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Introduction:  You and Hiro arrive at the frontier town of Little Mesa, and are surprised to find that it is under attack by Zentraedi forces.  The town's comsat station is jammed, so there is no way to get word to the outside world.


Location:  Urban graveyard

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  This mission is tricky and will take several times to master.  However, there are eight Scout Pods to kill which will help you achieve the fifty needed for the "Tuna Head" award.

Notes:  Transform into battloid mode and head up the hill towards your left.  Position yourself as shown in the pictures above, such that you can see all of the Scout Pods (SP).  Once you kill the first SP, Hiro will begin his attack on the comsat station and will be detected unless you can destroy all of the surrounding SP.  Switch to sniper mode and kill the SP with a high powered shot on the hill closest to you.  Stay in sniper mode eliminating the closest SP first as Hiro heads down the road.  


Notes:  While Hiro is at the comstat station, destroy the incoming pods coming across the bridge.  Head across the bridge and destroy the pods coming from the north.  There is the temptation once you come across the bridge to head south and engage the enemy in the town; however, wait here until Hiro comes across the bridge, otherwise he will be overwhelmed by additional Zentraedi attacking from the road leading to the right of the bridge. 

Notes:   Once Hiro heads towards the town of Little Mesa, engage the Zentraedi Battle Pods.  Several Reentry Pods will attempt to land reinforcements in and around the town.  Shoot them down before they are able to unload their cargo of two TPB and a single LAP.  Additional pods will attack the town from the direction of the bridge and from the civil defense bunkers.

Notes:  The Zentraedi are firing at the bunkers and killing off the civilians inside.  You must protect the civilians and not let any of the Zentraedi escape.

Notes:  Your first priority should be destroying any Zentraedi pods attacking the bunkers; however, there will be several waves of TBP and LAP which will attack you from the rear and quickly overwhelm Hiro unless you help him out.  Try to keep one eye on the radar and respond quickly if you notice this happening.  Eventually, you will be able to target the Reentry pods to the left of the bunker during lulls between protecting the bunkers and your rear.

Notes:  After all the Zentraedi attacking the bunkers and the Reentry pods have been destroyed, the mission is completed.

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