Brain in the mountains

Air patrols

The outer security perimeters around the robotech masters base beginis at 10 km out which the following:

10-5 km 6 mini patrols, patrolling beyond the mountain ridge down into the robotech masters base

5-1 km 4 standard patrols, these patrol from the mountain ridge down into the valley

over the base 5 armored scouts and 5 scouts

Inorganic patrols

In the mountains surrounding the base there are approximately 50 hellcats that patroll out to 15 km, there is a 10% chance of every hour that the players will meet up with one of these groups. Generally the group will be 1d4 hellcats and will attack on cite.

In the valley surrounding the base (radus of 4 km), there are 10 groups of :

5 hellcats

2 scrim

2 odeons/with guns

1 crann

the every hour there is a 15% of encountering

Furthermore every 2 hours the brain will send a inorganic extermination squad down the road towards the protoculture farms:

25 hellcats

3 Cranns

10 Scrimms

5 Odeons

1 Red Scrim

As for ground support, see the GM's map.

If the players are discovered or if there is a diversion of some sort the invid brain will perform on the following:

Modify the roll on the following:

+3% for every mecha that is found, can include diversionary squads

-20% if the attack is obviously diversionary, ie a bomb going off and no or few mecha are attacking

+15% if the attack begins and the players destroy the first group that comes to destroy them, the brain will overestimate the players and likely believe the attack force to be larger than it really is.

+10% if two diversionary attacks occur at the same time

0-25 Call for support from the hive, they will send the specialized strike force to investigate

26-50 Send outer patrols to investigate and destroy 01-100%, rest of the patrols will remain on constant alert.

51-75 Send outer and 01-100% of the medium patrols to investigate

76-90 Send outer, medium, and some of the inner.

91-95 Send out, medium, and most of the inner ie all but the interior and inorganic squads surrounding the base

96-00 Totally fooled, calls for reinforcements and send all of outer, medium, and inner.

If the brain is destroyed the inorganics will remain motionless for 5 minutes until the brain at the hive takes control. Furthermore, if the brain is destroyed the hive will send those specialized forces to try and find the robotech rebels.

If after 12 hours the group can not be found Grquad will evacuate the mountain base and put the remaining forces around the hive, he always thought that the brain controling the inorganics should be under his command.

Robotech Base

1. Mecha hanger At one time this was the mecha hanger. The maximum capacity of this room is two assault carriers, plus enough biroids and sleds to fill both of the carriers (144 biroids +sleds). This room also contains various pieces of machinery that is used to maintain the carriers, ie cables and cranes placed above.

-currently most of the machinery has been reduced to rubble. There are the remains of 7 blue and 1 green biroids scattered about the room. The two huge doors that once led out of this room to the outside have been blasted away, the remains can be found 25 feet below the entrance, they are replaced with two force fields 250 mdc. This area is now only in use when flying invid mecha come into the base, which is rarely, ie once per 24 hours a standard patrol will come in and once per 24 5 shock troopers and 5 troopers will enter.

Currently two Odeon with a guns guard this room as well as two scrimms. Most of the debris has been pushed off to the side.

2. Biroid storage, at one time an additional 100 biroids can be stored here.

-currently most of the biroids have been clawed into tiny shards. The invid apparently were able to catch some of the biroids inside the storage room. There is one blue biroid -4 to perception (+50 exp.) in the NW corner of the room that is untouched.

3. Sled storage. This area holds the extra sleds that are inevitably needed once the fighting begins. The maximum capacity of this room is 100 sleds.

-currently most of the sleds have been thrown around the room like toy frisbee's. However there are 3 that are operational -25% (+50 exp.) on mecha mechanics to realize

one -10 on MDC, -25, and -35.

4 Spare Parts. This area holds the extra limbs, armor, and sensor units that are needed to repair damaged biroids. Normally there are enough supplies to keep the biroid force operational for 15 days of heavy fighting (-30 on intelligence +50 exp.).

-currently most of the parts are intact as the invid do not recognize this small parts as anything that might form a mecha. There are enough to repair 5 biroids and 9 sleds with the remaining parts (-30 on mecha mechanics +50 exp.)

5. Ammo storage. This area holds the various weapon drums and ion guns used on the sleds. During normal times this area would hold 500 weapon drums of various types, but the most prominant being the laser and projectile guns for the blue biroids. In addition there will be 1,000,000 rounds.

-currently most the weapon drums remain , 35 of various types with 100,000 armor piercing rounds left. However 60% of the rounds are out of there containers and scatter about the floor.

6. Ammo storage. same as above

-currently there are only 5 of the weapon drums left with a mere 1,000 amour piercing rounds left. There appears to have been some fighting in this room as laser burns mar the room. In once corner there remains a biroid terminator in one corner, gun does not work.

