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Introduction:  You and the Cat's Eye have started the reentry phase on your return flight to base.  As your Veritech begins to superheat, the Zentraedi follow you to the surface, unwilling to let the Cat's Eye return with vital information.


Location:  Space / Upper Atmosphere

Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  Similar to the last mission, your primary goal is to protect the Cat's Eye.  However in Trial by Fire, unlike Cat Scan, they do not attack the Cat's Eye with quite the same veraciousness.

Notes:  Lock on to multiple targets in the first wave and fire your missiles in massed volleys.  The initial waves are primarily composed of Tactical Battle Pods (TBP) with a few Fighter Pods (FP).

Notes:  Later waves consist of Male Power Armors (MPA), as well as TBP and FP.  Try to not let the Cat's Eye from descending too far from you as this will make protecting it more difficult.

Notes:  Once Lisa tells you that you are almost there, the mission is almost complete.  Destroy a couple of more fighter pods and the Cat's Eye will escape to the surface.

Notes:  The mission has been successfully completed.

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