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Location:  Terrestrial Aerospace

Mecha:  This mission is one large aerial dog-fight.  The Zentraedi have plenty of targets other than Jack Archer to target and as such the recommended mecha for this mission is the VF-1A for its larger missile load out and maneuverability over the VT-1D with its increased armor.


Notes:  Wolf Squadron is ordered to intercept incoming Zentraedi forces

Notes:  A majority of this mission should be fought in fighter mode.  Fire volleys of missiles at the Zentraedi fighter pods and close to gun range to finish off any units not initially destroyed.  When firing your GU-11 aim your targeting cross hairs on the yellow targeting reticule, which automatically adjusts the aim point for speed of the target, and not directly on the target.  Players should watch their radar screen and, if possible, keep one missile volley in reserve to use as decoy pod if they notice incoming enemy volleys, indicated by yellow triangles on the radar display.


Notes:  Try to lock on to multiple enemy units by holding down the missile fire button.  Yellow targeting indicators will surround those units indicating a missile lock, then let loose with multiple missile volleys. 

Notes:  The battle rages over Macross Island

Notes:  After you defeat the first couple of waves of incoming Zentraedi fighter pods, you will be order to guard a pair of Sea Sergeant helicopters on reconnaissance mission.  Unlike the Robotech Episode, the helicopters are flying a quite a high altitude, so do not try and dive towards the island once you receive the orders.  Instead, watch your radar and climb or descend appropriately.  Once you make contact with the helicopters try and stay close by either transforming into guardian or flying in circles around the helicopters.  The helicopters have a significant amount of armor and that coupled with the fact that the Zentraedi tend to target the RDF veritech fighters, makes this one of the easiest defense missions of the game.

Notes:  Once all the Zentraedi fighter pods are destroyed you are ordered to head to Macross city.

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