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Location:  Invid Breeding Lab

Mecha:  Saber Cyclone

Weapons:  Gallant Rifle and Wolf Auto Pistol

Approximate Time for Competition: 20 minutes


Introduction:  The level opens with Locke boosting down a valley and then getting to a position above to look down at Xed who is slowly coming from behind.  Xed carefully looks around and Locke watches Xed as he eventually decides to boosts down the valley and out of sight.  The following is then relayed to you.

Upon receiving this news Locke rides his Cyclone down the same valley which he was watching Xed traverse a couple of seconds ago.  After some travel time, Locke reaches an entrance to the Invid hive and goes inside.



Notes-1:  Run ahead into an Invid chamber that is guarded by four Enforcers.  There are two bodies of REF personnel and a Wolf Auto-Pistol by the hallway blocked by the force field.  Once you have destroyed them all the force field blocking your way will open.  Throughout this level if the combat gets too intense, retreat back down the hallway from which you came.  This will give you extra distance to destroy the Invid forces at range as the Invid Enforcers at range are especially poor shots.


Booster down the hallway as it angles to the right and is guarded by two Enforcers.  Destroy them and the force field blocking your progress will turn off.  The hallway will angle to the left and down and to the left. 

You will see a cutaway of Xed jumping down deeper into the Invid Hive.

You will reach an open area with platforms that you can jump to in order to reach the bottom and have reached a check point.  The Invid Regis will say the following:  "Curious he comes here.  What does he hope to achieve?  His presence here will not be tolerated!  Eliminate him!".  There are four alcoves in the walls of the chamber each with an Enforcer.  Try to destroy them at range before you jump down.  At the bottom of the pit is a health packet and an Enforcer guarding the hallway exiting the chamber.



Exiting the first chamber you will enter another one similar to the first, also guarded by Enforcers in the alcoves.  There is a health packet on the platform immediately below the one you enter into.  If you managed to jump to the outer alcoves, one can hit the Enforcers in the opposite walls.  There are two Enforcers guarding the bottom of the chamber.  If you destroy the stasis chambers at the bottom, two additional Enforcers will attack.  There is a health packet and ammunition at the bottom as well.  Once all the Enforcers are destroyed the force field will drop and you can enter down the hallway.



You will reach a check point and a force field which will drop after two Enforcers attack.  Destroy them and follow the hallway as it makes an "S" turn and then heads down.  The Invid Regis will say:  "Do not allow him to compromise the integrity of this place."

You will enter into a large chamber with four Protoculture stasis chambers you can destroy.  Each stasis chamber will release one Enforcer upon destruction.  Retreat back into the hallway and kill the Enforcers at long range.  There is a health packet and grenades in the chamber.  The force field will drop letting you exit this room. 



Continue down the hallway.  You will encounter two more Enforcers guarding the front of another smaller Invid stasis chamber room.  Begin to destroy the chambers and you will see a cut screen of yourself entering into the chamber destroying several Enforcers.  The Invid Regis says:  "Do not kill him.  Bring to him to me at once."  You have reached another checkpoint.


Play begins again with you in that chamber under attack from two more Enforcers.  Destroying the remaining stasis chambers will release another Enforcer.

Exit the room into a much larger room with numerous stasis chambers.  The Invid Regis will say:  "Protect the stasis chambers, they must not be disturbed."  Destroy the chambers at long range before entering into the room.  Walk across the elevated walkway and destroy the Enforcer in the alcove to your left.  Once you enter some distance into the room, a force field will drop to your rear preventing you from exiting the way you came in and numerous enemies will appear on your radar.


Drop off the platform on the level below.  There is a health pack on each of the platforms in the middle of the glowing Protoculture ocean.  Do not jump into the liquid Protoculture as it will damage you if you decide to take a swim.  There are numerous enemies down here so move constantly.  You will have to destroy approximately eight Shock Troopers before the force field on the lower level drops. 



You will see a cut screen with two Enforcers charging into the area.  The Regis will say:  "He shows no regard for the sanctity of our people.  His defiance must be punished.  You know what you need to do."  You have reached another check point.

There are now numerous Enforcers as reinforcements in the stasis chamber room.  The exit on the far side of the chamber is open,  opposite from hence you came.  Fight your way over to it and exit the room. 


The hallway will slope downward and to the right.  You will reach another check point.  Two more Enforcers will attack you coming up the hallway.  Destroy them and continue your mission.  You will hear the Invid Regis:  "Unacceptable!  He has breached the inner chamber.


Kills in this section - 37 Enforcers and 8 Shock Troopers

Notes-2:  This section begins with a cinematic showing Locke placing explosives on the inner chamber.  The chamber then explodes.


The flooring will give way and you will fall into the chamber below which contains four Protoculture Leaches.  The will continue to attack you in this room so once you have destroyed a couple and replenished your Protoculture reserves, head out the hallway.


Approximately 50 meters down the hallway two more Protoculture Leaches will attack you. 

Continue until you reach a large open chamber.  There you will see a cinematic of Locke walking to the edge and then blown off by Xed.  He will say:  "Tsk, Tsk, that was not very smart.  There was no need for you to enter into this place.  I suppose that I should take pity on you.  But then again, pity is not one of my strong suites."  Xed will place a bomb and you now have 60 seconds to escape the lab before it explodes.


The Regis will tell you:  "This is the end.  Leave here now."  You are in the bottom of what appears to be an Invid junk heap.  You have to leap up to some structures in the center to escape from the pit.  You must do this quickly as there are four Protoculture Leaches in the pit which will attack you and the bomb will explode in 60 seconds.


Head down the hallway out of the pit.  Four more Protoculture Leaches will attack you.  Destroy a couple of them and booster away from the rest.

You will enter into a room filled with wreckage of REF and Invid mecha.  There is at least one Beta fighter and three Alphas in here.  Quickly exit the room and down the hallway.

Kills in this section - 8 Protoculture Leaches

Conclusion:  You will see a cinematic of you escaping from the Invid Breeding Lab.  This concludes the level.

Final kills on this level - 8 Protoculture Leaches, 37 Enforcers, and 8 Shock Troopers

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