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Location:  Outside of Reflex Point

Mecha:  None, you are on foot for this mission.

Weapons:  Wolverine Assault Rifle

Approximate Time for Competition:  8 minutes



"4Years Ago .... September 15 2038 .....The Earth has fallen under the rule of a hostile alien race.  The returning Expeditionary Force launches an attack to reclaim the planet."





Notes-1:  You are invulnerable for this entire mission; however, you should try to play the level without this knowledge and start practicing the combat skills you will use later.  You start the first mission on foot and without any equipment other than a Wolverine assault rifle and begin in a small valley with no initial path out from where your crashed Horizon Dropship was shot down.  You have to hold off a number of Shocks while your assault group sets some mines to clear a path.  A common strategy that you will use throughout the game is to circle around enemies all the while firing.  This strategy is in particular very effective against Troopers and Shocks, as they will have a difficult time tracking you while you "circle dance" around them.  After killing approximately three Shock Troopers the mine will be set and you can continue towards Reflex Point.



Multi-Player Skin:  Silas's Battler Cyclone is located next to the left side of your crashed Horizon dropship


Kills to this point - 3 Shock Troopers

Notes-2: After the mine detonates you enter into a second "valley" area there will be several REF personnel helping you fight Invid Troopers and Shocks.  Several waves of  VFA-6H will fly overhead but will not offer any support.  For the entire mission the ground team is on its own.  After killing one Trooper and five Shocks, you will receive orders to "commence approach to reflex point. The central hive is all that matters.  Concentrate all attacks there.  The main assault force is counting on us to destroy it"




Kills to this point - 1 Trooper, 8 Shock Troopers

Notes-3:  You enter into a third valley area and obtain your first glimpse of Reflex Point.  There are several Invid turrets guarding this area; however, your Lieutenant will take them out with his RL-8.  An Alpha fighter will crash in front of you and will be chased by a Shock as you continue down through this valley.



Kills to this point -1 Trooper, 13 Shock Troopers, 2 Turrets

Notes-4:  You will be given orders to "move it" and enter into a smaller valley with several tendril like structures.  One of your NPCs will follow you into another open area where you will receive the following message from Lancer "Our missiles are not even scratching it, yellow group form up at rally point".  This message is in reference to the Alpha fighters not able to penetrate the hive shield.  Two Pincers and one Shock and one Trooper will confront you while an REF officer will order you to "We need to break through at any cost.  All ground Commanders, proceed to hive entrance".  The Shocks and Troopers will concentrate on you while the Pincers will attack your NPC.  Once you have dispatched them, help your Lieutenant out by attacking the Pincers.  Keep moving when attaching the Pincers as they can kill you rapidly with their heat cannons.  Once the second Pincer is destroyed, your Lieutenant will tell you "Don't give up! We need to reach the hive!".  A third Pincer will land on the top of the next valley you need to travel through.  Kill it and continue down the next valley





Kills to this point - 3 Troopers, 14 Shock Troopers, 3 Pincer, 2 Turrets

Notes-5:  You will enter into your fifth valley area and your Lieutenant will tell you "I've got point. Cover Me!"  There will be a Trooper and now several more REF ground troops in the area.  Continue into the area and there will be an explosion and your Lt. will tell you that "I'm hit! Keep going, Continue your mission!"  Rounding the corner you will face two turrets and two Invid Pincers will fly in from over the ridge.  Your Sergeant will order you to "Requesting covering fire!  Destroy those anti-air.... YAAARGH!".  After destroying those first two Pincers, two more will fly in.  Destroy those and walk towards Reflex Point.




Kills to this point - 4 Troopers, 14 Shock Troopers, 7 Pincers, 4 Turrets


An Invid Force field will come up and three Troopers will trap you from the rear.  One will hit you twice knocking you out........



Final kills on this level - 4 Troopers, 14 Shock Troopers, 7 Pincers, 4 Turrets

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