Mars II

The characters will be given 24 hours rest, during this time the experimental mecha will have three opportunities to be fixed, see previous scenario. The players wandering the ship will notice that the tension is thick with the ship on a constant yellow alert. Furthermore, all the airlock doors are shut and at least 1/8th of the combat troops are on the alert in the mecha bays or on patrol outside the ship. (+50 experience points for observation).

Furthermore a trip to the CIC or a brief glance outside the windows, the characters will notice that both Penelope and the Cosette have broken formation. They are currently 100 kilometers to either side of the Saratoga and taking up flanking maneuvers. After 24 hours the players will be taken into Lt. Colonel Martinez office and given the following briefing:

"Good afternoon gentlemen, the general has decided that a final decisive strike against this Robotech Master fleet needs to be given and because of Rogue squadron's stellar record you have been chosen to be the hammer to the rest of the fleets anvil. The plan is to attack the Robotech fleet with the bulk of our veritec, ARMD, and destroyer fleet. At 12:00 tomorrow afternoon a combined missile strike from the Penelope and Cosette will fire 36 missles on a solar plane eastern trajectory towards the Tirolian destroyer. At precisely the same time the Saratoga will fire 80 missiles on a solar plane western trajectory. During this operation we will launch the remaining veritec squadrons to drawn out there bioroid and Zentraedi mecha cover. Unfortunately our warships are not able to go head to head against something potentially as powerful as a fully charged Tiriolian destroyer and a Zentraedi Salan scout, and we fully expect that are missile barrage will be destroyed far from there targets. That is were your group comes in, <holographic view of a RMS-1 angle of death appears>. We currently have 12 RMS-1 angle of death missiles in our stockpile. These missiles as you know have a 200 kilotonne fission-fusion yield with a 10 kps delta v. Your group will be outfitted with these missiles, with the intention of using these missiles on the Robotech Master Destroyer. As the veritec squadrons try and hold back any counter attack from the Masters your group will infiltrate there defenses and fire upon the destroyer. The actual flight plan will be left up to you, as we trust your experience. You will be issued a total of 6 QF-3000x ghost fighters for the mission. Are there any questions? I would like to remind you that once the Robotech Masters learn that your group has atomics, and are using them they will view you as there main threat and attack without mercy. Good-Luck and godspeed"

Remaining RDF forces

Notes on current forces


  1. Saratoga

90 QF-3000E drone fighters

63 VAF-5C Veritec Alpha fighters

4 VF-2V's

10 VF-4 Lightings

83 VF-1 Valkyrie Veritech fighters

71 Super VF-1A's

15 Super VF-1J's

7 Super VF-1S's

6 SC-27 Star Goose space shuttles

3 ES-11D Cat's Eye recon planes

SLDG-02 Penelope

SLDG-19 Cosette


Tirolian Destroyer

Mecha Compliment

163 Blue Biroids

34 Green Biroids

16 Red Biroids

13 Assault Carriers

Salan Scout

one half the weapons destroyed, no main laser cannon

total troops

5 scout pods

50 Tactical battle pods

10 light artillery

5 heavy artillery

3 officer pods with boosters

Robotech masters plan:

As the larger group of missiles from the Saratoga attack the destroyer, they will fire their main gun at the missiles completely vaporizing them. The remaining 36 missiles will be destroyed far from their target. They will then send there remaining Zentraedi forces along with the Salan scout and the Moniter within 100,000 kilometers to begin there attack on the RDF ships of the line. They will keep the 5 scout pods, with upgraded sensors, along with 5 blue and 1 one green bioroids and a trip line. Two assault carriers with the following troops will be kept in reserve

Blue=(ghost + players)*3



Time line:

-12:00 hours (Saratoga will fire missiles at a range of 1,000,000 kilometers) missiles are projected to strike at 14:45 hours

-12:15 Saratoga will launch all veritec squadrons

-13:30 Robotech Masters will be able to detect missile attacks

-13:45 Masters and Zentraedi forces release mecha to counter attack RDF forces

-14:20 missile group from Saratoga is destroyed by blast from main gun

-14:30 remaining missiles from Penelope and Corsette are destroyed by combined missile attack and assault carrier attacks. (pickets are in place from Robotech Masters ships)

-14:45 RDF fleet comes within 200,000 kilometers

-15:00 forces come into contact, masters ships continue to travel towards the RDF fleet

-15:15 SLDG-19 Cosette is destroyed with half the crew killed by combined attack from Salan scout and Master destoyer

-15:20 attack from the masters will switch to the Saratoga.

-15:30 SS. Saratoga is destroyed with all crew lost, meanwhile the RDF forces will have destroyed roughly 80% of the remaining Robotech master forces with a lost of only 50% of human mecha and 80% of the ghost fighters.

-15:35 attack switches to the SLDG-02 Penelope

-15:35 RDF forces attack the Salan scout

-15:40 Salan scout is destroyed, and masters withdraw. Penelope retreats.

Victory conditions:

-RDF forces will loose roughtly 50% of there mecha forces with 20% fatalities.


The master ship has an approximate radar range of 100,000 kilometers for mecha sized units. It will place the 5 groups out at 120,000 kilometers each one has a range of 20,000 kilometers. The two reserve units are placed out at 50,000 kilometers to either side (western +z), southern -z.