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Introduction:  An enemy ace has been preying on Wolf Squadron, and it is taking a toll on Base 6.  Soon, few pilots will be left to defend the wasteland.  You and Izzy have been sent out to resolve the problem.


Location:  Terrestrial aerospace

Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  You are on patrol looking for Kiyora who has been killing off pilots from Base 6.

Notes:  Fire massed missile volleys and bursts from your GU-11 to ensure that Kiyora will take some damage.

Notes:  Kiyora will attack Izzy first and you need to support her to the best of your ability.  If you see that Kiyora is firing missiles at Izzy drop off a decoy pod to protect her.  This strategy for this mission is simple, stay in fighter mode and fire off missile volleys at the FPA.  When she comes into your field of vision fire a couple of bursts from your GU-11.


Notes:  Eventually, Kiyora will shoot down Izzy and you will be forced to break off the attack to rescue her.  At this point the mission has been successfully completed.

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