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Background by David Olson
RPG Statistics by Kenneth Olson


ga-13.jpg (7733 bytes)The RDF began experimenting with the use of Gauss Rifles as a possible alternative to the standard rotary gun pod of the First Robotech War, the GU-11. This experiment culminated in 2013 with the production of the XVF-1K, an experimental veritech design that was intended to replace the VF-1. This design was armed with the first mecha sized Gauss Rifle, the GA-10. This weapon could fire 30 mm nickel slugs at extremely high speeds. Unfortunately the GA-10’s induction coils not designed well enough to withstand the rigors of intense combat, and had a tendency to overload in the heat of combat. This malfunction would cause the entire gun pod to explode leaving the veritech defenseless. It was partly due to this malfunction that the XVF-1K project was cancelled in favor of the XVF-4.

Although the veritech project was cancelled, the weapons engineers of the REF were intrigued at the thought of a weapon that could deal out large amounts of damage at extreme ranges with exceptional accuracy. The REF weapons engineers continued work on the GA series of gun pods throughout the next decade eventually producing, after one failure, the GA-12 which functioned in all aspects like the GA-10 except that the engineers had eliminated the problem with the induction coils inside the rifle. The GA-12 was unveiled after the release of the GU-111 gun pod that was its downfall. Many mecha were already refitted with the new ‘state-of-the-art’ rotary gun pod, and although the GA-12 had been combat tested, very few mecha pilots were interested in the new ‘experimental’ gauss rifles. Undaunted, the robotech scientists proceeded to apply new technological advances to further reduce the size of the rifle, eventually producing the GA-13. This rifle performed exactly the same as the GA-12, except that it was presented as an alternative to the GU-13 gun pod that was standard issue for the VAF-6 series of veritechs. The GA-13 proved to be widely popular with the VAF-6 pilots because it offered vastly superior range to the GU-13 and had few drawbacks. The GA-13 saw wide use from 2025 until 2035 when the EU-13 began to be mass produced.



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