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Location:  Urban

Mecha:  Experienced players will find the VF-1A more to their liking with its increased missile payload and maneuverability to avoid incoming attacks, especially in guardian mode.  Novices could benefit from the added armor of the VT-1D and stay in battloid for its simplicity of movement for a majority of the mission and also thereby negating the missile payload advantage of the VF-1A.



Notes:  Wolf 010 is ordered to clear the streets of Macross City of Zentraedi Battle Pods


Notes:  Players should fight a majority of this mission in guardian mode.  Fire volleys of missiles at Zentraedi pods down the streets of Macross island.  Before the Zentraedi can respond use your left, or right, strafe button to dodge down a perpendicular street.  Once the enemies have expended their missiles pop back out on to the main street and repeat the process.  There are several buildings which are low enough that you can fly over them.  In several cases Zentraedi pods are located just to the other side.  Repeat the possess described above except now hover behind the building and pop up to fire missile volleys and then dodge down using the building to shield against incoming Zentraedi attacks.  Once a majority of the pods have been destroyed, especially Light Artillery Pods if the group has any, close to gun range and destroy any of the remaining forces.


Notes:  The first part of the mission occurs in the same area of  Macross city and one of the strategic locations is a highway overpass.  Us this area to divide the Zentraedi pods to shield your veritech from incoming missile attacks.

Notes:  After the streets are cleared of Battlepods, you will be ordered to protect two Destroids.  Transform into guardian and follow the blue arrow which will lead you towards the Destroid group.



Notes:  The Spartans will take up a position behind an industrial complex with several large smoke-stacks.  The Zentraedi will attack from streets which empty to the right and left of the building.  Use your veritech to strafe left and right from behind the building engaging the enemy in the fire/dodge tactics.  There is a position to the right of the complex, where you have a clear long distance shot at the incoming waves from the left and is protected by a building to the Zentraedi waves from the right.  Your first priority should be any light artillery pods and once you have dispatched them close to gun range to finish off the survivors before the next wave arrives.  The final wave will come at you from both directions.


Notes:  Once the Destroids are safe and all the Zentraedi pods have been destroyed, the mission is over.

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