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Introduction:  At the outpost, you encounter a battle between the Zentraedi Scavengers and a group of Tomahawk-class Destroids.


Location:  Canyon

Mecha:  VF-1A


Notes:  Stay in guardian mode and raise above the walls of the outpost to fire missile volleys at the incoming Zentraedi.  Side-slip left and right to avoid incoming attacks and be warned that the Zentraedi will attack from three directions so you must constantly move from one group to the next.

Notes:  Hiro order you to return the supply crates which were stolen from the outpost a couple of hours ago.

Notes:  The supply crates will show on your radar as green dots.  Transform into guardian mode and fly towards one.  You can return the crates in any order but all three must be rescued from the Zentraedi.  Eliminate the missile turrets protecting the supply crates, as they are the most lethal opposition and mop up the remaining ground troops.

Notes:  The Zentraedi will try and ambush you as you return the crates.  Be aware that they could be hiding in the natural rock outcroppings on the valley floor and thus hidden from your radar.

Notes:  This is another area where a crate is located and unlike the first it is protected only by Zentraedi infantry units.  Use the natural protection of the valley to fire missiles over the top at the Zentraedi protecting the crate.

Notes:  This is the final crate, like the first it is protect by a light missile turret and numerous Zentraedi infantry.  Destroy the turret and mop up the more vulnerable infantry.  Return the crate to the outpost and you have completed this part of the mission.

Notes:  Hiro will then inform you that one of his Tomahawk pilots is trapped out in the hills somewhere and you must rescue and return him back to the outpost.  This is the most difficult portion of the mission, for although there is no timer you only have approximately 30 seconds to find the lost Tomahawk pilot before he is killed by Zentraedi Scavengers.  Transform into fighter and head towards the bridge to the rear of the outpost.  Once you arrive at the bridge, turn right and follow the road across the second bridge.  The pilot is located in a valley just on the other side of this second bridge and is currently under attack by Zentraedi infantry.  Eliminate all the enemy forces, pick up the pilot, and return him to the outpost.

Notes:  Quickly return to the base and help defend it from another incoming wave of Zentraedi attackers.  As in the first attack, they will attack the base from three directions so destroy one wave and then quickly move to the next.

Notes:  Once all the Zentraedi attacking the base have been destroyed and the pilot dropped off, the mission has been successfully completed.  You will notice the helicopters from the last mission landing and dropping off their much needed supplies.

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