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Introduction:  A band of Zentraedi Scavengers has been preying on the town of Graystone for months, becoming more violent with each raid.  You have been assigned to track down the Scavenger party and remove the threat.


Location:  Canyon

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1A


Notes:  This mission is very easy as the goal is straight forward.  Destroy all the enemy munitions crates and the opposition is composed of weak Zentraedi infantry.

Notes:  Transform into guardian mode and head down the valley towards the enemy targets, all of which are Zentraedi Scavengers with no Battle Pods.  Once you come into contact with the enemy fire your missiles, eliminating a couple of units, and finish off any survivors with your GU-11 cannon.

Notes:  Once you come upon some of the munitions crates, destroy any Zentraedi defenders and then transform into battloid mode.  Target all of the crates in sniper mode and continue down the valley towards the next target.  There are a total of four areas with munitions crates.


Notes:  This is munitions crate area number two, again destroy the defenders by firing massed missile volleys in guardian mode and destroy the crates in sniper mode.  The defenders are now expecting you so be prepared for enemy fire from the moment you come on the scene.

Notes:  The enemy will try and ambush you as you head down the valley.  Fire your missiles as you slide-slip right and left avoiding enemy fire.

Notes:  This munitions crate area has plenty of large rocks which can be used for protection against the Zentraedi Scavengers protecting this area.

Notes:  This is the final munitions crate area, eliminate the Scavengers and the crates.

Notes:  Once all the crates have been destroyed the mission is complete.

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