REF Briefing - 3.2624

Senior Officer: Lt. Colonel Thomas Jackson.

In preparation for the attack on the Invid homeworld, the REF high command has decided to launch a diversionary attack on an Invid communication base located on Spira.   Spira is10 parsecs within Invid held territory, so needless to say the operation is going to be extremely dangerous. The star that Spira orbits is a K7 star with an approximate mass of .76 solar.

Below is a picture of the Planet Spira.

Planet Spira:

The planet's atmosphere is 95.6% CO2 gas, and as such anyone on the surface must wear spacesuits. Little else is known about the planet, but REF believes that the planet is uninhabited.  REF intelligence has determined that the Invid regent has place a small communications outpost on Gryphons. The moon itself is an unremarkable piece of rock, no rare ores. However because Spira is the only planet in the system and the system lies at the heart of Invid controlled territory in this sector, this moon is extremely important. Provided on the next page is a picture of the moon along with its primary characteristics.

Moon Gryphons

The surface gravity of the moon is low enough so that any veritec fighter can easily breach the moon's surface gravity, and as such any veritec fighter will be issued. A REF spy satellite has recently taken pictures of the surface of Gryphons and discovered the Invid communication base to be located in one of the largest craters of the southern hemisphere of the moon. The intelligence picture is provided below. The Invid communication base is located in the larger of the two craters in the lower right portion of the map


As each of you can see the crater the Invid base is in is approximately 5 km in diameter and the terrain between the crater wall and the base is featureless. Other features that are evident from the satellite map are the long fissures to the east of the large volcanic craters. These fissures surround the planet and some are up to 1000 km long and 900 meters deep. The long fissure shown in the picture is 300 km long and only 250 m deep. The invid run frequent patrols surrounding the invid communications base, some as far as 1,000 km. The most common type of patrol is the mini patrol.Below is a general diagram of an Invid communication base.

Invid Communication Base

The satellite was able to obtain an approximate number of enemy forces at the Invid base.

Small compliment of inorganics

Unfortunately, an interior plan of the Invid communication tower is unavailable.

Your mission is as follows:

  1. Launch from the SS Alabama 1e6 kilometers from the planet at 2 g's this will take 4hours to reach the planet.
  2. Attack the Invid outpost on the Gryphon moon.
  3. If possible destroy the communication base; however if this is not possible the mission commander will decide what objectives must be met to achieve maximum success.
  4. Rendezvous with the SS Alabama at the initial defold coordinates

Gentlemen, I can not stress how important this campaign is. The better you perform your mission the more Invid we can draw away from Optera. Any equipment necessary will be authorized. Good-Luck and God Speed.

Game Master Notes on scenario.

Once the PC's are out 2 hours they will receive the following message.

"Captain Olson, the SS Alabama is under attack. Three minutes ago, 1 invid assault carrier and 3 clam ships have defolded at our position. In order to protect the ship and crew we are going to mini jump 10 au from the planet. You are to continue the attack against the invid communication tower. You will receive a tight been laser communication at 12,000 hours - approximately 3 hours from now. Make sure you are at coordinates - alpha 3-5 gamma 7. Lt. Col Jackson out."

Once the PC's are within 100,000 km of the moon/planet if the PC's scan the planet -20% they will detect 5 invid all terrain assault carriers launching from the equatorial region of the planet.

Player characters will then attack the base.

  1. Defold will alert Invid on Planet to the arrival of the REF forces, and will send 1 all terrain assault carrier and 3 clam ships toward SS Alabama.
  2. Characters will launch towards moon
  3. Moon will be in an heightened state of alert.

      4. Inside the crater, the invid base is 2.5 km approximately in the exact center of the base. There is 2 hive perimeter patrols                   surrounding the base NW, SE but remember that they can move if any forces are seen.

      5. Inside the base will be as shown in the map.

Characters have 3 hours before the tight beam broadcast from the SS. Alabama; however 2.5 hours after the message a invid all terrain assault carrier will head towards the base. It will take 15 minutes to arrive. If the PC's have not completed there mission by then, they are probably in trouble. The All terrain assault carrier will carry the average compliment of troops.

After 3 hours the following message will be received.
"Captain Olson, a garfish is already in transit to .... show on the map a point approximately 1,000 km from you current position. It is moving with a relative velocity of 5.9e4m/s. Youhave 20 minutes from my mark before the Garfish is to arrive at the coordinate. You will have to accelerate at 4.8 g's for the twenty minutes to rendezvous with the SS. Beijing. Lt. Colonel Jackson out"

If the PC's make all the rolls they will get to the rendezvous point 2 minutes before a strike force that has been tracking the Garfish in. Otherwise if they are late the following will attack on the way

Attacking the Garfish. - BATTLEFORCE

All terrain assault carrier, Every 30 seconds they are late the All Terrain Assault Carrier will be 100 km closer.

Garfish will have the following forces

Hopefully the REF forces will destroy the enemy, else the SS Alabama will have to fold. If they survive they will speed back to the SS. Alabama and will fold back to Jubka.

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