stuctures with the following stats

On the top of the gun towers contain a large gun that resembles a large shock troopers cannon. Surrounded by an invid force field 100 MDC.

Turret can rotate 360 degree's

Range: 1000 m

Rate of Fire: 4 times per melee

Damage: 2d6*10 per blast

Level 1

A. 20 scouts, 10 troopers

B. 20 Armored Scouts, 10 Troopers, 10 Shock Troopers, and 5 Red's with sleds

C. 1 clamship, 2 enforcers, 10 shock troopers, 15 scouts, 5 armored scouts

D. Torture area for slaves, 2d6 slaves at any time guarded by 2d4 enforcers

Level 2

A. 10 Armored scouts, 10 Troopers, 10 Shock Troopers

B. 20 scouts, 7 troopers, 2 shock troopers

C 2 shock troopers, 1 standard patrol inside of area

Level 3

D. 6 armored scouts, 2 troopers

F. 2 enforcers, 10 troopers, 7 shock troopers

Level 4

G. 2 scouts

H. 2 invid extermination squads

** guarding each portal is 1 shock troopers

Level 5

B. 2 amored scouts, 2 scouts, 5 shock troopers, 10 troopers, 1 enforcer

C. 2 enforcers, 1 trooper

F. Contains 2 blue biroids and 1 red [+250 if found]

Level 6

D. This is where Grquad is located on a throne, 2 shock troopers, 4 red enforcers, 5 troopers

Level 7

E. empty

Note once intruders are within the hive 10 hive interior patrolls are sent out, 30% of coming into contact every 4 minutes.

Typical invid outpost

Defense perimeter:

20-10 10 groups of 2 hellcats (+15%)

10 - 2 km 5 mini patrols, + two groups of 1 odeons, 2 scrims, 5 hellcats, 1 crann (+10%)

2 - 500meters 1 standard patrol 2 mini patrols 1d4 groups of 2 troopers, and 2 shock troopers

Surrounding the base 2 odeons 5 shock troopers 5 troopers

Level 1

A This area is hanger bay that can contain up to 40 armored scouts/scouts. At any time 2d6 armored scouts and 2d6 scouts can be found here. On the top of the outpost contains a large gun that resembles a large shock troopers cannon. Surrounded by an invid force field 100 MDC.

Turret can rotate 360 degree's

Range: 1000 m

Rate of Fire: 4 times per melee

Damage: 2d6*10 per blast

Level 2

A An active invid living area. This area contains a maximum of 30 shock troopers/troopers. At any time 2d4 shock troopers and 2d4 troopers.

B. Another active area, This area contains a maximum of 10 shocktroopers/troops. At any time 1d4 troopers are here.

C. Inorganic storage. This area contains the following:

30 Hellcats

5 Odeons

4 Scrims

1 Red Scrim

2 Crans

Along the inner wall contains a rank of 50 odeons guns, and a bin of 200 short range missles for the red scrim.

D. Another active area:

Prep area for the enforcers, usually 1d4 enforcers can be found here. Contains 50 shields+plasma rifles. A maximum of 30 enforcers can be found here.

E. Control center. This area contains 2 enforcers at the door and 3 large screens. The red enforcer is against the east wall. The other 6 seats contain stage 4 invid in "normal armor" 10 MDC with invid laser rifle side arms. This is the area where the gun is controlled along with a slice of the invid brain in the SE corner of the room.

Invid rifle

2d6 MDC, 300 meters.

Level 3

A. Living area for stage 4 invid

B. Storage, usually contains 25 containers of the flower of life used in powering invid mecha and as food.

C. Red Enforcer personnel quarters, 40% of the time 2 enforcers will be guarding this area.

D. Living area of stage 3/4 invid

E. Power core. This powers the weapons, sensors, and communications for the base. This area has an MDC of 150 and once the reactor fails 1d4 melees later the entire outpost will be consumed. 1d4*100 to everything within the outpost no roll because it is a plasma explosion

Heavily armed invid outpost

-Muliply normal outpost values by 1.5 and the patrols will be extended out to 30 km

Protocuture plant - every 24 hours a clam ship filled with flowers of life will take off to optera

The patrolls consist of the following

10 km - 5 km out 5 mini patrols

5-2km - some 30 hellcats with 2 invid city patrols

2-1km - 3 hive perimeter patrols, and 1 inorganic extermination squads

over the hive is two standard recon patrolls

communication towers

- guarded by 4 shock troopers and 1 standard recon patrols

Surrounding slave domes for each group of 2

1 enforcer

5 odeons with guns

10 hellcats

4 troopers

A. Living area the total area contains 250 people divided into 4 rooms with the use of a porous barrier. The workers are awakened at 04:00 for breakfast and are out of the compound at 05:00. They work until 18:00 hours and are brought back to the dome. Often they are in the storage bins carried by an odeon to and from the work cite.

