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Introduction:  Rebel Zentraedi have launched a large attack on Granite City and now control a portion of the town.  RDF forces have closed any means of escape.  Out of desperation, the Zentraedi have taken hostages to prevent the RDF from closing in.


Location:  Urban

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  This is a two part mission, with the first consisting of finding the hostages and then in "Daring Rescue" leading them to safety. 

Notes:  Several waves of Tactical Battle Pod (TBP) and Light Artillery Pods (LAP) will try and break out by attacking Hiro and his Destroid group.  You can either stay back with the Destroids at the barricade and fight the incoming pods together or the more aggressive tactic is to directly confront the pods by yourself and raise you individual kill total.

Notes:  After Hiro tells you that he is safe, you will fight several more TBP and a single LAP.  Chase will eventually inform you that there are reports of a Male Power Armor (MPA) sniper in the area.  You should transform into guardian and proceed with caution.  Once you reach the area shown in the picture above, the MPA will jump from behind a building and fire.  Several TBP will join the MPA as he advances on you.  Retreat back to a more defensible position and wait for the MPA to come to you.  Defeat him in the standard fashion of side-slipping out from cover, firing missiles, and then returning back to the cover.

Notes:  Continue to advance through the streets until you find the hostages.  There appears to be a slight bug in the game at this point.  If you prematurely destroy the gate which is holding back the hostages, before Commander Chase orders you to do so, you will never be able to complete the mission.  Transform into battloid mode, and use your sniper attack to destroy the two TBP guarding the hostages and then proceed to destroy the gate.

Notes:  After the gate is destroyed, several waves of TBP, LAP, and a MPA will come from the street beyond the hostage holding pen.  Use the buildings as protection and eliminate them.  There is an area to the south of the holding pen nearby the two buildings in the pen under construction, where the buildings are low enough that you can get on top of the buildings and fire missiles down on the incoming Zentraedi attackers.

Notes:  Once all of the Zentraedi have been eliminated and the gate is down, the mission has successfully been completed.

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