7. Active clone chambers. This is where the type 1 and 2 clones remain will on active duty. There are 100 beds that have a swingable appendage that goes over the head. This appendage appears to be some sort of diagnostic unit, see Dana in wonderland.

-currently most of the beds have been shattered and scattered about the room. There appears to have been heavy fighting in this room as 5 biroid terminators lie about. Only one of the guns have any charge left 35 shots, +10 exp.

8. Long Term bioregeneration units. This is where the clones would be placed for long term bioregeneration. Normally this room would have around 100 bioregeneration units/ they look like beds with glass covers.

-currently this room is fairly intact, although it appears that a inorganic "cleaning squad has been through". In the north east corner, one of the units actually contains a class II clone (+150 exp.) He can be awakened (Computer programming -40%). If he is, he will think the players to be clone masters, but will follow all orders.

9. Stan-by biroid pilots ready room. This is where the stand by biroid pilots wait until needed. At on time several large tables surrounded by high back chairs would be in the room. Against one wall a machine used to dispense nutrients.

-currently all the tables and machines have been smashed and thrown about the room. There is the remains of a biroid invid terminator thrown against the wall.

10. Short-term biroid pilots ready room, this is where the clones that are going to be used in the next 2 weeks are kept. Although the chambers in which the clones sleep in are similar to those in the Long term bio-regeneration units, they, however, use no protoculture. Normally around a hundred of this units are in this area.

-currently, all the units have been smashed and thrown around the room.

11,12,13 - similar to 8,9,10 and 11 however in the long term bioregeneration units there are no clones in stasis.

14. Spare parts storage, this room is usually full of boxes and crates. Most of which are spare parts for the assault carriers Several large frames in which the boxes are organized are normally placed in an organized manner in this room

-currently, Surprisingly there is very little damage done. All of the eight large frames are still in place, however one has been tipped on its side spilling its contents to the floor. There is approximately 45% of all the boxes that would normally be here. The players will be able to find a replacement ion gun here or a repulser lift there.

15. Mistress of the comsic harp. This is where the mistress of the cosmic harp and here sisters would play to soothe and sedate the biroid clones. This room would normally be sparse, with only the sisters and here instruments being present. The floors and ceiling are covered with ancient, presumably tiresian, script cover the walls.

-currently, all the sisters have been killed and there bodies are lying rotting against the wall. In side there are 4 biroid terminators torn apart with 2 more outside.

16. Library, this is where in happier times the robotech masters and tyrolian citizens would go to look up ancient knowledge. Normally this room would contain numerous shelves of computer disks/ or other storage devices with several long couches and tables used for study.

-currently, all of the tapes and books have been taken off the shelves and scattered about.

17. Lounge this is where the tyrolian citizens would normally spend some of there off hours, yes they are humanoids with some free will and must relax. Normally there would be 15 couches and a small bar that serves nutrient drinks, the maximum occupancy is 100 people.

-currently, all the table and the bar has been randstacked.

18. Training simulators, although normally all defective clones are transferred out of this base several training simulators are kept here to stabilized unproductive minds. There are 10 of this training simulators in this room with a small area that a overseer would occupy

- currently all the training simulators have been destroyed.

19. Cafeteria. This is where the clones would receive there nutrients. Normally this room would be filled with tables and a serving counter to the south that connects with the kitchen (20).

-currently, 12 bodies are scattered about the room along with 2 terminators(one rifle 50%) full. There are evidence that the fight was particularly intense in here as the walls are covered with laser blasts and several inorganic parts lay scattered about the room

20. Kitchen. This is where the food would be prepared and served to the clones in the cafeteria 19. Several devices that look like ovens and stoves are around the room.

-currently, this kitchen has been ransacked. It appears that the clones who where holding off the invid were surprised by the inorganics as they came through this area

21. Food storage. This room is essentially a large locker room, both doors are still locked and apparently have not been blasted away during the invid occupation. Inside there is box after box of still uneaten food, however perception -1 will reveal three dead and frozen clones to the south (+10 exp.). Most of the food is still eatable.

22. Life support. This base can be sealed from the outside and run on internal life-support. This room is nearly full of machinery and will supply the base indefinitely, or at least until the power runs out, with oxygen.

- the invid have left this room intact, and anyone with a mechanics skill (-35%) +50 exp. will notice that there has been recent repairs. The invid have kept this area in perfect maintanance so that they can use it if necessary.

23. Security this is where the biriod terminators come for orders, normally this room would have 10-25 biroid terminators awaiting orders. From here the internal cameras are also controlled. Along the northside would normally be a force field storage area for the terminators assault rifles.

