EBSIS Bio-genic Weapons, played by Tiffany and Charlie Nov 28, 1997


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. After the success of your last mission, I have decided that your team is perfect for this next mission. Approximately, 6 months ago GMP intelligence detected that EBSIS was building a new military complex on their northern border. One month ago, this complex was completed. We believe that this base along with its formidable defensive capabilities is involved in the produced of bio-genic weapons. These bio-genic weapons have the capability to selectively kill Zentraedi all the while remaining relatively safe to humans. We want this weapon while denying it to are "Allies".

Your mission is as follows:

A seasprite submarine will drop you within 10 miles of the island at which the base is located. At that point you will infiltrate the base. You will find the location of the cache of bio-genic weapons and proceed to destroy the facility while obtaining a sample for are scientific group. You will be provided with three sampling devices which to obtain samples from the air once the containment for the bio-genic weapons have been breached. Upon completion of the mission you will be given a satilite reciever to use to recall the seasprit which then will pick you up.

Map1 of the Island

Are there any questions.


Each red flag is a radar observation post consisting of the following:  small barracks with a small repair depot along with a radar site

Patrolling the island 3 groups of the following 5% chance per hour

These forces are in addition the the air cover provided by the base

Base consists of the following:

Map 2, main EBSIS Base

At each of the guard posts one soldier battloid with 1 assault vehicles and 5 troops with command armor and battle bikes  inside are 5 soldiers, 1 juggernaut and 1 destroyer  along with 20 command bikes and 2 assault vehicles

Guarding the factory is 1 juggernauts 1 assault vehicles, and 5 soldiers with command bikes  inside are 5 guards with armor at all times, during working hours 20 scientist are found

C. outer scientific laboratory

A. inner airlock and change room

B. Remote handleing

Each tank will breach once it takes 10 MDC.

Map, 3 B Chemical factory

Once the breach of the chemical plant is detected the following  response will be


Response and Ending

The seasprite submarine will pick up the characters on schedule.