GM NOTES:    This particular mission can occur at almost any point in the campaign.  The characters will be loaded on the SS. Crossbow, briefed, and their mecha prepared for another mission.  In my campaign the characters were briefed for the scenario presented in Chapter Four and equipped their mecha for that mission.  While in transit, the events described in "Stop Over" will occur.

Name:  SCL-52 "SS-Crossbow"

Class:  Garfish Scout Cruiser (Flight 2)

Builder: Robotech Factory

Laid Down:  21-March 2032

Launched:  7-June 2033

Commissioned: 29-June 2034

Crew: Ships crew (57 men) plus two alpha squadrons (40 men)

Stats: See Robotech RPG "The Sentinels" pgs 97-98 

Mecha Compliment:  20 alpha fighters in dorsal hangers with 4 alphas and 4 betas in central hangers in reserve

The characters will be given quarters and their mecha bedded down for their journey.  The crew of the SS. Crossbow will give the players every professional courtesy; however, they will not engage the players in idle conversation.  The Crossbow will fold as planned however approximately two hours later the ship will unexpectedly come out of hyperspace.  Characters (on an intelligence check of -5) will realize that they have defolded too soon and know that something is wrong.  Inquiries to the bridge will only be returned with a quick, "We will contact you at a later time."

 Approximately 10 minutes after the defold, Captain Christopher Learner will ask the characters to come to the Combat Information Center immediately.  The tension of the center is quite evident, as the characters enter.  In addition the players squadron, the mission commanders of both of the other two permanently assigned VF-6 squadrons will be present (Commander Edwin Jagger and Lt. Commander Patrick Sullivan), although the other members of his squadron will not be present.  Once the characters are seated Captain Learner will then begin: 

"Approximately 15 minutes ago, we picked up an unidentified REF automated distress signal.  As per orders, we are required to offer any assistance if possible.  As the current mission was deemed, non-critical by the REF high command, I have decided to temporarily break off from the mission directive.   We have defolded approximately 200,000 kilometers from the source of the distress signal in order to ascertain the situation before committing ourselves.


<A holographic picture of a Zentraedi Destroyer will appear over the table.>

The distress signal is coming from this ship.  Initial scans are not able to determine what condition the ship is in, although, preliminary visuals show that it has taken heavy damage to the port engine nacelle.  As the REF currently does not have any Zentraedi Destroyers in commission we have to approach with a high degree of caution.

Nevertheless we must investigate this ship.  I am ordering <players squadron>  to make an initial fly by of the Zentraedi destroyer and if everything appears to be in order to enter inside the ship to determine the source of the distress call.  Hornet and Stinger squadrons will be held in reserve.  We will deploy <players squadron> at a distance of 100,000 kilometers well outside the range of their secondary weaponry.  Only, after <players squadron> has investigated the ship fully, and reported to me I will bring the Crossbow into closer range.  High command has been notified and pushed back the schedule for the current mission by 24 hours.   I know that you did not sign up for this mission; however, the faster we are done here the faster we get back to our primary goal."

GM Notes:  Unknown by the players, although most likely suspected, the ship is a trap placed by rebellious elements under Edwards.  Intelligence indicated that the next REF push would come this direction and Edwards was too willing to set a trap.  The old Zentraedi Destroyer has been partially repaired and modified to broadcast and REF distress signal in the hope that passing loyal REF forces will be lured in and destroyed.  In addition it is formidable compliment of anti-ship weaponry, the ship is capable of deploying captured Robotech Master drones along with two squadrons (12 fighters) of QF-6 automated veritech alpha fighters.  The ship and the drones are controlled by a slice of a captured Invid brain.       

Travel to the Zentraedi Ship

Using 50 kps (kilometers per section) of delta-v the characters will arrive at the ship in 67 minutes.  Initial scans of the ship will show that it is in essence a dead ship.  The port engine is completely destroyed as well as the main laser.  There are several breaches in the hull on decks one, two and five.  However, if the characters have an engineering skill (-50%) on closer examination several of the light lasers and missile turrets appear to be operational.



In order for the trap to be set, all of the robotic forces must remain hidden until the characters are well in side the ship.  As a result, the Invid brain and all of the units are placed in Level 6, in and outside room 6.  From here the Brain has been hooked into all of the engineering systems and can control both the ships, engines, weapon systems and control the drones. 

