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Introduction:  Commander Chase concluded that an organized Zentraedi presence is operating somewhere in the wasteland.  A Cat's Eye aircraft was launched into orbit to go on a recon mission to uncover the hidden Zentraedi headquarters.


Location:  Space Debris field

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  This mission can be quite difficult and will take even the experienced players several times to finish.  However, the key is to stay near the Cat's Eye at all times destroying any Zentraedi pods which might be targeting it.  Remember that once the enemy fires on the Cat's Eye with missiles, a decoy pod will not only protect yourself but allied vehicles as well.

Notes:  Fly with the Cat's Eye through the destroyed Zentraedi starship.  As mentioned previously, target hostile inbound Zentraedi and drop plenty of decoy pods to divert enemy missiles.  These early attacks can easily destroy the Cat's Eye if you are not careful.  The other pilot will warn you if he is taking too much damage.  The early waves are the most deadly with a mixed force of Tactical Battle Pods (TBA), Light Artillery Pods (LAP), and Fighter Pods (FP).

Notes:  Commander Hayes will inform you that the Cat's Eye needs two minutes to finish the scan.  Continue to protect the Cat's Eye as you have done previously; however, the attackers now are primarily composed of TBP with a few FP which arrive with less than 30 seconds to go.


Notes:  Once two minutes have passed, the Cat's Eye has completed the scan and the mission has been successfully completed.

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