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Introduction:  A group of Sea Sergeant helicopters has departed from Base 6 carrying food and supplies to a remote frontier outpost that is under constant attack by Scavenger bands.


Location:  Canyon

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1A


Notes:  This is a standard protection mission, transform in guardian mode and protect the Sea Sergeants.

Notes:  Advance in front of the helicopters and eliminate the Zentraedi Scavengers once they come out of their protective cover in the rocky terrain of the valley.

Notes:  Periodically, transform into fighter mode and try to clear out the Zentraedi infantry in advance of the helicopters.  However, some of the Zentraedi will only come out into the open once the helicopters come into range.

Notes:  Eventually, you will come to a bridge which spans the valley.  You are now within sight of the RDF outpost and it is under attack.  Boost forward and help the base's defenders fight off these Zentraedi.  The Zentraedi in this mission only attack the outpost along the two canyons opposite from the bridge.  The Sea Sergeants will inform you that they are aborting the run and will wait until the landing zone is cleared of enemy units.  The mission ends as you continue to fight off wave after wave of Zentraedi infantry.

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