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Introduction:  The Zentraedi are raiding the Destroid factory's Protoculture storage facility, shuttles loaded with Protoculture take off, using the hills to avoid detection.


Location:  Canyon and Protoculture storage facility

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  Concentrate on destroying the shuttles and try to ignore attacks from Zentraedi Tactical Battle Pods (TBP) and Light Artillery Pods (LAP).  The shuttles escape on two routes located on either side of the mission area, one hugs the right exit from the protoculture facility and the other the left.  The key to the mission is once you clear out one side transform into fighter and boost over to the other side to destroy the escaping shuttles. 

Notes:  Come around the bend and try to lock on to multiple shuttles with your missiles.  Ignore the TBP at the base and boost towards the escaping shuttles.

Notes:  Just outside the base there is a open area in the canyon, through which shuttles traveling on both routes must head through.  Transform into guardian mode and try to destroy the shuttles before the head deeper into the canyon.  Commander Chase will inform you that more shuttles are arriving at the Protoculture facility.

Notes:  Eventually, a couple of shuttles will break through and head down the valley, hugging either the left or right walls.  Transform into fighter mode and dispatch them quickly.  Once you have one route cleared out, cut through the center of the valley to eliminated the shuttles on the other escape route.  Fire your missiles at the shuttles, and then transform into guardian mode and finish them off with your cannon.

Notes:  Once you are positive that the valleys are cleared, head back to the Protoculture supply facility and try to destroy the shuttles while they are coming or leaving.  The shuttles at this point are grouped together and make easier targets.

Notes:  Once you destroy all 14 shuttles, the mission has been successfully completed.

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