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Location:  Destroyed I-40 Roadway, Bygone Marshes, Old Robotech weapons factory, Haven village, downed Garfish Cruiser

Mecha:  Battler and Saber Cyclone

Weapons:  Gallant Rifle, Wolverine Machine Gun, and Wolf Auto Pistol

Approximate Time for Competition: 50 minutes





Notes-1:  Head up the roadway and reach a check-point.  Arturo will tell you:  "Wow there is a huge ruined highway out here.  Watch your step though, the whole thing looks like it's about ready to collapse."  Continue heading up the road until you see the onramp that leads to the right and up.  Head up the ramp towards the human sympathizers and several Invid scouts flying above.  Head up towards the sympathizers and pick up the Wolverine Machine Gun in the open area at the top of the ramp.  Kill off several of the Invid Armored Scouts and humans using the boxes as a shield before you jump the gap, preferably using your cycle mode. 



There are some bullets for your Wolverine immediately to your right after you jump the gap.  To your left is a slightly raised portion of roadway, if you jump up there is a Wolf auto pistol and a health pack.  From this side of the roadway you and snipe some sympathizers at long range.


Jump back into the center region and take the path leading upwards.  Be careful there are several barrels which can explode.  The road will head upward and then down and to the left.  The next group of Invid and sympathizers are at the bottom of this left turn.  Initially there are three sympathizers and five Invid Armored Scouts.  Destroy the Invid at long range and then rush in and kill the sympathizers.  There is nothing in the marshes at this point, so continue down the road.



The road will turn to the right and there will be four sympathizers and five Invid Armored Scouts.  Again kill the Armored Scouts at long range and then dispatch the human traitors.  In this area there is another health pack and bullets.  Transform into cycle mode and use the ramp to booster across the gap.



The road will turn to the right.  Transform again and boost over the ramp.


The road will turn to the right and head up. 

There is another group of five humans under the I-40 sign up ahead.  You can use your Wolverine to zoom in and kill them from long range.  Jump on top of this destroyed section of roadway.  Turn towards the right and jump to the burning car. 


The road will head straight until a large chasm will appear ahead.  Use the ramp to booster across.  Head straight until you reach the end of the roadway and reach a checkpoint.


Kills in this section - 19 Human Sympathizers and 14 Armored Scouts

Notes-2:  Follow the arrow towards the Weapons Factory and into the marshes.  You will reach a large wooden fence with an opening in the center.  Head through and deeper into the marshes.  At this point you will have another flashback.


After the flash back three Enforcers will jump out of the marsh to your front and Silas will tell you:  "Listen up, we've just received an emergency transmission from Clay and Sam.  The bandits have them pinned down on the roof of the factory.  They will not be able to hold out much longer, get there fast."  Kill off the Enforcers,  and follow the green arrow towards the weapons factory.

Another group of three Enforcers will attack as you head to the left.  Destroy them and continue towards the weapons factory.


You will enter into an area with several large cylinders when another group of three Enforcers will jump out of the ground and attack.  The weapons factory is now just to the right of the last of these cylinders.


Head across the ramp to the main factory, dispatching the guard.  Head to the right where you can zoom in and snipe the sympathizers on the other building.


Before you head over to the other building circle around to the rear of the current level and pick up some extra ammunition and grenades.  Head back to the ramp leading to the second building.


Travel around the right side of the building until you find a ladder leading up.  Head up a level and take the second ladder up.  You are now on top of the weapons factory.  You will see that Clay and Sam are on the other building and taking fire from sympathizers.  Snipe them from your current position and then head across to the other building using the "pipe" walkway. 



Jump the last bit and land on the walkway one level below where the sympathizers were located, and two below Clay and Sam.  Head to the back of the building and up the ladder to the level immediately below Sam and Clay.  Climb up another ladder to reach your two companions. 




You have reached a checkpoint and Silas will tell you the following:  "Take your new Cyclone and head towards Haven, lad.  Arturo's likely there by now.  The rest of us will search for the factory for supplies."

Kills in this section - 7 Human Sympathizers and 6 Enforcers

Notes-3:   Look out the hole in the wall out towards the marsh and you will see several Enforcers closing on the weapons factory.  Snipe a couple before you jump down.  Once you travel across the walkway that you originally used to gain access to the weapons factory Arturo will tell you:  "There we go.  I've opened the north gate.  I'm gonna scout ahead."


If you recall the north gate was originally closed when you passed it approximately 150 meters from the entrance to the weapons factory.  Travel back to the "water towers" where three more Enforcers will attack you.  Clay will tell you:  "Those blades on your arms will make close encounters with the Invid alot more interesting.  Press the melee button to try them out."


Pass through the North gate, reaching a checkpoint and where Arturo will say the following:  "Mayday! The Invid are attacking Haven!  Get here as soon as you can Locke, I need backup."   Head across the bridge where a group of five Enforcers are blocking your way.  Destroy them quickly and transform into cycle mode and head towards Arturo.


You will have to head around a set of barricades and over a wooden bridge.


You will then encounter another set of barricades and another wooden bridge and then a two trees blocking your way.


You will then reach a large wooden gate with another cement barricade with three Enforcers heading into Haven.  Dispatch them and enter through the gates.


Once inside the town you reach another check point and see that there are numerous Invid attacking.  At this point dispatch the Invid as quickly as possible and try to keep track of Arturo's health bar.  Whenever possible kill off any Invid which might be attacking Arturo instead of those directly attacking you.  After you kill off 1 Armored Scout, 2 Enforcers, 2 Troopers, and 2 Shock Troopers, Arturo will run deeper into the village.