B. Kitchen, can feed 50 people at a time, this is where the flower of life derrivative is prepared and served.

C. Bathrooms, 10 open pit bathrooms with 5 sinks

D. Storage, this is where the fruits and leaves from the processed flower of life are kept

Protoculture Plant


Center - Invid loading area contains 5 clamships, every 24 hours a clam ship is filled with flowers and a empty ship returns.

A. Active hanger bay (usually 1/3 are active the rest are in storage)

2d4*10 scouts

2d4*10 armored scouts

B. Active hanger bay for armored scouts (usually 1/3 are active the rest are in storage)

2d6*10 scouts

C. Active bay for shock troopers/ troopers (usually 1/3 are active the rest are in storage)

1d6*10 shock troopers

1d6*10 troopers

D. Invid statis chamber, contains 500 stage 1, and 2 invid

Level 2

A. Invid Brain, used in the production of the flower of life, can be used to controll the inorganics but at a reduced proficiency

5 enforcers, 6 shock troopers

B. Active mecha bay for armored scouts/scouts (usually 1/3 are active the rest are in storage)

2d4*10 scouts

1d4*10 armored scouts

C. Invid statis chamber, contains 500 stage 1 and 2 invid

D. Storage area for processed flower of life, depending on the time of day can be full or empty. Will usually have 1d4 enforcers without guns or shields are in this area

Level 3

A. Acess to invid towers

B. Large spherical machines used to process the protoculture. Each room possess 100 of the 3 meter balls, they seem to glow with the power that they pocess.

C. Loading dock to the upper levels, again depending on the time of day this area can be completely full or empty, when full 1d4 troopers are here for labor.


Special forces

There are 50 enforcers and 25 red enforcers that are patoling the area. In addition there are 25 specially trained hunter killer red enforcers with a tracking skill of +85% that are sent out to destoy the resistance. Upon discovery they will call in an Inorganic extermination squad with 1/3 of the scrims replace with red scrims. These red enforcers will travel about the area with their speeders then land them and try and hunt down the robotech rebels

Invid patrols on planet.

On the GM's map, the green areas are the locations which the invid patrol most heavily. The areas can be further subdivided into the following three areas, each of which will be described in more depth.

The protoculture fields

This is the most heavily patrolled area that isnot immediatly next to an invid structure. This is where the slaves and the invid harvest the flower of life for use in there war machine. Typically a group of 50 slaves will perform most of the manual labor under the supervison of 2 enforcers in addition to there normal weapons they also posess a sonic whip used to motivate the slaves 2d6 sdc but needs an arm free. 1 odeon without a gun is used to pull the large magnetically suspended chart (15 meters by 5 meters by 3 meters - 25 mdc). Each slave dome contains 250 slaves so there are a total of 40 groups during the day. The fields themselves consist of a mutated form of the flower of life. In this environment they grow like vines on the indignous trees. Typically the canopy is 15-20 feet tall.

In addition there is a chance for the following

0-45 no further forces

46-65 1d4 Troopers used to harvest additional flowers

66-75 2d4 hellcats used to patroll the area around the slaves

76-85 1 mini patroll

86-95 hive interior inorganic patrol

96-00 heavy invid recon patrol

In addition every 200 meters surrounding the protoculture field there are sonic generators 50 MDC, these are used to detect any time a large animal is trying to penitrate the field.

