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Introduction:  Kiyora, ace pilot of the Zentraedi, shot down Izzy.  You broke away from the fight to rescue your friend, but Kiyora followed you to the surface.


Location:  Urban graveyard

Recommended Mecha:  If you take the VF-1A and successfully complete the mission, you will be awarded the Silver Shield.  This unlocks the Miryia pant scheme and the Graveyard verses map.


Notes:  Izzy has been shot down and her veritech fighter is sinking in the middle of a large lake.  You must rescue her before her fighter sinks and then defeat Kiyora.

Notes:  Transform into fighter mode and boost down the valley until you get into the large lake/graveyard.  Unleash your missiles at Kiyora across the lake and transform into guardian.  Boost over to where Izzy is located, pick her up and place her on dry ground (any place on the outer edge of the lake).

Notes:  Transform into fighter and fly circles around the lake perimeter, staying within the lip of the crater.  If you try to fly above the lip, you will automatically transform into battloid and thus give Kiyora an easier shot to hit your Veritech.  Constantly fire missiles, even if you are not aligned on target, as they will home in on the FPA.  Remember to drop a decoy pod if Kiyora fires missiles at you.


Notes:  Right as you are about ready to deal the final blow, Kiyora escapes.  Once she has fled the area, you have successfully completed the mission.

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