-this room was be completed destroyed, there are no pieces larger than baseball. Scattered about the room are pieces of rile and terminator armor along with inorganic pieces.

24. Auxiliary power generator If necessary this auxiliary power generator could supply most of the power needs for the base, but not enough to fire the main gun nor the laser turrets +25. Most of this room is filled with machinery and the contain hum of machinery is noticeable.

-the invid have replaced the entire system with a miniature version of a power core, 3 meters in diameter 100 MDC destruction will animate 22-29,

25. Science Masters This is the area where the science masters experiment with protoculture and the intricate workings of protoculture. This area would normally contain the science masters, their chairs - triumprant protoculture hover chairs, and large computer screens line the walls.

-the room is completely empty, all signs of the science masters have been removed from this room. Only the computer screens line this room

26. Laboratory This is where the science masters perform there experiments on protoculture. Scattered throughout the room are magnetic bottles, analytical balances, flowers of life protoculture prefabrication machines, and numerous other pieces of machinery that the characters will be able to identify.

-currently, although it appears that no fighting occurred in this room, inorganics where looking for someone or something as most of the machinery are pushed over and scattered about

27. Storage for security. This area was used mainly to store weapons for security. Under normal circumstances 100's of pairs of armor and 250 assault rifles would be here. Along with RL-3 rocket launchers.

-currently, surprisingly there are still 10 pairs of armor along with 25 rifles with full ammo and 10 RL-3 rocket launchers

28. detention This is where the masters kept aliens, disruptive clones, and other subversives. This area has 10 four meter by 4 meter cells protected by force fields. Usually there would be 5 invid terminators at all times.

-currently all of the cells possess functioning force fields. One has a gruesome sight, the skeleton of a humanoid who was apparently forgotten and left in the cell (+10)

29. Clone chambers - this area is essentially a large area that is partitioned into smaller area's so that clones can have some measure of privacy. This room would normally contain 100 off duty personal catching up on sleep or reading. Off in the southern corner there are a few table and chairs.

-currently, the room has been ransacked. blood stains splatter the walls and from the remains at least 50 tyroilancs were terminated in here

30. Chambers for biroid terminators - this room contains 50 chambers that are used for stasis for the biroid terminators. Normally this room would be completely full of terminators in stasis. Normal operating procedure has the terminators on duty for 1 week followed by 3 days in stasis to purify.

31. Clone chambers - this area is another large area that is partitioned into smaller area's for the clones.

-Again, the room is ransacked, however by the amount of blood and humanoid remains only 20-30 people where killed.

32. Hypercomp - this is the area where the hypercomp is stored. Although not as advanced as the artificial intelligence models used on Robotech Factories, this computer is still an impressive piece of robotechnology. This model could control all the external defenses as well as direct the biroids if all the clone masters were killed, although not as efficiently

-currently, the invid have blown large pieces of the computer away, and there is no way that the computer could work unless it undergoes major replacement and repair, which will never happen. The characters -25% computer operation or computer repair can tell that this piece of machinery was at one time a computer +50 exp.

33. Clone masters This is where the clone masters directed the biroids and the external defense. This room is surround by large computer screens, which are the dominate feature of the room. Although some ancient tiresian script appears on the numerous columns which line the room

-currently, large blast marks pockmark the room as it appears that the clone masters made a final stand in this room, large pieces of inorganics, mainly scrimms and Odeon are mixed together indiscriminately with biroid terminators and biroids.

34. Communication and CIC this room is where the combat information from the assault carriers and external sensors and initially digested. Normally, this room would contain 5 biriod terminators as well as some 20 technicians to man the stations.

-currently this room is completely destroyed large sections of wall have been blasted away and one can see into the bed rock some 10 biroid terminators 2 with operational guns remains are scatter about.

35. Power Core this is the main power core for the base, it provides power for all the internal needs as well as the main laser cannon and laser turrets. The robotech masters design does not explode if the MDC of the generator is depleted (250 MDC). Furthermore the power core could provide enough power to provide a limited energy shield for the base 100,000 MDC

currently the invid have replaced the robotech masters core with one of there own, it is 10 meters in diameter and provides power to the base, force fields and laser turrets. if the power core is destroyed 250 MDC rooms 32-35 will be destroyed but not the entire base

-this is where the invid brain that controls all the inorganics in this sector, although the invid brain in the hive will take over the responsibilities if this brain is killed

These are the personal guards in this room

6 enforcers

3 shock troopers

4 Odeon

36. Main Laser This is the main laser cannon for the base. A power line comes from the power core to feed the main laser directly. the laser itself as a focusing crystal mounted above and a lasing crystal below. The statistics are the same as the Ikazuchi

1d4*1000 mdc can fire every other round, but the shield must be dropped range 80,000 km

-currently, the main laser cannon has been destroyed and the roof of the has collapsed into the blast and focusing shields. With alphas the debris can be cleared in 2 minutes. Need perception at -5 to find the hallway.