Name:  XR-91000212

Class:  Thuverl Salan Heavy Cruiser

Builder: Robotech Factory XL-4

Laid Down:  3-November 1834

Launched:  7-March 1835

Commissioned: 3-April 1835

Crew (Modified):  None

Stats: See Robotech RPG "The Sentinels" pgs 97-98 

Deck Plans:  Macross-II Deck Plans Volume One pgs 34-38
Mecha Compliment (Modified):  100 Primary Defense Drones, 50 Secondary Defense Drones, and 12 QF-6 Alpha Fighters
Drone Group:  4 Primary Defense Drones and 2 Secondary Defense Drones

QF-6 Squadron: 6 QF-6 Alpha Fighters

After the characters have entered the ship to a sufficient extent the trap will be sprung.  Half the available mecha forces will set up around the destroyer while the ship starts to accelerate towards the SS. Crossbow.  All radio communications will be disrupted at this point, however, laser communications will allow the characters to communicate with the bridge of the SS. Crossbow.  The Zentraedi destroyer is accelerating to an extent that they will be in anti-ship weapons range in 15 minutes and the Crossbow, not capable of battling it out toe to toe with the firepower from the Thuverl Salan Heavy Cruiser, will be forced to escape the system.  The characters will have to shut the entire robotic force down in short order.

Disposition of Forces:  If the characters are on a level with random patrols, the there is a 10% chance every 2 minutes of running into that patrol

Outside ship:

  • 13 Groups of Drones (52 Primary and 26 Secondary)
  • 1 Squadron of QF-6 fighters (12 fighters)

Level 1:  No forces are actively patrolling this level

Level 2:

  • 1 Drone group on random patrol
  • Room 3 (Main Bridge):  1 Drone group

Level 3:
  • 1 Drone group on random patrol
Level 4:
  • 1 Drone group on random
Level 5:
  • 1 Drone group on random
  • Room 3 (Secondary Bridge):  1 Drone group
Level 6:
  • 2 Drone groups on random patrol
  • Room 5 (Ammunition Room):  2 Drone groups and 1 QF-6 squadron
  • Room 6 (Engine Room):  Invid Brain
Level 7:
  • 1 Drone group on random patrol
Level 8:
  • 1 Drone group on random patrol

Rooms of note:

Level 2 Room3/4  Bridge:  Here the characters with computer operations and programming can determine that the ship is being controlled from a remote location (-50% on skill roll).  Spectacular rolls will allow the character to pin-point the room location; however, under no circumstances should the Game Master allow the characters to shut down all of the drones or the Invid Brain.  If the characters try to hack into the system, there is the possibility that the Invid Brain (located on Level 6 Room 6) will become aware of the intrusion.  If the Invid Brain determines the location from which the characters are breaking into the computer, it will send all random patrols to that location to eliminate the threat.  If the characters are able to destroy the brain all the drones will stop functioning; although, the Shadow Fighters will continue to operate.

System Check (for the characters to determine the location of the Invid Brain)

Level 5 Room 5:  Communications room.  Characters will see that this room has been modified.  Those characters with communication skills can determine that the REF signal is being broadcast from this room.  Similar to the bridge, characters can pin point the location of the Invid Brain through proper investigation.

Level 5 Room 3:   Secondary Bridge, another possible location for characters to determine location of Brain.

Level 6 Room 5:  Initial location of all the enemy robotic forces

Level 6 Room 6:   Location of Invid Brain.

Random Hit Locations

Random hit locations for the Primary Defense Drone (Mk-I) and the Light Assault Drone (Mk-I) are presented here for completeness.  A full listing of random hit locations is found here.

