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Introduction:  You have drawn a peacekeeping assignment in Granite City.  Violet incidents involving Zentraedi are on the rise, and Veritech units are often dispatched to protect the wasteland communities.


Location:  Urban

Mecha:  VF-1J


Notes:  There is a disturbance at the armory, transform into guardian mode and investigate.

Notes:  The Zentraedi are attacking the armory from three directions, two from streets facing the factory and one route from the rear over some low laying hills.  Check your radar frequently to determine from which direction they are attacking.  Remain in guardian mode dodging attacks by side-slipping left and right while firing missiles and GU-11 cannon bursts at the enemy Zentraedi.

Notes:  Once you have destroyed all the Zentraedi units attacking the munitions stockpile, Commander Chase will tell you to check your objectives.  Remain in guardian mode and patrol through the city moping up any remaining hostile Zentraedi.


Notes:  Eventually you will arrive at a tunnel leading into Granite City, through which Zentraedi forces are streaming through.  You must destroy all the Zentraedi reinforcements which are coming through the tunnel.  This can be quite difficult as a new unit will arrive through the tunnel approximately every two seconds.  Eventually, Hiro and another Tomahawk Destroid will arrive and assist in destroying the Zentraedi reinforcements.

Notes:  Once all the Zentraedi have been eliminated, the mission has been successfully completed.

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