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Introduction:  You have found that the Zentraedi Fighter Pods encountered on a routine patrol were merely the escort of a much greater threat to the wasteland communities.


Location:  Terrestrial Aerospace

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1A


Notes:  You must destroy the Zentraedi Scout Ship.  To do this you have to destroy all of the laser and missile turrets on board.

Notes:  Stay in fighter mode and target the turrets mounted on the Zentraedi Scout Ship.  Make several strafing passes on the ship, destroying as many turrets with combined missile and GU-11 cannon blasts as possible.

Notes:  As you pull away from the ship, you can eliminate the escorting Fighter Pods.

Notes:  Once all the turrets have been destroyed, the Zentraedi Scout ship will blow up and the mission has been successfully completed.

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