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Location:  Terrestrial Air

Mecha:  This mission is, like Boobytrap, one large aerial dog-fight.  Although there are other veritech fighters protecting the SDF-1, the Zentraedi will tend to attack you in a disproportional amount.  The VF-1A is the recommended mecha for this missions; however, players who are having problems could use the VT-1D for its added armor. 



Notes:  Jack Archer was nearly killed while he was flying combat air patrols on the outer edge of the hyperspace fold of the SDF-1.  After spending several months recuperating in a hospital he was eventually assigned to Alaska base while the SDF-1 traveled back to Earth.  Jack met back up with the SDF-1 in order to attend the funeral for Roy Folker while the ship was over the Ontario quadrant.  At that exact moment, Khyron attacks the ship and Archer is forces into battle with the rest of the SDF-1 veritech squadrons to protect the ship while Captain Gloval engages the untested full barrier system.


Notes:  You will have your friend Izzy on this mission, however she is of little use other than destroying a couple of enemy fighters.  In addition to the fighter pods you will have to attack the laser and missile turrets on board a Zentraedi Landing Ship.  


Notes:  Attack groups of fighter pods from behind and try to lock on to multiple units.  Once you have expended most of your missiles, try to save a volley for a decoy pod, close to gun range and pick off damaged fighter pods.  Once you have broken up the Zentraedi group sufficiently, boost out of the area while maneuvering left and right to avoid incoming attacks.  Head out of the combat area and let your missile volleys build back and then repeat the process.

Notes:  If possible save a missile volley to use as a decoy pod.  As the battle area is quite large, players should use the boost to dodge incoming attacks as well as move from Zentraedi fighter pod to Zentraedi fighter pod.  Do not spend too much time with any single pod, just fire a couple of missile volleys (and perhaps a couple of short GU-11 bursts) and boost to the next target.



Notes:  Eventually, you will have to destroy the laser and missile turrets located on the front and sides of the Zentraedi landing ship  which are firing at the SDF-1.  Fire missiles at long range taking out as many turrets as possible and then close to gun range to strafe any remaining.  If any of the turrets survive, they are likely to fire at you with their high powered anti-ship systems.  You should hit the boost dodging all the while to avoid any incoming Zentraedi attacks.


Notes:  Once the turrets on the ship are destroyed you can use it as an obstruction from incoming Zentraedi fighters by firing your missile volleys and then maneuvering around the Zentraedi landing ship.  This method can be very effecting in removing enemy missiles from your "six".


Notes:  Eventually the mission will end once the barrier system chain-reacts and overloads.

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