Primary Defense Drone (Mk-I)






Particle Cannon  (Main Body)

01-10 01-08 01-15 01-20 01-10
Laser Cannons  (Main Body) 11-15 - 16-20 21-25 11-15

Autocannons  (Main Body)

16-20 09-15 21-25 26-30 16-20

Communication Cluster (Main Body)

21-24 16-25 26-30 31-40 -

Rear Thrusters (Main Body)

25-26 26-35 31-35 41-48 21-25
Legs & Feet  (Main Body) 27-60 36-65 36-60 49-65 26-70
Sensor Eye 61 - 61 66 -
Main Body 52-00 66-00 62-00 67-00 71-00

 Light Assault Drone (Mk-I)






Laser Cannon (Main Body)

01-10 01-08 01-10 01-30 01-10
Anti-Gravity Pods  (Main Body) 11-25 09-25 11-25 31-38 11-40

Retractable Arm  (Main Body)

26-30 26-30 26-33 39-45 41-50

Communication Sensor  (Main Body)

31-33 31-33 34-35 46-50 -
Sensor Eye 34-37 - 36-37 51-55 -
Main Body 38-00 34-00 38-00 56-00 51-00



There are several possible outcomes to this scenario.  The best possible outcome is if the characters are able to destroy the Invid Brain and thus shut down the ship and all of the Robotech Master Drones, minus the QF-6 fighters.  At this point Captain Learner will bring the ship to within 100 kilometers of the ship and send a full squadron (ten) of VF-6 alpha fighters to assist the players.  After the mission the characters will be greeted back with considerable warmth from the crew of the SS. Crossbow. 

If the characters are unable to accomplish their mission within 15 minutes, Captain Learner will try and delay folding out and abandoning the characters; however, true to his beliefs he will fold out as soon as the Zentraedi ship opens fire.  He will defold back into system 1 million km from the previous location and allow the Zentraedi ship to come to the new position.  After folding and defolding several times,  Lt. Commander Patrick Sullivan of Stinger squadron will volunteer for a rescue mission.  After considerable debate, Captain Learner will reluctantly agree and Stinger squadron will try and sneak on board the ship and determine the fate of the players.  The Game Master can decide at this point an appropriate course of action depending on the events which have unfolded. 

Experience points are divided into two groups.  All 'type-1' experience points are shared by the group.  The Game Master should add all 'type-1' experience points at the end of the scenario divide by the number of players and distribute the points evenly.  Type two experience are given to each individual player for particular accomplishments during the mission.

Group Experience Points

Experience Event
+75 Each Secondary drone destroyed
+150 Each Primary drone destroyed
+300 Each QF-6 Shadow Drone destroyed
+100 Investigation of secondary bridge
+200 Investigation of primary bridge
+200 Communication with SS. Crossbow after trap is sprung

Character Experience Points

Experience Event
+100 For bringing back characters mecha
+300 Suggestion to tap into the computer to find central location
+300 Successful rescue by SS. Crosbow
+500 Invid Brain is destroyed
+750 Invid Brain is destroyed (do not apply hive is damaged bonus)
+1000 Hive is destroyed (do not apply either hive is damaged or brain is killed bonus)

GM NOTE:  No more than 3000 experience points should be given to the characters for this particular mission


Captain Christopher Learner (Captain of SS. Crossbow)
Hit Points 31  SDC 45
Alignment:   Unprincipled
Level:  8
Attributes:  IQ 14, ME 11, MA 14, PS 13, PP 12, PE 15, PB 13, Spd 12
Disposition:  Graduated from the Robotech Academy in 2015 and served with Naval Space components of the Robotech Defense Forces, Captain Learner did not see much action until he volunteered for the Robotech Expeditionary Forces.  Since then, he has gradually worked his way through the ranks and was given command of the SS. Crossbow 24 months ago.  Although he is happy with is current position he would like the opportunity to command a larger starcraft and eventually receive a promotion to Admiral.  Towards this end he is hesitant to risk his ship or crew whose destruction would also end his hopes of promotion. 
Skills of Note:  Intelligence 98%, Radio Communications 90%, Basic Electronics 65%, Detect Ambush 90%, Computer Operation 95%, Hand to Hand Basic, Pilot Spacecraft 95%, Mathematics Advanced, Astrophysics, Read Sensory Instruments 95%.  W.P. Pistol, W.P. Gallant HP-90.
Combat:  4 Attacks per melee, +1 to strike, +2 roll, +3 to parry and dodge
Equipment of Note:  Captain Learner is always armed with a Gallant HP-90 and two extra clips and under combat conditions will wear CVR body armor for extra protection.

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