37. Protoculture storage, non active matrix, and water storage This is where the protoculture and water is stored in large tanks. The protocuture is stored in a non active matrix so the invid did not destroy the tanks. This room contains 5 tanks with the water tank having a diameter of 20 meters, the other 4 tanks have contain protoculture and have a diameter of 3 meters.

-currently the water tank is 1/2 full and the protoculture tanks 1/4 full

38. Storage, biroid workers - this is where the biroid workers are kept, Normally 35 workers are stored in this area.

- currently, there are only the remains of 10 worker birioids locked in a death grip with 3 Odeon and 5 scrimms

39. Additional storage - this area can be used for anything, from spare parts to food and ammunition.

-currently, there was nothing stored in here although it appears that some the biroids made final stand in this area as there are several biriods and inorganics scattered about

40. Missile bays - these are the long range missile bays for the base. They contain 200 long range missiles.

Missile bays

Missile Type: Long range missiles

Mega-Damage: 4d6*10

Rate of Fire: volleys of 1,2,4,6,8, or 10 two times per melee

Payload:200 long range missiles

-currently this missile bay has been destroyed as it appears that some the missiles detonated and destroyed the connecting hallway.

41. Missile bays - see above

-currently the invid can not control the missile bays. This missile bay has 25 long range missiles that could be modified for use in REF mecha

20 plasma

5 high explosive

42. Laser turrets these are laser turrets are used for close range defense. Although all the turrets where destroyed in the initial attack the invid where able to repair them and use there own designs. Because of this all the doors have been destroyed and replaced with force fields.


Range: 1000 m

Rate of Fire: 4 times per melee

Damage: 2d6*10 per blast

43. Laser turrets see above

44. Laser turrets see above

45. Storage for sleds/ pair parts This area is used to hold the sleds and spare parts for the biroids in 48. Normally there would be 100 sleds and plenty of spare parts.

-currently there are 2 operational sleds, however it appears that most of the spare parts are left untouched +50 if one of the p.c's say wow the fight must have been quick. Most of the spare parts are scattered about, some in there original containers and some not.

46. Armory for biroids This area holds the various weapon drums and ion guns used on the sleds. During normal times this area would hold 500 weapon drums of various types, but the most prominent being the laser and projectile guns for the blue biroids. In addition there will be 1,000,000 rounds.

-currently most the weapon drums remain , 50 of various types with 100,000 armor piercing rounds left. However 60% of the rounds are out of there containers and scatter about the floor.

47. Ready room for biroid terminators/ other clones types 1,2, and 3 This is where the terminators and clones await orders . This room is fairly nondescript, only a few holographic trainers and several beds, with diagnostic units and 20 or so tables.

-currently, the room as been ransacked and several bodies of terminators along with 5 hellcats are in this room

48. Storage for biroids At one time this area could hold as many as 100 biroids of various types. This room also contains various pieces of machinery that is used to maintain the carriers, ie cables and cranes placed above.

-currently, there is nothing in this room except one blue biroid slumped in the corner surrounded by 2 scrimms

49. Ready room for biroid terminators/ other clones types 1, 2 , and 3 -see 47

-currently, the room has been ransacked and several bodies of terminators along with 2 Odeon with guns.

50. Armory for biroids. -see46

-currently there are only 10 hand guns along with 50,000 rounds scattered about

51. Storage for sleds/ spare parts storage -see45

-currently there are only 1 operational sled, however there are still plenty of spare parts

52. Storage for biriods. -see48

- this room contains the ruins of 5 blue biroids 1 green and 3 birioid invid fighters, along with 4 Odeon, 5 scrimms

Internal defenses, not specific to rooms

A. The door is still intact and is controlled by the invid brain in room 35. This entry way is guarded by 2 Odeon with guns, 4 scrims

B. This force field is guarded by the 2 Odeon and 2 scrims in room1

C. These are the gun portals they are guarded by 1 odeon with a gun a piece

D. This is the collapsed entry way and is currently unguarded

E. This is the entry into the power core and the invid brain it is guarded by 3 Odeon, 2nd door to 3rd door, with guns and 3 scrimms, 1 door to 2nd door.

Also there are scattered patrols throughout the base

8 -21 there are 2 hellcats 1 scrimm 1 Odeon

22-29 2 hellcats 1 scrimms 1 Odeon

down any one hallway there is a 30% chance every 30 seconds that they will be found.