In addition there is always the following in the protoculture fields

double the percentages if the players are moving, with a star reduce by 1/2 at night

10 groups of 2 enforceers (5% every hour) *

15 Mini patrols (25% of comming within 1 km every hour) *

5 Standard recon patrols (10% of comming within 1 km every hour) *

2 heavy invid recon patrol (5% of comming within 1 km every hour) *

1 Invid raiding patrol (1% every hour)

20 patrols of 2d4 hellcats (20% of comming within 1km every hour)

5 mini city inorganic patrols (.05% of comming within 1km every hour)*

2 inorganic min extermination patrols ( .02% every hour)*

1 inorganic extermination squads (1% every hour)

Once the players are within the defence perimeter of the outposts/hive/protoculture plant then use the defences for those locations

Within 1.5 km of hive/invid outpost

-see the descriptions for the various buildings

The wilderness

Invid Brain is located in an old Robotech master base to the north west in the mountains. Inorgain patrolls are run down the old maglevel highways approximately 1 hour they consist of

0-50 2d6 hellcats

51-70 mini city inorganic patrol

71-85 1d6 odeons with guns

86-90 inorganic mini extermination patroll

91-100 inorganic extermantion squads

If the players decide on attacking these patrolls, the invid brain that controls the inorganics will request reinforcements from Grquad who controlls the flower of life processing. He will usually send 1 invid raiding patrol.

Other areas

roll randomly every 12 hours

0-50 nothing

51-75 mini patrol comes within 1d4/2 km

76-80standard patrol

81-85 1d4 shock troopers

86-90 heavy recon patrol

91-95 1d4 hellcats

96-00 1d4 armored scouts

If the player characters are outside the heavily patrolled area then there is only a 5% chance every 24 hours of being discovered. Within heavly patrolled zones the base is 20% chance. The GM has to decide how to modifiy this percentage, ie the use of cammo netting will decrease this to 4%. However the percentage is never below one. If they are discovered then they are discovered by.

0-50 random patrol sees something

51-65 group of 1d4 hellcats discovers the camp

66-80 1 red enforcer discovers the camp will call for reinforcements before attacking.

81-95 Invid clam ship happens to fly over the area and sees camp

96-00 Biroid resistance group discovers the camp, will try and capture.


In the city there is the following:

5 mini city inorganic patrolls

1 city invid patrol.

Characters will notice that there are destroyed biroids and hoversleds in the wreckage. Although it appears that the fighting has been over for at least 5 years. The city has been abandoned for 10 years and therefore most of the usfull items are gone. However the players if they make a perception check at -5 they might find:

1. Canned goods

2. Lanterns, and energy cells

3. personnel items

4. Biroid terminator rifle (for a roll of one)

If necessary use the map of the old tyresian pyramid if the players venture inside, however everything of value has be taken by the invid for examination. Occationaly 0-05 the city invid patroll will send 1d4 hellcats into the pyramid for futher investigation.

Biroid Resistance

Grquad will send patrols out, because there is also, unknown to the characters a small group of biroids that are working to sabotage the invid. At all times there are 10 mini patrolls with 3 standard patrols to back them up. So far they have not been found. They are located in the nortern forrest.

Update 2/7/94

With the destruction of two of the invid outposts on the planet, the invid regent has become conserned but not upset, at least not yet. The destruction of the two outpost has allowed Grquad to group the remaining inorganics into storm troopers scowering the country side for the robotech rebels. He will order the remaining red enforcers to impliment the following strategy .


He will divide the remaining inorganics into three groups of the following to bolster the search squads:

10 hellcats

3 odeons w/ guns

3 scrims

1 crann

Second, each outpost will be guarded by the following

3 odeons w/guns

1 red scrim

5 shock troopers

5 troopers

flying above

2 troopers

2 shock troopers

5 armored scouts

5 scouts

However, there will be no invid scouts nor amored scouts in the mecha bay. And only half the number of shock troopers and troopers.

In addition he has setup a strategic reserve of the following:

25 armored scouts

5 red enforcers w/ speeders

-reduce the number of forces in levels one and two of the hive by 50%. These forces are to immediately fly to the distrubance and attack the rebels. They will be placed on alert 24 hours a day in the hanger of level one. It will take 8 melees from the first call for help before they will leave the hive.

Finally he has received an invid command unit for himself and his leutneat:

Colors are red and white,


5 h to h

+4 to strike

+3 to parry

+3 to dodge

+5 to auto dodge

+3 to roll


6 h to h

+6 to strike

+5 to parry

+5 to dodge

+6 to auto dodge

+4 to roll

-gqruad will always have a personal guard of 3 red enforcers with speeders and 10 armored scouts.