After you kill approximately, 2 Armored Scout, 1 Enforcer, 4 Heavy Enforcers, and 5 Shock Troopers.  Another set of gates will open up and Arturo will say:  "All right let us get going then."  You have reached another checkpoint.


Arturo will say:  "Look at that!  So that is why they're attacking Haven.  Let us take a closer look before reporting back to Silas"  Follow Arturo deeper into the marshes and towards a group of six Enforcers.  Arturo will continue to run down the roadway so do not let him get too far ahead of you.

You will encounter another group of three Enforcers.

After which the road will turn to the right an a larger group of three Troopers and two Enforcers are awaiting you.

The road turns to the right and then you will see a portion of the highway which heads up.  Two Troopers and an Enforcer will attack you.  There is a heath pack and some Protoculture cells by the destroyed vehicle to the right of the bridge. 


Kills in this section - 27 Enforcers, 4 Heavy Enforcers, 3 Armored Scouts, 7 Troopers, 7 Shock Troopers

Notes-4:   Head towards the beginning of the ruined roadway.  You will hear laughter in the distance and Arturo will say the following:  "Did you hear something?  What the heck is that thing?"  At this point and Invid Commander will fly towards you and fire.  Arturo will say:  "We can not stay here!  Our only chance is to out run it.  Let us see what that new Cyclone of yours can do."


The key to this section of the mission is to stay in cycle mode and travel along the ruined highway as quickly as possible, using the boost whenever possible.  The Invid Commander will attack sections of the roadway causing it to crumble into the swamp below, if you are caught in the collapsing roadway the level is over.  Booster up the roadway, and if you would like fire a couple of missiles at the Invid Commander if this makes you feel better but you will not be able to kill the Invid Commander on this level.  Once on top, the roadway makes a turn to the right.  If possible stay in the middle of the roadway as the cracks tend to push you to either side. 


The roadway continues straight and then turns again to the right and then makes a hair-pin turn to the left.  You will notice some signs up ahead which indicate a hard turn back to the right but the orientation of the roadway makes the turn difficult.  Try to stay in the middle of the roadway when making the turn.


The road stays relatively straight for approximately 5 seconds.  You will reach another hard turn to the left.  Followed by another hard turn to the right and then you have just another 1-2 seconds of travel time before getting off the bridge.



You have reached another check point and the Invid Commander will fly away.  The following conversation will take place. 

You will have another flashback.

Coming out of the flash back Arturo will be under attack from three Shock Troopers.  He will say:  "Come on, now!  I need your help.  The path we need to take is blocked with debris."  After you kill the first three and additional two will attack your group.


Arturo will tell you that:  "Sensors indicate that crashed ship still has power.  Maybe we can use the big gun to clear our path."  You have reached another checkpoint.


The ship has crashed upside down.  You will have to jump on the outside of the ship until you reach the mecha bays which are now at the pinnacle of the upside down ship.  Jump into them to access the insides of the starship, Arturo will stay outside while you enter the vessel.


Head through the cracked hull to the right once you get inside the mecha bay.  Once you get into this second mecha bay Arturo will tell you:  "Kind of dead in there huh?  The ship is on backup power.  You'll have to turn on the main generator"   You will have to jump down this access point in order to reach deeper into the ship.


Follow the arrows in the ship as the interior hallways get confusing.  Head out of the room and to your right.  You will see some boxes in the hallway and several enemies will appear on your radar screen.  You will hear the following conversation:


The ships generator will be on your left.  The enemies which have appeared on your radar are Invid Leaches which drain active Protoculture generators.  There are four of them in the generator room and all must me killed before power is restored.  Arturo will tell you:  "Locke, those things look like they're sucking power from the generator.  Take 'em out."

Once all four are killed, Arturo will tell you:  "That seemed to do it!  Now find the controls for the big turret.  They are probably on the bridge"  Multi-Player Skin:  Arturo's Devastator is on the third level here in the generator room.


Leave the generator room and turn to the right and follow the main hallway .  There are several rooms off the main hallway which slopes down; however, they do not contain anything of interest.  The following conversation will take place:

You will reach the main bridge at the end of the hallway.   Move to the front of the bridge to activate the turret. 


You will switch to an outside view where you will see several Invid preparing to attack Arturo.    Arturo will say:  "No!  Shoo!  Shoo!  C'mon get away from me!"  The anti-ship turret is very powerful and can destroy Invid with a single shot.  Destroy the Invid attacking Arturo.  Arturo will tell you:  "Locke, get these guys off me." and another two troopers will fly in to attack Arturo. 

After all the Invid are destroyed, shoot the barricade and then Arturo will tell you:  "Nice shootin' Tex!  Get back out here and we'll blow this joint."


Kills in this section - 4 Protoculture Leaches, 7 Troopers, and 6 Shock Trooper

Conclusion:  As you step away from the turret controls, Xed will attack you from the rear.  You are able to save yourself by blocking his saber with one of your own and then counter punching him.  Xed will blow open the main bridge view screen and fly out of the ship.  The rest of your group is waiting down below and they look up at the ship to view of the disturbance.  The following conversation will take place down below the ship as several Invid attack your group.




You leave your group behind as you booster after Xed and that ends the level.

Final kills on this level - 26 Invid Sympathizers, 4 Protoculture Leaches , 33 Enforcers, 4 Heavy Enforcers, 17 Armored Scouts, 33 Enforcers, 14 Troopers, and 13 Shock Troopers

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