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Introduction:  You and Rick Hunter realize that the Zentraedi force you encountered was heading for Granite City, where a Minmei concert is about to begin.  The two of you decide to fly down to the city and investigate.


Location:  Urban

Recommended Mecha:  VF-1S or VF-1J


Notes:  There are three portions to this mission.  First you have to protect Minmei from the initial wave of Zentraedi attackers.  Second you must bring Minmei to the concert hall in under two and half minutes.  Finally, you have to protect the concert hall from incoming Battle Pods. 

Notes:  Transform into guardian mode and destroy the Zentraedi Tactical Battle Pods attacking in the large city park.  Rick will comment that he sees Minmei's car and rush into the battle.  There will be several waves of Tactical Battle Pods (TBP) and Light Artillery Pods (LAP) which will attack from across the park and from your rear.



Notes:  Once the Zentraedi have been destroyed, Rick will order you to bring Minmei to the concert hall.  As the concert is suppose to start soon, you must bring her there in under one minute.  Pick her up and quickly fly through the city following the blue arrow.  As the mission is timed and there are a large number of Zentraedi between you and the concert hall, you will not have enough time to destroy all of the forces.  Only attack a pod if by doing so will not slow you down, getting Minmei to the concert hall should be your top priority at this point.  On full boost, it should take you no less than 30 seconds to arrive at the concert hall.  Drop Minmei off and you have completed the second part of the mission.

Notes:  After you drop Minmei off, Reentry pods are landing all across the city.  You and Rick will have to protect the concert hall against a force of TBP and LAP.  Stay in guardian mode and fly in circles around the concert hall, stopping only to destroy Zentraedi pods.  The Zentraedi attack from all four directions initially in groups of two, one TBP and one LAP, later in groups of three, two TBP and one LAP, and the final wave in groups of four, three TBP and one LAP.  Rick will help you defend the building, however, a majority of the work will be left to you.

Notes:  Once the Zentraedi are destroyed, Hiro will show up with two additional Destroids to help protect the concert hall.  The mission has now been successfully completed.

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