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Introduction:  While on patrol, you chance upon Skull Leader, once flown by your old friend, Roy Fokker.  Now piloted by Rick Hunter, the Skull Leader is outnumbered by Zentraedi enemies.


Location:  Terrestrial Aerospace

Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  This mission is very straight forward.  You must protect Rick Hunter from the incoming Zentraedi attacks while not getting yourself killed in the process.  Approximately1/3 of the attacking pods will attack Hunter, while the remaining 2/3 will attack you.  Although, Rick is not as worthless as most of the allied units do not expect that he will destroy all of the fighters for you.

Notes:  Try to achieve multiple missile locks with your first volley.  Although not as important as other protection type missions, try to stay close to Skull-01 and remember that decoy pods will not only protect yourself, but Hunter as well. 

Notes:  After the first few fighter waves are destroyed, you will come under attack from four Male Power Armors (MPA) and a Cyclops Recon Pod.  Finish off any remaining Fighter Pods, as they are the only units capable of missile fire and then proceed to destroy the Cyclops.  Finally, attack the MPA by staying in fighter mode and by constantly using your boost, you will make yourself a very difficult target to hit. 


Notes:  Once all the Zentraedi are destroyed and Hunter is protected, the mission has come to a successful completion.

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