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Introduction:  You have appropriated transports to conduct the hostages to safety.  Still in hostile territory, you must escort the vehicles to the safety of the RDF perimeter.


Location:  Urban

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  Although, you should try and stay with the convoy the Zentraedi will generally attack you and ignore the transports.

Notes:  You will order the convoy to stop while you kill the sniper which is located immediately around the corner.  Get in an initial high powered sniper shot and transform into guardian.  While dodging side to side, launch several missile volleys and finish him off.  Once the Male Power Armor (MPA) is destroyed the convoy will continue.


Notes:  A second MPA is just around the corner and will jump from behind this damaged building.  While he attacks from the front, three Tactical Battle Pods (TBP) attack you from the rear.  

Notes:   The road is blocked; however, if you destroy this gate the convoy can continue.  Transform into battloid and use the sniper mode to blast the gate open.  On the other side of the gate are a Light Artillery Pod (LAP) and a single TBP both of which attack you rather than the convoy.

Notes:  A couple of blocks away another MPA and two groups of two TBP await you.

Notes:  Another couple of blocks and two TBP block your front while one TBP and a LAP attack from the rear.

Notes:  You will run into a blockade of Zentraedi mecha.  Two LAP block the street immediately to your front, a MPA attacks your right flank while two TBP advance from your rear.  Quickly take out the two LAP and dodge/move to the right using the buildings to protect you from the TBP in the rear.  Eliminate the MPA by firing massed missile volleys and then turn your attention to the two TBP in your rear.  Once these final Zentraedi units are eliminated the convoy will have a clear path to the allied Destroids.

Notes:  Once the convoy arrives, you have successfully completed the mission.

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