Update 2/27/95

Current Time is 12:01 am day 10

Total troops destroyed

Scouts 101

Armored Scouts 84

Troopers 14

Shock Troopers 14

Blue Enforcers 7

Red Enforcers 2

Enforcers + Speeders 5

Pincer 1

Subtotal 228


Hellcats 53

Crann 2

Scrimm 12

Odeons 9

Inorganics Subtotal 76

Total Troops 304

Update 3/9/95. With the reconanise in force against the Robotech masters base repelled and the loss of roughly 15% of his forces, Gqruad has because concerned. Unfortunately, his most elite forces were destroyed in the last major battle against the REF forces. As such his new stragtic reserve are the active mecha on levels 1 and 2. The mecha that has been ear-marked for reserve duty are the following:

From Level 1

a. 10 scouts, 5 troopers

b. 10 Armored Scouts, 5 Troopers, 5 shock troopers, 5 red's with sleds

c. 1 clamship, 5 shock troopers, 10 scouts, 5 armored scouts

Level 2

a. 5 armored scouts, 5 troopers, 5 shock troopers

b. 10 scouts, 5 troopers

c. 2 shock troopers

Total forces

30 scouts

20 armored scouts

5 red's with sleds

In clamship

40 troopers

30 shock troopers

3 Invid Extermination squads

4 Crans

20 Cougars

8 Odeons

8 Scrims

1 Red Scrim

As one can imagine this is a last ditch attemp to cobble together one last large strike force before having to go on the defensive

Point 2.

If the players manage to destroy the hive, which is a possiblity because Grquad believes the next attack to be against one of his outer bases, hence the large strategic reserve. The invid regent will have finally reached the boiling point. He will order in one of his Shrek class Asault Carriers.

It is 20% larger, and as such has 25% more MDC per location the following troops will be included:

30 Red enforcers

30 Blue enforcers

100 Armored Scouts

100 Scouts

75 Shock Troopers

50 Troopers

40 Odeons

40 Scrimms

10 Cranns

50 Cougars

2 Pincer units.

They will land the carrier next to the protoculture processing factory, and start to partoll the surrounding area.

Point 3

Every night at 12:15 am, the invid will launch a protoculture cargo transport. It will be protected by 10 armored scouts. Destruction of 2 of the transports will increase the protection to 15 armored scouts.

Update 4/20/95

Current Time is 12:01 am day 15

Total troops Destroyed Remaining

Scouts 525 146 379

Armored Scouts 375 117 258

Troopers 255 22 233

Shock Troopers 225 28 197

Blue Enforcers 105 13 92

Red Enforcers 15 2 13

Enforcers + Speeders 15 6 9

Pincer 2 1 1

Subtotal 1517 335 1182


Hellcats 200 88 112

Crann 25 7 18

Scrimm 125 25 100

Odeons 150 32 118

Red Scrimm 20 3 17

Inorganics Subtotal 520 155 365

Total Troops 2037 490 1547

Total troops in this sector is 1500 mecha with 500 inorganics

Return of the REF

Finally after 21 days of covert operations the REF will return with a sizable strike force. This strike force includes the following :

Two Ikazuchi Command Carriers: SS. Alamba and the SS. Grant

15 Garfish Troop carriers

25 Horizont Troop shuttles

Total troops in the strike force

728 Alpha fighters (90% old and 10% new)

440 Beta fighters

72 VF veritecs

12 Vindicators

50 shadow alphas

50 shadow betas

25 Logans




10 REF Mark IV Gladiators - shadow with 2d6*10 guns

78 Ref Mark III Gladiators

48 RDF Gladiators

78 Ref MarkVII Excalibers

48 RDF Excalibers

24 REF Radar X

24 RDF Radar X

24 REF Spartan

24 RDF Spartan

102 Z-1 battlepods

12 Z-2 battlepods

24 Hovertanks

8 Cyclops


2525 VR-052 Battler Cyclones

250 VR-041 Saber Cyclones

900 VR-038 LT Light Cyclones

Invid forces that will fold in soon after

3 Scorpians, +1 if the the scorpian did not come into the PC's sector

10 troop carriers

Upon defolding the REF will blockade the planet and send a horizont down to resupply and or pick up the characters

Horizont with have the following:

The characters are all veterans of the sentinel champaigns and are 1d4+2 level.

1 hovertanks

1 Gladiator mark IV - experimental shadow destroid

4 Gladiator mark III

2 RDF Gladiators

4 REF Excaliber

2 RDF Excaliber

2 REF Radar X

1 RDF Radar X

2 REF Spartan

1 RDF Spartan

10 Battler cyclones

2 Lt cyclones