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Introduction:  You and your friend Hiro are visiting the newly constructed Destroid factory, where units are manufactured to bolster RDF forces.  Hiro is there to pick up his new Tomahawk, which is about to receive an unexpected test run.


Location:  Airspace above manufacturing facility

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  This is a straight forward mission, first protect the armory and then bring Hiro to the manufacturing facility so that he can mount up in a new Destroid and help with the mission

Notes:  Transform into guardian mode and destroy the incoming Fighter Pods which are strafing the armory.  Several waves of Tactical Battle Pods (TBP) attack from both sides of the facility.  The rear attack groups usually consist of three TBP whereas the Zentraedi attacking up the main road consist of two TBP and a single Light Artillery Pod (LAP).  Concentrate on one and then quickly boost to the other side and destroy the other.

Notes:  After several waves of Zentraedi TBP and Fighter Pods, Hiro will order you to bring him to the assembly building so that he can pilot one of the Tomahawk Destroids and aid in the defense of the armory while you protect the workers at the Destroid assembly buildings.  Pick him up and quickly boost over to the assembly building, which is just down the road from the armory.  After you drop Hiro off, come back to the armory and destroy any pods which might have slipped through.  Several TBP and LAP will attack from the rear gate finish those off and when Hiro suggests that you protect the factory workers boost back to the assembly building and continue down the road to the factory.

Notes:  By the time you arrive at the factory there are several TBP and LAP swarming the site.  Destroy them and then switch to sniper mode to destroy the gate which will allow the workers to escape.

Notes:  Once all the pods attacking the factory and the gate is destroyed the mission is completed.  However, you discover that the entire attack was to divert you from the Zentraedi's true objective the Protoculture storage facility.

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